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IIT Roorkee: All You Need To Know!

IIT Roorkee is among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research. Since its establishment, the Institute has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. The Institute ranks amongst the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. It has also been considered a trendsetter in the area of education and research in the field of science, technology, and engineering.

The Institute has completed 150th year of its existence in October 1996. On September 21, 2001, an Ordinance issued by the Government of India declared it as the nation’s seventh Indian Institute of Technology. The Ordinance is now converted into an Act by the Parliament to make IIT, Roorkee as an “Institution of National Importance”.

The Institute offers Bachelor’s Degree courses in 10 disciplines of Engineering and Architecture and Postgraduate’s Degree in 55 disciplines of Engineering, Applied Science, Architecture and planning. The Institute has facility for doctoral work in all Departments and Research Centres.

The Institute admits students to B.Tech. and B.Arch. courses through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted at various centres all over India.


The Roorkee College was established in 1847 AD as the First Engineering College in the British Empire. The College was renamed as The Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854. It was given the status of University by Act No. IX of 1948 of the United Province (Uttar Pradesh) in recognition of its performance and its potential and keeping in view the needs of post-independent India. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, presented the Charter in November 1949 elevating the erstwhile college to the First Engineering University of Independent India.

Since its establishment, the University of Roorkee has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. The University ranked amongst the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. It has also been considered a trendsetter in the area of education and research in the field of science, technology, and engineering. The University entered 150th year of its existence in one or other form in October 1996.

On the 21st September 2001, the University was declared an institute of national importance, by passing a bill in the parliament, changing its status from University of Roorkee to Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Bachelor’s Degree courses are offered in 10 disciplines in Engineering and Architecture; 55 Postgraduate Degree courses are offered in Engineering, Applied Science and Architecture and planning. The Institute has a facility for doctoral work in all Departments and Research Centers.

Departments and centres

IIT Roorkee is one of the biggest technical institutions in the country having the largest number of academic units. It has 21 academic departments covering engineering, applied sciences, humanities & social sciences, and management programmes, 1 academic centre, 3 centres of excellence, 5 academic service centres and 3 supporting units.

Engineering and Applied Sciences


  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


  • Management Studies


  • Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Academic Centres
  • Alternate Hydro Energy Centre

Centre of Excellence

  • Centre of Nanotechnology
  • Centre for Transportation Systems (CTRANS)
  • Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management (CoEDMM)

Academic Service centers

  • Mahatma Gandhi Central Library
  • Center for Integrated Sciences
  • Center for Research & Innovation
  • Centre of Nanotechnology
  • Centre for Transportation Systems
  • Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management
  • Continuing Education Centre
  • Information Super Highway Centre
  • Institute Computer Centre
  • Institute Instrumentation Centre
  • Intellectual Property Rights Cell
  • Quality Improvement Programme
  • TIFAC Core

Supporting Service Centres

  • Educational Technology Cell
  • Institute Hospital

Academics@IIT Roorkee

Undergraduate Programmes

The Institute offers the following eleven undergraduate programmes leading to B.Arch and B.Tech. degrees, which are of 5 and 4 years duration, respectively.

Bachelors Degrees Structure

Sl. No  Academic Department Programmes  Programmes Structures                                            Syllabus
1  Architecture & Planning  B.Arch. Architecture B.Arch. Architecture B.Arch. Architecture
 2  Biotechnology  B. Tech. Biotechnology B. Tech. Biotechnology B. Tech. Biotechnology
 3  Chemical Engineering  B. Tech. Chemical Engineering B. Tech. Chemical Engineering B. Tech. Chemical Engineering
 4  Civil Engineering  B. Tech. Civil Engineering B. Tech. Civil Engineering B. Tech. Civil Engineering
 5  Electrical Engineering  B. Tech. Electrical Engineering B. Tech. Electrical Engineering B. Tech. Electrical Engineering
 6  Electronics & Communcation Engineering  B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering
 7 Computer Science and Engineering B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering
 8  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering  B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
B. Tech. Production & Industrial Engineering
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
B. Tech. Production & Industrial Engineering
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering

B. Tech. Production & Industrial Engineering

 9  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering  B. Tech. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering B. Tech. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering B. Tech. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
 10  Paper Technology B. Tech. Pulp & Paper Engineering* B. Tech. Pulp &Paper Engineering B. Tech. Pulp & Paper Engineering
11 Polymer and Process Engineering B.Tech. Polymer Science & Technology B.Tech. Polymer Science & Technology B.Tech. Polymer Science & Technology
12 Physics B.Tech. Engineering Physics B.Tech. Engineering Physics B.Tech. Engineering Physics

Integrated Dual Degree

The Institute offers the Integrated Dual Degree programmes (5 years duration). Admissions are offered through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and students are awarded both B.Tech. and M.Tech./ M.B.A. degrees after completion of 5 years. These programme are in the following disciplines:

Sl. No  Academic Department Programmes Programmes Structures
1  Chemical Engineering  B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) and M.Tech. (Hydrocarbon Engineering)*
 2  Electrical Engineering  B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) and M.Tech. (Power Electronics)*
 3 Computer Science and Engineering  B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) and M.Tech.(Information Technology)*
 4  Electronics & Communication Engineering  B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and M.Tech. (Wireless Communication)*
 5 Polymer and Process Engineering B.Tech. (Process Engineering) and M.B.A. B.Tech. (Process Engineering) and M.B.A.

Integrated Master of Technology (IMT)

Sl. No  Academic Department Programmes Programmes Structures Syllabus
1  Earth Sciences  M.Tech. (Geophysical Technology) Integrated M.Tech. (Geophysical Technology) Integrated M.Tech. (Geophysical Technology)
 2  Earth Sciences  M.Tech. (Geological Technology) Integrated M.Tech. (Geological Technology) M.Tech. (Geological Technology)

Integrated Master of Science (IMS)

Sl. No  Academic Department Programmes Programmes Structures Syllabus
1  Mathematics  M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) Integrated M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics) Integrated M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics)
 2  Physics  M.Sc. (Physics) Integrated M.Sc. (Physics)

Postgraduate (PG) Programmes:

The predecessor of the IIT Roorkee, the University of Roorkee, pioneered postgraduate programmes in engineering and technology, way back in 1955.

Admission to PG programmes is offered on the basis of GATE score and/or on the basis of the written test and interview. Non-Resident Indians ( NRI ) and foreign nationals are also admitted to PG programmes. Sponsored candidates, including those through Quality Improvement Programme (QIP), form another channel for admission to these programmes. IIT Roorkee is the only institution in the country which has special PG programmes in Earthquake Engineering, Water Resources Development & Management, Hydrology, Welding Engineering, Alternate Hydro Energy Systems and Pulp & Paper Engineering.

PG Programmes in Engineering and Architecture

M.Tech./M.Arch. & M.U.R.P.

Sl.No  Academic Department  Programmes Structure  Syllabus
 1 Architecture & Planning M.Arch. , M.U.R.P. M.Arch. , M.U.R.P. Syallbi for Architecture  & Planning
 2  Alternate Hydro Energy Centre Alternate Hydro Energy Systems
Environment Management of Rivers and Lakes
Syllabi for AHEC
 3 Chemical Engineering Computer Aided Process Plant Design
Industrial Pollution Abatement
Industrial Safety & Hazard Management*
Syllabi for Chemical
 4 Civil Engineering Building Science & Technology*
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering (with
Diversification in Rock Mechanics)
Hydraulics Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Structural Engineering (with
Diversification in Bridge Engineering)
Transportation Engineering (with
Diversification in Traffic Engineering)
Syllabi for Civil
5 Computer Sc. & Engg. Computer Science & Engg. M.Tech._CS Syllabi for CSE
6 Centre for Transportation Systems M.Tech. (Infrastructure Systems) Infrastructure Systems Syllabi for Transportation
7 Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation & Management Disaster Mitigation & Management MTech_DM Syllabi for CoEDMM
8 Centre for Nanotechnology Nanotechnology MTech_NT Syllabi for Nano
9 Earthquake Engineering Soil Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
Seismic Vulnerabiligy and Risk Assessment
Soil Dynamics
Structural Dynamics
Syllabi for Earthquake
10 Electrical Engineering Instrumentation & Signal  Electric Drives & Power Electronics
Power System Engineering
Systems and Control
Syllabi for Electrical
 11 Electronics & Communication Engineering Communication Systems
RF and Microwave Engineering
Microelectronics & VLSI Tech.
Microelectronics VLSI
RF Microwave
Syllabi for ECE

Revised Syllabi for ECE

12  Hydrology Surface Water Hydrology
Ground Water Hydrology
Watershed Management
Surface Water
Ground Water
Watershed Management
Syllabi for Hydrology
 13 Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Machine Design Engineering Production & Industrial Systems Engg.
Thermal Engineering
Welding Engineering
CAD, CAM & Robotics
Machine Desing
CAD CAM Robotics
Syllabi for MIED
 14 Metallurgical & Materials Engg. Industrial Metallurgy
Materials Engineering
Industrial Metallurgy
Materials Engg
Syllabi for Metallurgy
 15 Paper Technology Pulp & Paper Engineering
Packaging Technology
Pulp & Paper
Packaging Technolgy
Syllabi for Pulp & Paper
 16 Water Resources Development & Management Irrigation Water Management
Water Resources Development
Syllabi for WRDM

P.G. Diploma (For Sponsored Candidates)

Sl. No Academic Department Programme
1  Hydrology  Hydrology
2  Water Resources Development & Management Irrigation Water Management
Water Resources Development

PG Programmes in Sciences, Management and Computer Applications


Sl. No Academic Department Specialisation  Structure  Syllabi
1  Chemistry Advanced Methods of Chemical Analysis MTech_AMCA Syllabi for Chemistry
2 Earth Sciences Geological Technology
Geophysical Technology
Geological Technology*
Geophysical Technology*
Revised Syllabi
3  Physics Solid State Electronic Materials SSEM Syllabi for Physics


Sl. No Academic Department Programmes Structure  Syllabi
1  Biotechnology  Biotechnology MSc_BT Syllabi for Biotechnology
2  Chemistry  Chemistry MSc (Unrevised)
MSc (Revised)
Syllabi for Chemistry

Revised Syllabi for Chemistry

3  Earth Sciences  Applied Geology MSc_Applied Geology Syllabi for Earth Sciences
4 Physics Physics MSc_Physics Syllabi for Physics
Sl. No Academic Department Programmes  Structure  Syllabi
1 Management Studies Master of Business Administration (MBA) MBA Syllabi for MBA


Students are admitted to undergraduate courses through an All-India competition known as Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE Advanced) conducted by all the seven IIT’s along with IIT BHU and IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, at various centres across the country in which more than 1,50,000 candidates compete for around 4,500 seats.

The admissions to Institute of Technology–Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad are also done through JEE for about 850 seats. From the year 2006, JEE pattern underwent a change, instead of two level selection procedure, there will be only one level of selection wherein just three separate papers of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics of 2-hour duration each take place. The paper would be objective type in nature designed to test the comprehension and analytical ability of the candidates.

This Institute offers 11 courses leading to four-year Bachelor of Technology and one five year B.Arch. course/Five-year dual-degree programmes are also available here in few disciplines wherein both B.Tech. and M.Tech./M.B.A. degrees are awarded after successful completion of the programme. Further the Institute offers 5 year integrated M.Tech./M.Sc. programmes for which the students are admitted through JEE.

However no admission is available to any Non resident Indian at undergraduate level at the institute. “As per the decision of IIT council the admission to the Undergraduate programme through Direct Admission of Students Abroad (DASA) scheme is abolished”

Postgraduate admissions

Students admitted to the graduate programs of study at IIT Roorkee go through a process of selection prior to their admissions. The process of selection is administered at the national (All India) level or at the Institute depending on the program of study.

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an All – India Examination conducted by the seven IITs and IISc Bangalore, on behalf of the National Coordinating Board – GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India. For more info follow link GATE

JAM (Joint Admission Test to M.Sc) for admission to M.Sc programmes at the IITs. From year 2005 admissions to MCA programme at IIT Roorkee are also made through JAM which were previously through AIMCET. More info at JAM website

This Institute offer courses leading to two-year Master of Science degrees in a number of disciplines. In addition, post-graduate programmes leading to M.Tech., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees are also offered.


The research that is associated with the Institute can be broadly classified into two categories:

Departmental Research and Research at Academic Centers.

Every department has faculty and students involved extensively in research activities. Undergraduate education is greatly benefited by the environment of postgraduate programmes, while both the curricula derives strength in a research environment created by doctoral and postdoctoral programmes.

Not only the departments of the Institute, the various academic centers are also involved in research activities, in order to contribute and benefit from the advances in knowledge frontiers, which will help generate state-of-the-art technologies responding to the need of the country.

Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy

Sponsored Research (SR) and Industrial Consultancy (IC) are two important modes through which the faculty supports the development of knowledge and technology. Indian Institute of Technology recognizes Sponsored Research (SR) and Industrial Consultancy (IC) as the essential attributes of teaching and research. A full-fledged office operating under Dean (SRIC) provides administrative and accounting support to the faculty undertaking sponsored research and consultancy work.

IIT Roorkee Fee structure

IITs are the most economical engineering colleges of the nation. However during recent years there has been considerable hike in the fees. Let’s go over the various components of the fees charged IIT Roorkee.

Tuition Fee

₹3,000₹3,400₹1,00,000₹4,600₹480 ₹1,11,480

ComponentFee payable
One time Caution Money (Refundable)
One Time Fees
Tuition Fee (per Semester)
Other fees (per Semester)
Annual Fees

It should be noted that the table above indicates the fee structure for general candidates. SC/ST & PwD candidates are exempt from any tuition. Also, the candidates whose family’s annual income is less than 1 LPA need not pay the tuition fee; and candidates with annual family income between 1 LPA & 5 LPA have to pay just one-third of the tuition fee. Hostel fee is applicable for all the candidates.

Hostel Fee

ComponentPayable feeMess Caution Money (One Time, Refundable)₹2,000Mess Admission Fee (One Time)₹2,000Hostel Seat Rent (per Semester)₹2,500Electricity & Water charges(per Semester) ₹2,500Hostel/Mess Subsidy Contribution(per Semester) ₹2,000Mess Advance (Six Monthly)₹12,000Total₹23,000

Cut off Marks / Ranks


All the mentioned ranks are category-wise all India ranks.

Course Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Bio Technology Gen 5478 5991
Chemical Engineering Gen 2772 3848
Civil Engineering Gen 2935 4291
Computer Science and Engineering Gen 268 449
Electrical Engineering Gen 1099 1861
Electronics and Communication Engineering Gen 833 1378
Engineering Physics Gen 2433 3830
Mechanical Engineering Gen 1616 2289
Metallurgical and Materials Engg Gen 4305 5465
Polymer Science and Engineering Gen 5505 6789
Production and Industrial Engineering Gen 3866 4344
Architecture Gen 5062 11517
Geological Technology Gen 5704 6642
Geophysical Technology Gen 4806 6152
MSc. Applied Mathematics Gen 1876 2589
MSc. Chemistry Gen 6322 7891
MSc. Physics Gen 3981 6185
Bio Technology OBC 2154 2864
Chemical Engineering OBC 1435 1718
Civil Engineering OBC 1049 1417
Computer Science and Engineering OBC 129 202
Electrical Engineering OBC 457 742
Electronics and Communication Engineering OBC 413 617
Engineering Physics OBC 1530 1800
Mechanical Engineering OBC 519 885
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering OBC 2106 2496
Polymer Science and Engineering OBC 2584 3154
Production and Industrial Engineering OBC 1697 2061
Architecture OBC 3134 4114
Geological Technology OBC 2505 3289
Geophysical Technology OBC 2284 2923
MSc.Applied Mathematics OBC 840 1562
MSc.Chemistry OBC 3048 3576
MSc.Physics OBC 2732 3198
Bio Technology SC 1651 1809
Chemical Engineering SC 867 1019
Civil Engineering SC 524 789
Computer Science and Engineering SC 83 132
Electrical Engineering SC 177 419
Electronics and Communication Engineering SC 230 381
Engineering Physics SC 973 1226
Mechanical Engineering SC 341 470
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering SC 1256 1590
Polymer Science and Engineering SC 1660 1899
Production and Industrial Engineering SC 1206 1454
Architecture SC 2135 2320
Geological Technology SC 1814 1977
Geophysical Technology SC 1753 1863
MSc. Applied Mathematics SC 982 1135
MSc. Chemistry SC 2084 2117
MSc. Physics SC 1619 1780
Bio Technology ST 804 917
Chemical Engineering ST 481 547
Civil Engineering ST 97 198
Computer Science and Engineering ST 58 93
Electrical Engineering ST 81 226
Electronics and Communication Engineering ST 185 234
Engineering Physics ST 698 782
Mechanical Engineering ST 151 256
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering ST 770 832
Polymer Science and Engineering ST 918 92
Production and Industrial Engineering ST 563 631
Architecture ST 533 905
Geological Technology ST 1031 1042
Geophysical Technology ST 973 999
MSc. Applied Mathematics ST 636 708
MSc. Chemistry ST 1103 1110
MSc. Physics ST 783 960



Placement Process


The invitation, containing the relevant information and the job annexure, is sent to the companies/organisations through email/post.

Companies/organisation fills the annexure and sends it back to the Training and Placement Office, IIT Roorkee via email/post. It is highly desirable that the job annexure is completed in all respects as it forms the primary basis of communicating the job-profile being offered to the candidates.

The details of the annexure are made available to the students on Placement Online, IIT Roorkee

Suitable dates for Pre-Placement Talk (PPT from here on) are decided after discussions between the company and the Training and Placement Office.

After confirmation from the company, students are notified for the PPT date.

The company visits IITR campus and conducts its PPT.

The company may also, if interested, conduct selections for summer internships of the pre final year students on the same day as it’s a general procedure followed by companies.


The Training and Placement Office allots a date to the company as per the ranking by the students. The company is ranked on the basis of following parameters:

  • Job profile and growth prospects.
  • The package being offered by the company.
  • Past record of recruitment at IIT Roorkee.
  • Feedback from the students regarding the company.

The company can confirm or negotiate the dates with the placement Office.

Interested students sign their willingness by registering for the company online.

Resumes of the interested students (if required) are made available to the companies for the purpose of short listing.

The list of short listed students is mailed to the Training and Placement Office prior to the campus selection date.


Companies visit the campus on the given date and conduct the written technical/aptitude test, group discussion/personal interview as a part of their selection procedure.

Please note that the facility of video conferencing at the campus can be availed for the purpose of interviewing candidates in case the company is unable to visit the campus.

The company/organization is required to furnish the final list of selected students as soon as possible after the final completion of the procedure. The selected students may or may not be allowed to sit in further job interviews as per the placement policy of the Institute.

Recruitment Details

IIT Roorkee has seen the best jobs offered to its students. The highest package offered for a domestic location was 32 LPA & the averages stood at 10 LPA. Overall, the top recruiters in terms of the highest package offered were Google, Oracle & Microsoft. By the 9th day of phase 1, over 600 job offers had been made which included 7 offers outside India. Let’s go over the list of recruiters who have visited IIT Roorkee in recent past.
Analytics, Consulting & Finance Sectors
This is one of the highest recruiting sectors in terms of the volume of jobs offered. They offer jobs in the role of a consultant or an analyst. There is a huge scope of growth in this sector. Finance sectors are without doubt one of the highest paying jobs. Here are the top recruiters who offered a job in this profile. Some of these companies hire in different profiles. For example Oracle hires in 3 profiles – Finance, SDE & Analyst.

  • Affine Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Barclays Capital
  • Boston Analytics
  • Capital One Services India
  • Citicorp Services India Limited
  • Construction Chemical and Energy
  • D.E. Shaw & Co.
  • Deloitte Consulting India
  • Evalueserve
  • EXL Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Frost and Sullivan
  • Futures First Info Services
  • Global Analytics India
  • Goldman Sachs
  • i3 Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indus Insights
  • Morgan Stanley Advantage Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mu Sigma Business Solutions
  • Oracle
  • RBS Business Services
  • ZS Associates India Pvt. Ltd.

Construction Sector
These are the best offerings to the engineering students who want to go in the field of construction.

  • ASC Infratech
  • CBRE South Asia
  • Elegant Marine Services
  • Era Infra Engineering Limited
  • Essar Group India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kellogg Brown & Root
  • National Highways Authority of India
  • NKG Infrastructure
  • Raheja Developers
  • Redbee Infrastructure
  • Risk Management solutions
  • Shapoorji Pallonji Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • SMEC India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Thornton Tomasetti
  • Marvel Landmark Pvt. Ltd

Electronics/Telecommunication Sector
These companies offer jobs in core electronics/electrical engineering. These are secure jobs and with the telecommunication sector on its ever high today, these jobs shows prospects of growth as well.

  • Analog Devices India
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Broadcom India
  • Cadence Design Systems
  • Calypto Design Systems
  • Eaton Technologies
  • Ericsson India Global Services
  • Finisar Malaysia
  • General Electric
  • Freescale Semiconductors
  • L&T Power
  • Nvidia
  • Qualcomm India
  • Samsung
  • Texas Instruments India
  • Usha International

Energy Sector
These are the companies offering jobs in paper, metals, oil & natural gas sectors. While the upstream oil industries offer one of the highest paying jobs, in the recent times it isn’t as affluent owing largely to the recent slump in oil prices.

  • Advance Group
  • Asian Oilfield Services
  • Cairn India
  • Chambal Fertilisers
  • Emami Paper Mills
  • HPCL
  • IOCL
  • J.K. Paper
  • Mecon ltd. (mining & metals)
  • MiniMill Technologies Services International
  • ONGC
  • RIL
  • Schlumberger Asia Services
  • Shell Technology Centre
  • Sterling Energy
  • Trident Limited
  • Wockhardt Biotech Park

E.Com & other Startups
Over the recent years, these have become one of themost ‘invested-in’ sectors. This makes them offer a good packages to their employees. Here’s the list.

  • Flipkart India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • MySmartPrice
  • Printvenue.oom
  • Unbxd

Manufacturing Sector
These are the industries spanning from power manufacturing to aircraft manufacturing industries. It is mostly the Electrical, Mechanical, Chemicl, Civil engineering students who are offered jobs by these companies.

  • Airbus Engineering Centre India
  • Anand Automotive Ltd.
  • Caterpillar India Private Ltd.
  • Coal India Ltd.
  • Continental India Ltd.
  • Eureka Forbes Ltd.
  • General Motors
  • Greaves Cotton Ltd.
  • Hero Motocorp Ltd.
  • Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd.
  • ITC Ltd.
  • Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
  • JK Tyre
  • L&T Ltd.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • Michelin Tyres Pvt Ltd.
  • Nestle India Ltd.
  • NTPC Ltd.
  • Relaxo Footwear Ltd.
  • Rio Tinto
  • Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
  • SRF Ltd.
  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Tata Steel
  • Thermax India Ltd.
  • Trident Group
  • VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd

Software Profile

These are the jobs offered to the CSE students or to the students who prove themselves proficient in programming/coding. The highest packages are generally offered from one of these companies.

  • Accolite Software
  • Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Amazon Development Center
  • Aspire Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Choice Solutions Limited
  • Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Clues Network Pvt. Ltd.
  • Directi
  • Epic
  • Expicient Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Facebook Inc.
  • Google India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Groupon India Pvt. Ltd.
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Infosys Limited
  • InMobi
  • KLA Tencor
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Monotype
  • Nagarro Software
  • NetApp
  • Oracle
  • PayPal/ eBay India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Symantec Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Transbit Global Technologies
  • Wipro Technologies
  • Wooqer
  • Yahoo
  • Zillious Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


IIT Roorkee is situated at the foothill of the Himalayas, in Hardwar district, within the state of Uttarakhand. Roorkee is a quiet town of moderate size in the district of Haridwar (Uttarakhand), is located on the banks of the upper Ganga Canal, which takes off at Haridwar, 30km away. It is the gateway to the pilgrim centres of Hardwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath, and tourist attractions of Dehradun and Mussoorie. Roorkee is well connected to Delhi by rail and road. It is situated on National Highways 58 and 73 and is on Amritsar-Howrah main rail route.

The Institute has two campuses. The main campus is at Roorkee in Uttarakhand and the other one is 50 km away at Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The campus at Roorkee is spread over 356 acres of landscaped lush greenery. Nestled within this are several heritage buildings, modern academic departments, twelve hostels, messes, hospital, school, banks, community centres, indoor and outdoor sports facilities which include three sports stadiums, a modern swimming pool, yoga bhawan, dairy, students’ clubs and several activity centres and other buildings. The Department of Paper Technology is located in a 25-acre campus at Saharanpur. A 10-acre campus is being developed as an extension centre at Greater Noida.

Student Activities

Students conduct three fests every year, Cognizance (Technical festival), Thomso (Cultural festival) and Sangram (Sports festival).

Student groups on the campus include STIFKI (Student Teacher Interaction Forum for Knowledge and Innovation), IMG (Information Management Group), SDSLabs (Software Development Section Labs), GIL (Group for Interactive Learning), EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell), HEC (Himalayan Explorers’ Club), Literary Society (Active involvement in debating and quizzing),a local chapter of ShARE, Spic Macay in addition to student chapters of technical societies such as AAPG, SEG, SPG, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IIT Roorkee Student Section), SAE, IEEE, IIChE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers), etc.The Cultural Society (dramatics, music, choreography, cinematic, literary, IIT Heartbeat(Official inter-IIT magazine), audio, lights, Programme management, Kshitij,Geek Gazette(technical magazine of IIT Roorkee) Watch Out (the Official News Magazine of IIT Roorkee) takes all initiative related to cultural activities in the institute. It organizes music concerts, dance shows, dramas and quiz competitions. National Service Scheme at IIT Roorkee is headed by Dean of Students Welfare, IIT Roorkee. As of 2014, NSS, IIT Roorkee has over 700 active members from different disciplines, participating and organizing various community and social service activities.

IIT Roorkee has a hobbies club, one of its kind among IITs. It aims at facilitating activities like photography, philately, astronomy, fine arts, gardening, web design, etc. It is headed by a chief advisor, who is supported by two deputy chief advisors and a council secretary. It hosts SRISHTI, an annual techno-hobby exhibition.

IIT Roorkee Motorsports is the official Formula Student team of IIT Roorkee. It was founded in August 2010. The team designed and developed a formula style race car and represented India in the international competition Formula SAE Australasia in December 2011, held in Melbourne, Australia. This was the first Indian team to finish the endurance event of the competition and also finished first in fuel efficiency. The team also enjoys the rare feat of displaying their student-made race car at Auto Expo 2012. After a successful international debut, the team has plans to develop a series hybrid vehicle and participate in the Formula Student UK 2013.

Student’s Initiative for Integrated Rural Development (SIIRD) is an attempt to develop a “Sustainable Development Model” in a village named CHHARBA. This model of rural development is one of its kind. Its uniqueness lies in the voluntary use of student force for larger good of the society by integrating the efforts of industry-academia-government-society. Started in 2006, the initiatives of SIIRD has received support and appreciation from Government, Industry and Academia. The results are evident from the fact that under the Rashtriya Gaurav Puraskar scheme run by the Central Government, Chharba has been awarded best Gram Sabha of Dehradun district out of 403 Gram Sabhas. It is noteworthy that in the evaluation, only Chharba got marks under health column due to the health camps organized by SIIRD, IIT Roorkee. On the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day, Chharba was felicitated with Panchayat Sashaktikaran Puraskar for their exemplary work under the Panchayat Empowerment Accountability Incentive Scheme (PEAIS). The award was provided on 24 April 2012 by Ministry of Panchayati Raj. The approach and work of SIIRD has been appreciated at international level as evidenced by its winning the fourth spot worldwide in HCT-Wharton Tournament in Abu Dhabi. The students have presented the concept of SIIRD in conferences organized by University of Cambridge, University of British Columbia, Essex Business School, and Humboldt-University of Berlin. The concept has been published in: The International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social and Cultural Context, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Journal and Global Science and Technology Forum: Annual International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) Singapore, 2011 Proceedings.

The Institute hosted the inception of SPIC MACAY Winter Convention. A cultural and classical program in which students from school and colleges from all over the country collaborated which was held from 13 to 16 December 2015. Aman Jakar was the overall convenor of the event.


The IIT Roorkee has produced many alumni who played important roles in the technological development of India and made significant impact on corporate world. According to IIT Roorkee’s website, ten alumni have won Padma awards and 25 have been Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology awardees.

The IIT Roorkee Alumni Association was established and registered in 1940 as a society under the Society Registration Act. The association has 31 local chapters in the country and three chapters abroad. The association encourages the alumni to take interest in the activities of the alma mater and promotes relations between alumni.

Every year the association hosts Diamond, Golden and Silver jubilee functions, where alumni graduating 60, 50 and 25 years earlier are invited. Since 2005 the association has also been awarding a Distinguished Alumni Award to alumni who have made immense contributions in the fields of Academic/Research, Social Sciences, Engineering & Public Administration, Corporate Development/Entrepreneurship and Service to the Society.

The Student Alumni Mentorship Programme has been initiated by the association to help young students in achieving their career aspirations. The alumni visit the institute to interact with the students and staff and share their suggestions.

Interesting Facts

 IIT Roorkee, the 160-year-old institute is one of the finest management colleges in India. The institute has many interesting things on the campus that will surely mesmerize you.

  • Located in the center of the institute this majestic building represents the soul of IIT Roorkee and stands as a guardian watching over the students of the college.
  • The institute is also home for the differently abled children. Every year during the deaf and dumb awareness week, students of IIT Roorkee go to the school to train the children for their annual day.
  • The Thomso Cultural Fest: It is one of the largest cultural fests in all of the Asia. It provides a platform for students from various colleges to participate in events ranging from dancing, singing, theatre, fashion and much more.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Central Library: This fully air conditioned library contains more than 3, 50,000 books and 15000+ journal. It also provides access to e-journal.
  • Business Conclave @DoMS IITR: AVENIR, the annual business conclave of DoMS, IIT Roorkee are graced by a large number of eminent speakers each year.

Academia and details about the institute have been taken from the website of the college at

You can also read about IIT Kharagpur! That’s all on IIT Roorkee for now. If you have anything to add do leave in the comments’ section.

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