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“A good student can study anywhere”

You must have heard elders say this n number of times. I know I did. They say that an intelligent student does not need the help of a coaching institute to crack JEE. I am not sure how far that is true. We all need some amount of guidance which will help us prepare well for the exams. The kind of questions asked, the amount of preparation, the books to be referred all this needs a certain amount of experience that a coaching institute can provide us with.

Thus, choosing a good coaching institute is crucial for a student’s future. Coaching institutes do play an important role in shaping the career of the students preparing for any competitive entrance examination, and particularly for the JEE. There is a huge difference between the student studying only from the school alone, and the student who is also enrolled in a coaching center.

Although some might argue that coaching institutes nowadays are just a trend and not a necessity, there might be some truth to it, but most of us find the need to join a good coaching class.

There are many coaching classes across India, some of them more widely known than others:

Super 30 (PATNA)

Super 30 is a highly ambitious and innovative educational program running under the banner of “Ramanujan School of Mathematics”. It hunts for 30 meritorious talents from among the economically backward sections of the society and shapes them for India’s most prestigious institution – the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). In the last seven years, it has produced hundreds of IITians from the extremely poor background. During this program, students are provided absolutely free coaching, lodging, and food. Super 30 targets students from extremely poor families. They are known to have produced 100% success in Jee Main and Advanced. So, if you have financial concerns, then try to get admission in Super 30.

One of the lesser-known but worth the time and money is Ramaiah coaching center.

This institute was founded by Chukka Ramiah.

Chukka Ramaiah fought the feudal system in Hyderabad State that was prevalent in the rural hinterland of Telangana region. He actively participated in helping the poor and was banished by his Brahmin community for helping the Dalits and the downtrodden. He joined the Mahatma Gandhi’s untouchability movement and tried to reform backward sections in his village.

Teaching career

He taught Mathematics at various schools across the Telangana region before retiring as the principal of the AP Residential School, Nagarjuna Sagar in 1983.

The Institute

Chukka Ramaiah had to force retire in 1983, when the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. T. Rama Rao fixed the retirement age at 55 from the existing 60. He could not get his pension, as the government did not approve it owing to some court case against the government. This made him to look for means of livelihood. He went to Basar’s Saraswati temple and stayed there for a week to contemplate his future. There he decided to start teaching again, privately. He owes much of his success in his post-retirement life to Basar Saraswati temple. He moved to Hyderabad and settled in Nallakunta. Some students who were appearing for the IIT JEE entrance exam asked his help in mathematics. That batch was very successful in clearing the test. He became very popular and now an entrance exam is conducted for admission into the institute, Ramaiah Institute, which is called as an Entrance exam for the entrance exam and over 2000 students take the exam and the intake is 175 for every batch. Over 2,000 students got into IITs since its launching in 1985.

Source: Wikipedia

You can find IIT Ramaiah Entrance test paper here.

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