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The Government of India had set up the IITs as the “Institutions of National Importance” and need no formal introduction. Amongst the Seven IITs in India IIT Kharagpur has lately been in talks regarding the development of a unique underwater robot. And this invention isn’t by some scientists or professors but by the young brains at IIT Kharagpur.

The Discovery

The students of IIT Kharagpur started their journey to success by working on a UAV. It is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which is supposed to be have more intelligence than the drones. These UAVs can perform specifically assigned tasks. The pre-programming is done in such an expert manner that it can do all the desired activities in the most effective and efficient manner. It can fully obey all the written instructions in its program. The instructions are like under water surveying, identifying debris or lost objects, searching or picking them up etc.

A prototype UAV called ‘Krakane 3.0’ has already been developed at the centre for Robotics. This can go 10 meters deep in the waters of a submarine.


It can be used for multiple purposes like for carrying out repairs under the hull of a ship or searching for debris of a flight crashed in the sea. Also for research and development work it is of great help and much more. The advantages of UAV are many which will slowly and gradually accrue in front of the world. The benedictions of Science have once again come in the form of this small robot to benefit the modern world.


The 1.3 meter long under water robot is armed with strong censors and cameras to detect its surroundings. It’s a six-thruster model and can easily rotate itself in all the five directions. It is decorated with a powerful on board computer on its body. It has got an immense decision making power and much more intelligence. It can handle emergencies as well, since all kind of situations can’t always be programmed and a real UAV is one which is capable of handling real life applications.

Drawback of Drones

Drones were not as intelligent as the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and they did not used to perform the assigned tasks aptly. As the wireless technology of the drones does not work under the water, they can’t be used for the same. Drones are not competent enough to face any emergency situations.

History of UAVs

It was only a few years ago, that first such incredible UAV was developed by IIT in India. After that some other institutions also tried to develop some prototypes but none were suitable for real life applications. When the Flight no. MH370 of Malaysia Airlines went missing in the Indian Ocean even then aid of UAVs was taken to locate the lost debris in the sea.

About The Developers

The students of the Centre for Robotics are under the guidance of Professor CS Kumar at the institute who is heading Mechanical Engineering Department. Centre for Robotics has students coming from varied subjects like Electronics, Physics, Ocean engineering, Computer Science etc. It’s completely mesmerizing that this wonderfully conceived project has been developed by the students in their free time. So basically the work they do at the center is not work in real sense for them. They learn in the centre in the evening and night and these practical applications give them much deeper insight to the subject than what they get by sitting in the classrooms. It is in fact an extracurricular activity for them. The students have been preparing to participate in the International AUVSI Robosub competition to be organized in California in July. Here the students and industries will come together to show off their skills achieved for underwater robotics.

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