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When an engineering aspirant dreams of getting admitted in popular engineering colleges, IIT Kharagpur is definitely among the top choices. The campus of IITKGP offers its students an amazing experience of transforming their lives. This prestigious institute with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, promises to strengthen the academic base of students, apart from offering them an exciting campus life.

In the year 1946, Bidhan Chandra Roy, Humayun Kabir and Jogendra Singh established a committee to look into the possibility of creating technical institutions in the line of MIT. This led to the creation of another committee, which came out with a report that India required higher technical institutions for nation building after the independence. As there was a large number of industries in Kolkata at that time, it was decided that the first IIT will be established in Kharagpur.

Did you know that IIT Kharagpur is the oldest IIT to be established in the year 1951? It has the largest campus among all the IITs and also the most number of departments and the highest number of student admissions.

In this article, Toppr brings you an exciting close-up view of IIT Kharagpur with a genuine endeavour to help you know everything about the institute.

What Can You Expect in This Article?

  • Eligibility & Admission Procedure
  • Courses Offered
  • Cutoffs
  • Campus Life
  • Academics
  • Noiseless Diwali Celebrations
  • Notable Alumni
  • Fee Structure
  • Ranking
  • Fests@IITKGP
  • Placement Scenario

Admission Procedure Into IIT KGP

For taking admission at IIT Kharagpur, you need to crack the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. For some courses, the tests may be followed by an interview. This usually happens with some postgraduate and research courses. For admission in the undergraduate curriculum, i.e. B.Tech and B.Tech+M. Tech dual degree, the student has to secure good rank in JEE examinations which comprise of prelims and mains (JEE Advance). To know more about how you should prepare for these exams, you should check out this page on JEE Main.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur provides admissions to all applicants who satisfy the required cutoff ranks. Selected applicants move forward in the admission procedure and get seats allotted in the institute. All of the ineligible applicants will be disqualified. The JEE Advanced cutoff ranks for all category and courses selected by the applicants will be different.

Admission will be based only on category-wise All India Rank (AIR) in JEE (Advanced), subject to the condition that such candidates are in the top 20 percentile of successful candidates of their Boards in respective categories.

Courses Offered by IIT Kharagpur(KGP)

The courses offered by IIT include various courses in M Tech, MSc, and MBA.

  • M. Tech – Aerospace Engineering
  • M. Tech. – Farm Machinery & Power
  • M. Tech. – Soil and Water Conservation Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Dairy and Food Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Applied Botany
  • M. Tech. – Water Resources Development & Management
  • M. Tech. – Aqua Cultural Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Agricultural Systems & Management
  • M. Tech. – Post Harvest Engg
  • M. Tech. – Biotechnology and Biochemical Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Hydraulic & Water Resources Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Transportation Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Environmental Engg. & Management
  • M. Tech. – Geotechnical Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Structural Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Chemical Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Earth System Science and Technology
  • M. Tech. – Computer Science and Engg.
  • MSc. – Industrial Chemistry
  • MSc  – Chemistry
  • M. Tech. – Fibre Optics and Light wave Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Microelectronics & V L S I Design
  • M. Tech. – RF and Microwave Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Telecommunication Systems Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Visual Information and Embedded Systems Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Machine Drives & Power Electronics
  • M. Tech. – Control System Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Power System Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Instrumentation
  • M. Tech. – Media and Sound Engg.
  • MSc. – Exploration Geophysics
  • MSc. – Applied Geology
  • MSc – Geophysics
  • MSc -Geological Sciences
  • M. Tech. – Exploration Geosciences
  • M. Tech. – Computational Seismology
  • MSc – Economics
  • M. Tech. – Human Resources Development & Management
  • M. Tech. – Industrial Engg. & Management
  • M. Tech. – Information Technology
  • MSc. – Mathematics & Computing
  • MSc. – Statistics and Informatics
  • MSc – Mathematics
  • MSc – Statistics and Informatics
  • M. Tech. – Computer Science & Data Processing
  • M. Tech. – Manufacturing Science & Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Thermal Science and Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Mechanical Systems Design
  • M. Tech. – Mechanical Systems Dynamics & Control
  • M. Tech. – Mining Engg.
  • Masters in Medical Science & Technology
  • M. Tech. – Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
  • M. Tech. – Materials Science & Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Ocean Engg. and Naval Architecture
  • MSc. – Physics
  • MSc – Physics
  • M. Tech. – Solid State Technology
  • M. Tech. – Reliability Engg.
  • M. Tech. – Rubber Technology
  • M. Tech. – Infrastructure Design and Management
  • M. Tech. – Water Management
  • MBA

Dual Degree Programs in IIT Kharagpur(KGP)

There are various dual degree Programmes are offered by IIT Kharagpur in B.Tech and M. Tech, like MSc-PhD etc. The candidates have an option for applying for MSc-PhD dual degree and they can directly get enrolled for PhD after MSc. The dual degree courses offered by IIT Kharagpur includes

  • Dual Degree – Aerospace Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Aerospace Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Farm Machinery & Power
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Soil and Water Conservation Engg
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Dairy & Food Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Water Resources Development & Management
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Aqua Cultural Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Agricultural Systems & Management
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / Post Harvest Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Agricultural & Food Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Biotechnology & Biochemical Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Biotechnology & Biochemical Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / Hydraulic & Water Resources Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / Transportation Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / Geotechnical Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / Structural Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / Environmental Engg. & Management
  • Dual Degree – Civil Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Chemical Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Chemical Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Computer Sc. & Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Computer Sc. & Engg./ MBA
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ Fibre Optics and Light wave Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ Microelectronics & VLSI Design
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ RF and Microwave Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ Visual Information & Embedded System
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ Telecommunications System Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electronics & Elect. Comm. Engg./ MBA
  • Dual Degree – Electrical Engg. / Machine Drives & Power Electronics
  • Dual Degree – Electrical Engg. / Control System Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electrical Engg. / Power System Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electrical Engg. / Instrumentation Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Energy Engg. / Machine Drives & Power Electronics
  • Dual Degree – Energy Engg. / Power System Engg
  • Dual Degree – Instrumentation Engg. / Control Systems Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Electrical Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Energy Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Instrumentation Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Industrial Engg. / Industrial Engg. & Management
  • Dual Degree – Industrial Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Mechanical Engg. / Manufacturing Science and Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Mechanical Engg. / Thermal Science and Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Mechanical Engg. / Mechanical Systems Design
  • Dual Degree – Mechanical Engg. / Mechanical Systems, Dynamics & Control
  • Dual Degree – Manufacturing Sc. & Engg./ Industrial Engg. & Management
  • Dual Degree – Mechanical Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Manufacturing Sc. & Engg./ MBA
  • Dual Degree – Mining Engg. / Mining Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Mining Engg. / Safety Engineering and Disaster Management
  • Dual Degree – Mining Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Metallurgical & Materials Engg. / Metallurgical Engg.
  • Dual Degree – Metallurgical & Materials Engg. / MBA
  • Dual Degree – Ocean Engg. & Naval Architecture
  • Dual Degree – MBA

Undergraduate courses offered by IIT Kharagpur(KGP)

There are numerous under graduation programme offered at IIT Kharagpur. They are B.Tech, B. arch and LLB etc. The B.Tech course is a 4 years course. The various undergraduate courses offered are:

  • B.Tech. – Aerospace Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Agricultural & Food Engg.
  • B.Arch.
  • B.Tech. – Biotechnology & Biochemical Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Civil Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Chemical Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Computer Science & Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Electronics & Electrical Communication Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Electrical Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Industrial Engg.
  • LLB – Intellectual Property Rights
  • B.Tech. – Mechanical Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Manufacturing Science & Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Mining Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Metallurgical and Materials Engg.
  • B.Tech. – Ocean Engg. and Naval Architecture

JEE Advanced 2017 Cutoff for IIT Kharagpur(KGP)

The JEE Advanced Cutoff 2017 for IIT Kharagpur will be available in the online mode for all applicants after the declaration of the result. The cutoff ranks will consist of both the opening and closing ranks for admissions into the courses offered by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Different category applicants will have to satisfy different closing ranks as per the course selected. The cutoff will be updated in the article as soon as it is released by the authorities.

JEE Advanced 2016 Cutoff for IIT Kharagpur(KGP)

The applicants can check the previous year’s cutoff of JEE Advanced for IIT Kharagpur to know the probable cutoff ranks for the present session. The detailed cutoff data is listed below.

S.No Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
1 Aerospace Engineering General 2830 4033
OBC-NCL 1223 1718
SC 710 865
ST 353 430
2 Agricultural and Food Engineering General 4321 7455
General_PWD 70 151
OBC-NCL 2610 3282
SC 1381 2065
ST 119 1304
3 Architecture Engineering General 3090 10310
OBC-NCL 2604 3763
SC 1815 2347
ST 867 1072s
4 Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering General 3438 6904
General_PWD 5 5
OBC-NCL 2222 3321
SC 752 1747
ST 704 1119
5 Chemical Engineering General 1906 3606
General_PWD 118 151
OBC-NCL 1045 1806
SC 328 1093
ST 266 592
6 Chemistry General 3979 8727
OBC-NCL 2684 3585
SC 1641 2097
ST 186 965
7 Civil Engineering General 2545 4158
General_PWD 66 123
OBC-NCL 714 1601
SC 335 901
ST 86 355
8 Computer Science Engineering General 181 389
General_PWD 10 12
OBC-NCL 48 196
SC 30 125
ST 24 137
9 Economics General 2779 4128
General_PWD 29 99
OBC-NCL 1798 2355
SC 1045 1787
ST 517 1013
10 Electrical Engineering General 138 1556
General_PWD 32 32
OBC-NCL 424 745
SC 161 418
ST 61 351
11 Electronics and Electrical Communication General 329 1320
General_PWD 21 55
OBC-NCL 172 764
SC 65 389
ST 39 304
12 Engineering Physics General 3257 7242
OBC-NCL 2605 3456
SC 1522 2132
ST 247 1043
13 Geology General 6242 8658
OBC-NCL 3048 3571
SC 1646 1994
ST 138 1123
14 Industrial Engineering General 2717 4563
General_PWD 105 161
OBC-NCL 1406 2144
SC 775 1365
ST 62 1130
15 Instrumentation Engineering General 1475 2623
General_PWD 155 155
OBC-NCL 728 1226
SC 407 853
ST 537 801
16 Manufacturing Engineering General 2420 4436
General_PWD 39 39
OBC-NCL 1035 2245
SC 729 1478
ST 679 869
17 Mathematics and Computing Engineering General 1043 1386
General_PWD 63 95
OBC-NCL 492 848
SC 502 730
ST 479 823
18 Mechanical Engineering General 622 2299
General_PWD 20 71
OBC-NCL 347 976
SC 88 520
ST 54 360
19 Mechanical Engineering – Design and Manufacturing General 4448 4893
OBC-NCL 1985 2490
SC 1315 1908
ST 864 864
20 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering General 3373 4776
General_PWD 146 157
OBC-NCL 1901 2484
SC 972 1258
ST 290 747
21 Mining Engineering General 4074 7423
OBC-NCL 1561 3160
SC 1134 1733
ST 412 762
22 Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering General 3464 6355
General_PWD 102 105
OBC-NCL 2112 2927
SC 857 1985
ST 690 1034
23 Physics


General 2815 5558
OBC-NCL 2631 3416
SC 138 2139
ST 186 1074


Campus Life At IIT-KGP

A couple of hours drive from the bustling metro-city, Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur is a serene and productive place to study. The appeal of vast expanses of green, sweeping trees everywhere and the classic architecture blends in with the creative lifestyle of young KGPians. Full residential campus away from the hustle-bustle of city life accelerates the student life towards social and creative gatherings and develops among them the extraordinary skill in all the spheres—academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, social et al.

IIT-KGP campus plays a major role in students’ academic and social life, making the KGP stay most memorable days of their life. When you are at IIT Kharagpur, you enjoy a lot of privileges apart from quality study and atmosphere. The education at this institute, like most other IITs, is not just about studying theory, but to encourage a more practical approach. This is the reason why students from IIT Kharagpur have achieved top levels of success. IIT Kharagpur has ample opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. and has a dedicated cell for nurturing those students who wish to be entrepreneurs in their lives.

The life of the students at IIT Kharagpur is full of enthusiasm and to make their conversation cooler and more out-of-the-box, they use several types of slangs and IIT specific lingo where arbitrary becomes, ‘Arbi’ and disciplinary committee becomes Disco. A student is ‘apping’ when he or she is applying to a foreign university and a person from Bangalore is called a Bangy. IIT KGP is quite famous for its distinct lexicon and internal usages that have penetrated deep into their everyday life. It is so contagious that even parents and non-IITians use it.

Events and Fests at IIT-KGP

Year round various events and festivals take place in the Institute, like the Department Fests, Society Events and the best of all Spring Fest, the annual Socio-Cultural Fest and Kshitij, the annual Techno Management Fest.

These fests and events are conducted all-round the year to give students a change in their daily routine of classes, assignments, tests and labs. The events and festivals encourage the students to think in a practical way, do something innovative and most of all enhance their knowledge and have loads of fun.

Department Fests – The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organizes Bitwise IIT Kharagpur, an online programing contest annually in February. Programing and algorithmic challenges are given in a span of 12 hours. In Bitwise 2011, 5000 teams participated from 80 countries. Bitwise 2012 was held on 12 February 2012.

The Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture conducts its annual technical meet Samudramanthan in the month of March every year providing a platform for all the Naval Architects across the country to compete and share their knowledge in the field. There are also other department festivals like Esperanza (organized by department of Electronics and electrical communication engineering), Composit (Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering), Great Step (Department of Mining Engineering), Prithvi (organized by department of geology)

A petroleum themed technical fest ‘Petrofiesta’ is organized in the month of November by the Society of Petroleum Engineers IIT Kharagpur Chapter. This is a one of a kind fest which provides a platform for students from all over the country to compete and share their ideas and knowledge in the field of the petroleum industry.

Society Events – The various societies also conduct events round the year, to promote, practice and preach their culture. The society events are also aimed at encouraging students to do something different and to improve their skills in the areas of their interest.

Some examples include Robosoccer conducted by the Technology Robotix Society, various plays conducted by the Dramatics Societies, shows conducted by the Music societies, etc. In January the Entrepreneurship Cell organizes a Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which consists of guest lectures, workshops, a start-up camp and other events relating to entrepreneurship and startups.

In October end, Space Technology Students’ Society at IIT Kharagpur organized the National Students’ Space Challenge, the first space-science and engineering series of national-level competitions for students in India.

Spring Fest – Currently in its 55th edition, the annual social and cultural festival – Spring Fest has been celebrating the true spirit of youth for over five decades, growing bigger and better with every passing year.
A perfect blend of fun and frolic, of excitement and ecstasy, of devotion and dedication, Spring Fest is a celebration with a responsibility. A splendid platform for the spectacular display of the diverse talents of today’s youth, Spring Fest always has an underlying social theme.

It includes cultural competitions in addition to stage shows (known asStar-nights) by singers and performers such as Sunidhi Chauhan, Farhan Akhtar, Salim-Sulaiman, Vishal-Shekhar, K.K., Pritam, Kailash Kher, Shaan, Breathe, Led Zepplica, Parikrama, Indian Ocean etc. The magnitude of Spring Fest is huge and attracts participation from more than 150 colleges across India.

Kshitij – With over 40 events, encompassing varied fields of science, technology and management, Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, invites students from all around the globe to put their ingenuity and aptitude to test at an unparalleled level of competition. The largest fest of its kind in all of Asia, offers its participants a wide spectrum of events to prove their mettle, while the huge amount of prize money is reflective of the grandeur of the same. Quality of our events was soon noticed by top notch international organizations like ASME, IMechE, ACM and IEEE and they continue their association with us. Gaining patronage from UNESCO for the third time consecutively reflects the kind of impact Kshitij has made on todayâ??s student community. Comprehensive workshops by industrial pioneers, gives inimitable insight to the practical realm. Pedagogic and inspirational guest lectures from renowned scientists and eminent personalities; phenomenal exhibitions from various parts of world makes young talents acquainted with latest technical advancements.

Illumination – known as Illu, is a festival unique to IIT Kharagpur. It is inspired from the day of Diwali (the festival of lights) and is usually held on the day of Diwali itself. It is held as a competition among student halls.[85] As part of the Illumination festival, all halls build vertical panels of bamboo (called Chatais) on which thousands of lamps (diyas) are mounted forming outlines of people or things; illustrating an event, or a place of importance. The chatais may reach a height of 6 metres (20 ft), with nearly 20,000 lighted lamps. The lamps on the chatais are lighted with all other light sources switched off, to showcase the art-panels made by the flickering lamps. On the same day as Illumination, the Rangoli Competition is organised as an inter-hall event.[85] Rangolis of exquisite detail and shading – measuring around 3.5 by 3.5 metres (11 by 11 ft) – are constructed using coloured powders, crushed bangles, and pebbles. Interplay of light and shadow and ambient music are part of the display.

On-Campus Places to visit – Nehru Museum, Hijli Shahid Bhavan, Old Prison Cells, Martyrs Memorial

Academics in IIT KGP

IIT-KGP is a confluence of world-class, multi-disciplinary courses, giving global exposure in academics and research, scope in entrepreneurship and best placement. If you want to be more than an IIT engineer, IIT-KGP is the place you must come to.

You can choose from 19 Departments, 12 Schools and 8 Centres of Excellence. Additionally, there are more than 25 R&D units. Academic programs are offered are B.Tech.(15), B.Arch, Dual Degree(35), MBA, MHRM, LLB, MMST, M.Sc/ M.Tech/ MCP/ MS (68), PhD in 6 broad disciplines: (1) Engineering, (2) Basic Sciences, (3) Life Sciences, (4) Social Sciences & Humanities, (5) Law and (6) Entrepreneurship.

Some of the major departments at IIT Kharagpur are Biotechnology, Aerospace EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Mining Engineering, Electronics and Electrical communication engineering and several others.

There are approximately 600 faculties in various disciplines who have done PhD from globally renowned universities and conducted commendable research. The Institute has got two Bhatnagar Prizes in the last 3 years and 38 Academy Fellows. Bhatnagar Prize is the most coveted award in multidisciplinary science in India.

The faculty members have collectively published more than 1000 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and close to 800 conference papers published in proceedings of national and international conferences.

The student strength is more than 10000 including Undergraduate studies, Postgraduate studies and PhD. More than 60% are Undergraduate students doing B.Tech., B.Arch. and Dual Degree programs. About 1000 students get graduation degree every year from IIT Kharagpur.

Noiseless Diwali Celebrations

We all know that bursting loud crackers and scaring animals and the neighbourhood is not an ideal way to celebrate Diwali. There is a reason why Diwali is called the ‘festival of lights’ and IIT-Kharagpur students show us exactly why it’s called that! IIT Kharagpur has taken a stand to celebrate an eco-friendly and pollution-less Diwali. Illumination is a cultural festival that is organised by the institute, where students join forces to light up the entire campus.

Around 21 residence halls compete against each other for creating masterpieces with thousands of diyas on 1500 sq feet and 22 feet high, high structures.

What’s unique about these celebrations? Crackers are not burst. Also, the students first spread wide chatais in the background and make them fireproof by coating them with fireproof material. Steel wires are tied to the chatais, and then the diyas are put in them. The wicks are immersed in oil and camphor and then carefully put in each diya. They are then put on the background carefully. And the results are worth it. Take a look at the Diwali diya decorations here.

IIT Kharagpur Illumination
IIT Kharagpur Illumination

Notable Alumni of IIT KGP

IIT Kharagpur has given the country many dynamic graduates who have tasted huge success in their lives. Some of the notable alumni of IIT Kharagpur are Arvind Kejriwal, social activist and CM of Delhi; Ashok Khemka, the whistleblower IAS officer; Arunabh Kumar, Cofounder of TVF and Vinod Gupta, Founder of Infogroup to name a few.

Taking up unconventional jobs and roles in society is the forte of IITians and KGPians are no different. Some of the entrepreneurs who have recently made big in their ventures are Vinay who has created Qulp, which helps transform ideas into commercial products and two graduates who have developed, an online interactive communication. Sunil Gaitonde is another entrepreneur with a B.Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur, who has founded Great Software Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

IIT Kharagpur Infrastructure

  • Library
    Central Library of IIT Kharagpur is one of the largest and finest technical libraries in Asia. It has been catering to the needs of the ten thousand students of undergraduates, postgraduates, research scholar, seven hundred faculty members and more than thousand staff members of the 19 departments, 9 centres, 12 schools and 15 research facilities of the Institute. Central Library provides IP based access to 20,664 full-text e-Journals, and 1,22,744 full-text e-books to the users. The Library is having a collection of more than 3.5 Lakh documents, subscribing about 300 print journals, and providing access to over 40,000 online full- text journals and several abstracting databases. Besides, there are 45,000 e-books.
  •  Cafeteria

    Apart from canteens, IIT Kharagpur has on-campus eateries such as:

    Subway, Café Coffee Day (CCD), Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Parlour, Heritage Restaurant, Sahara Restaurant, Dreamland Restaurant, Dulal Nandi (Tikka), PAN Loop, Fast Food Corner (PFC), Veggies Restaurant (Pure Veg), Eggies (Night Canteen), Billoo’s Restaurant, etc.
  •  Hostel

    IIT, Kharagpur has 21 Halls of Residences (16 for boys, 5 for girls) around campus which can accommodate around more than 12000 students. All the hostels have amenities like reading room, indoor sports, mess, TV etc. Students can have an option to choose between single and double sharing rooms.

    Available facilities :

    • Boys Hostel

      • Shared Rooms
      • In-Campus Hostel
    • Girls Hostel

      • Shared Rooms
      • In-Campus Hostel
  •  Sports Complex

    Games and sports are not only important for success in studio but it is important for success in every walks of our life. IIT Kharagpur wishes that students perform the best in every field and hence provides its students with world class facilities for sports and games as well. The campus has two stadiums namely Jnan Ghosh and Tata Sports Complex for various games like Hockey, Football, Cricket and Athletics. Apart from these, the campus also has a fully modernized Aquatic Center for sports like Swimming and Water Polo. The Student Activity Center – Technology Students’ Gymkhana also hosts, an Indoor Squash Court, Indoor Badminton Courts, Pool Tables, Tennis Courts, and a fully modernized Gymnasium, facilities for Weightlifting, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Court and Table Tennis.

    Also every Hall of Residence encourages its hall boarders to actively participate in all the sports events conducted throughout the year as a part of the General Championships. Some halls even provide sports facilities of their own to their boarders so that they stay fit and practice daily bringing laurels to the hall as well as IIT Kharagpur. The Institute also encourages active participation of the students in sports especially through events like the General Championship and the prestigious annual Inter-IIT Sports Meet. Inter IIT sports meet is zealously organized every year in which brilliant athletes from each IIT participateto make their institute proud. Just to give you an insight into the scale of the events, the chief guest of last Inter IIT opening ceremony was Sachin Tendulkar.

    Available facilities :

    • Badminton Court
    • Basketball Court
    • Squash Court
    • Tennis Court
    • Pool Tables
    • Volleyball Court
    • Aquatic Center
    • Weightlifting Facilities


  •  Labs

    Available facilities :

    • Civil Engineering Lab
    • Chemistry Lab
    • Computer Lab
    • Electrical Lab
    • Electronics Lab
    • Mechanical Lab
    • High voltage Lab
    • Instrumentation Lab
    • Machine and Drive Lab
    • Analytical Food Testing Lab

College Fests

Various events and festivals take place in the Institute all year round, like the Department Fests, Society Events and the best of all: Spring Fest, the annual Socio-Cultural Fest and Kshitij, the annual Techno Management Fest.

A perfect blend of fun and frolic, of excitement and ecstasy, of devotion and dedication, Spring Fest is a celebration with a responsibility. A splendid platform for the spectacular display of the diverse talents of today’s youth, it always has an underlying social theme.

Also, the largest fest of its kind in all of Asia, Kshitij offers its participants a wide spectrum of events to prove their mettle, while the huge amount of prize money is reflective of the grandeur of the same

These fests and events are conducted all-round the year to give students a change in their daily routine of classes, assignments, tests and labs. The events and festivals encourage the students to think in a practical way, do something innovative and most of all enhance their knowledge and have loads of fun.

IIT Kharagpur Fees 

Particulars Amount
Caution Money (One Time, Refundable) ₹6,000
One Time Fees ₹3,100
Tuition Fee (per Semester) ₹1,00,000
Other fees (per Semester) ₹4,000
Annual Fees ₹1,226
Hostel Overhead Charges (per Semester) ₹8,250
Mess Charges (Six Monthly) ₹13,500
Total 1,36,076

Fee Waivers

  • There’s a provision for 100% tuition fee waiver for SC/ST/PH students.
  • Full reduction of the Tuition Fee for General & OBC students is done whose family income is less than Rs.1 lakh per annum.
  • Remission of 2/3rd of the Tuition Fee is all provided for General and OBC students whose family earnings is between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakh per annum.


  • Close to 1000 students at IIT-KGP receive financial assistance from various corporations, foundations and external agencies
  • More than 1000 students receive Scholarships on Merit-cum-Means
  • Hundreds of Endowment Prizes and Free Tuition offered by the Institute
  • Alumni Funded Scholarships

International Travel Assistance

  • IIT-KGP facilitated and financed students to participate in international competitions such as HULT Prize, GRIFTECH, Formula SAE, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, FIRA World Cup.
  • Under the final year students funded program ‘My Imprint’ students have been supported on various occasions of international travel assistance.
  • International Travel assistance has been formalized under the Shri Gopal Rajgarhia (SGR) Student International Travel Programme for research and volunteer projects, international competitions and conferences, international internships and co-op placements

Special Grants

  • Top-up Fellowships offered by Faculty from Research Projects
  • Special Grants for incubated Entrepreneurship projects

Banking Assistance

  • At IIT-KGP education loans can be availed from nationalised banks in the campus
  • Students will not have to depend on parents or on scholarships for study

IIT KGP Ranking


In QS World University Rankings of 2017 : 308

In QS World University Rankings of 2016 : 313

In QS World University Rankings of 2015 : 286

In QS World University Rankings of 2014 : 324


By NIRF in 2017 : 3

By Outlook India in 2017 : 3

By India Today in 2017 : 2

By Outlook India in 2016 : 3

By India Today in 2016 : 2

IIT Kharagpur Placements

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All-around Career Development Programme – The Institute organizes various programmes to improve soft skills, professional communication and personality through career counseling by professional agencies/experts. Students are also assisted in preparing professional resumes by conducting resume writing workshops. Management development programs are conducted by experts. The Career Development Centre also assists the departments in organizing Industry oriented workshops, leadership talks, lectures, competitions, Curriculum Oriented Career Prospects (COCP) Workshops including specialized niche areas.

Choice of Companies – IIT Kharagpur invites the best recruiters in the market during the internship and placement season covering various sectors such as Core Engineering, IT, Finance, Consulting, Automobiles, PSUs, etc. The sheer diversity of recruiters across all domains and the extensive participation of overseas companies is an epitome of the global stature of the brand IIT Kharagpur.

Flexible Curriculum – The internship and placement trend at IIT Kharagpur has shown that the flexibility in curriculum makes our students fit into any sector such as Core Engineering, IT, Finance, Analytics, Consulting et al. It does not matter which discipline you study, you may make a successful in-road to placement.

Universally Compatible – More than 1500 students placed every year in 250+ top brands with best compensation packages. KGP students are universally compatible to take up challenges in any of the sector because of the flexibility in our curriculum. The entrepreneurial frame of mind of the students of IIT Kharagpur has also received appreciation from the recruiters. The corporate preparedness of the students is indicated by the significantly large number of students hired by the recruiters as compared to other institutes.

IIT Kharagpur attracts the best recruiters of the country during the placement season and covers various sectors such as Core Engineering, IT, Finance, Consulting, Automobiles, PSUs, etc. The absolute diversity of recruiters from all domains and the widespread participation of even international companies reflects the global stature of the brand IIT Kharagpur.

As per the past records, it’s clear that students who manage to maintain their academic CGPA above 7.5 in any of the fields and also participated in various extracurricular activities at the institute, almost 98% students have been successful in getting the placement of their choice. The big recruiters offer the average salary in the range of 9.00-12.00 lakhs per annum.

The statistics say that more than 1500 students placed every year in 250+ top brands with best compensation packages. The corporate awareness of the students is indicated by the notably large number of students that get hired by the recruiters as compared to other institutes.

Major recruiters include Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, Bosch, J.P Morgan, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Larsen & Toubro, Deutsche Bank, Samsung, Google, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Cisco, IBM and many more.

For more information, the candidates should visit the official website of the institute.

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