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Did You Know?

  • IIT Kharagpur started offering courses in Happiness and the Science of Happiness from September 2016. The Institute has set up the Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, which will enrol between 60-70 students annually and offer micro-credit courses on the subject. The courses on happiness include the Science of Happiness, Stress Management, Coping with Loss and Positive Psychology. At the MS/PhD level, the Centre will provide programs on Positive Psychology, Creative Arts and Positivity, Pedagogy, Signals and Technology for Positivity and Meditation.
  • The QS Employability Ranking 2016 has ranked IIT-Kharagpur as the top institution in India for the second time in a row. IIT-Kharagpur, which awards degrees to nearly 2500 students annually, maintains a successful track record of placement for students from the graduating batches enrolling for campus placement.
  • IIT-KGP conducts close to eight courses per year on agriculture and rural development for farmers. These are usually sponsored by the agriculture ministry, which offers the courses free of charge at a nominal Rs. 500 fee.

The appeal of vast expanses of green, sweeping trees everywhere and classic architecture. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, the IIT KGP campus is a serene and productive place to study. It’s a place where the coffee flows and calmness is preferred. It has long been a tremendous benefit to the students—no matter what course of study they wish to pursue.

Simply put, life @ IIT KGP is a lot beyond what meets the eye. If you want to be more than an IIT engineer, IIT Kharagpur courses offer you that chance. This largest and oldest IIT is a confluence of world class multi-disciplinary courses, giving global exposure in academics and research, scope in entrepreneurship and best placement. In this article, read about the plethora of wonderful IIT Kharagpur courses.

IIT Kharagpur Courses: A Broad Overview

You can choose from 19 Departments, 12 Schools and 8 Centres of Excellence. Additionally, there are more than 25 R&D units. Academic programs offered are B.Tech.(15), B.Arch, Dual Degree(35), MBA, MHRM, LLB, MMST, M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MCP/ MS (68), PhD in 6 broad disciplines: (1) Engineering, (2) Basic Sciences, (3) Life Sciences, (4) Social Sciences & Humanities, (5) Law and (6) Entrepreneurship.

The Best Part About IIT Kharagpur courses? Their Flexibility!

“I am fond of Chemistry, but my parents got me to join Electronics.” OR

I studied Mining but want a career in the engineering area of Business Analytics.”

Familiar with this plight? Considering the need of the time for career-oriented academics, IITKGP has introduced the solution of transdisciplinary academics. It’s an academic opportunity for current and future students to make their career in the field of their choice irrespective of their qualifying degree. The transdisciplinary subjects cover a wide range of areas of relevance today and use the unique diversity of academic units and research capability of IITKGP.

Students can opt for:

Minor Courses: A Minor Course requires about 6 subjects to be undertaken (18-24 contact hours plus 3-9 hours of laboratory) in addition to the major discipline. The students taking up a minor course will get additional credits. The opportunity of acquiring additional credits and the minor would be available to the students of all the degrees and disciplines.

Micro-Specialization: A Micro-Specialization is a smaller and more compact but niche topic and requires a student to do a foundation course and two/three courses and/or a project. It is possible to pursue a Micro-Specialization without the need to take too many additional courses by properly utilizing the elective slots. It is offered by departments, centres, schools including those who do not run undergraduate programs and can also be jointly offered.

Entrepreneurship Break: If you hit upon a big idea during your stay and would like to take a semester break to pursue entrepreneurship, IIT Kharagpur not only allows you to do that but provides all help possible to support your endeavour.

Department Change: Students who do very well in their 1st year are also allowed to change their department.

You could also opt for Professional grooming through exposure to Law, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

Want to Learn More than One Discipline?

Want to hit two birds with one stone? Well, keeping up with today’s fast growing world, IIT KGP offers dual degrees which are in trend among the youngsters. As the name suggests, a dual degree program is the one which requires a single course of study, but two degrees are awarded in the consolidated period. Additionally, a dual degree program can give interdisciplinary exposure. While the B.Tech. is undertaken in one major discipline, the M.Tech. can be undertaken in another discipline.

You can do B.Tech. in any engineering discipline and pursue multi-disciplinary course in another discipline:

(1) M.Tech. in Financial Engineering,

(2) M.Tech. in Engineering Entrepreneurship,

(3) M.Tech. in Quantized Elastic Deformational Model (QEDM) under various coordinating Departments,

(4) M.Tech. in Energy Engineering,

(5) M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering,

(6) MBA

Alternatively, you can get both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees within 5 years, which give you in-depth knowledge of the discipline you have chosen.

You could also take a look at the exhaustive list of departments at IIT KGP here.

Offering a Global Perspective

Students can enrol for academic courses offered by international faculty at IIT-KGP during summer and winter recess. IIT Kharagpur has started its first international summer and winter term (ISWT) where the national and international participants will get an opportunity to seek knowledge and experience from the reputed International faculty through intensive study of subjects and personal interactions.

Interesting trivia:

  • In the academic year 2014-15, about 100 students of Undergraduate Studies went abroad for participating in contests and conferences organized by international organizations. Several of them received prizes for innovations, idea generation, project paper, etc.
  • The international exposure at IIT-KGP enables the passing out graduates to join top foreign universities for postgraduate or research programs.

As per a recent study, on a scale of 100, this elite engineering institute has scored 81.9 points, which is closely followed by IIT—Delhi that has scored a close 78.49 points. The survey was carried out by research firm IDC and technology magazine Dataquest.

IIT Kharagpur courses include practical, theories, assignments, projects and classroom lectures. So, students who pass out from this college get more exposure than the students of other colleges with the same degree. The institution certainly lives up to their Motto – “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” which means “Dexterity in Action.”

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