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If you are preparing for JEE Advanced, the first question you should ask yourself is “Why do you want to get into an IIT?” Is it the hefty placement packages, a reputed job, fame among peers or knowledge that attracts you? If you ask me, my answer will be – all of these. But there is more to these institutions than the ephemeral feats. And that ‘more’ part is, in fact, more important than the rest.

Being an IITian is a way of life. It changes how you look at things; it changes the way you tackle a problem (which seems more like a challenge rather than a problem), and it transforms you into someone who is more confident, has more knowledge and importantly has the mindset to use this knowledge to bring about change. A change that affects millions of people.

So, are IITs really different from the rest of the colleges? Let us find out.

Are IITs Different From Other Colleges?

Around 13 lakhs students appear for JEE Main every year, and the top 2 lakh get to attempt JEE Advanced. Only 5% of them make it to an IIT. So, one needs to put in a good deal of hard work to get that revered tag to your name. The NITs, Central Universities, State Engineering Colleges are all great centres of knowledge. You become engineers, the ones who are keeping the world running. But in an IIT, you get to experience more than that. As someone who has experienced both the worlds, let me just give you a short view of what makes IITs different from other colleges:

  1. The plethora of lab equipment you get for your practical understanding is beyond comparison. Yes, the other colleges have the bare minimum to make you understand, but in an IIT, you’ll get to experience state-of-the-art machines.
  2. Lectures by world-class professors! They’ll clear your doubts and take you to unknown territories of knowledge. In other colleges, we read books written by IIT professors; in IIT you have the privilege of interacting with the authors directly.
  3. Most IITs boast a student-faculty ratio of around 3.5:1 at graduation level and 1.4:1 for its master’s programs, which is exceptionally good compared to other colleges. It means students get the required attention and shine to their full potential.
  4. Another important factor that makes IITs different is the huge opportunity to indulge in extracurricular activities. The hobbies club, the movies club, SAE club (Society of Automotive Engineers), Spicmacay club, sporting activities, astronomical club, the explorers club (you get to go on Himalayas treks- it is awesome) and a lot more. If you had this notion that IITians are geeks and bookworms, you would be proven wrong. If you are passionate about something, IITs have a place for your interest to be nurtured and honed.
  5. There is no shortage of funds whatsoever for the IITs. They have an annual budget ranging from 70 to 100 crores. So, be it the grand libraries, the aesthetic classrooms, comfortable hostels with Wi-Fi connectivity, gymnasiums, playgrounds or any other thing, it is all world-class.
  6. The foreign exchange programs for students and the numerous national and international conferences with elite leaders in science and engineering from all over the world remain the highlights of the IIT culture.
  7. Lastly, the Cultural and Tech Festivals that are held every year, give you the experience far greater than a trip to Vegas, (well, that’s debatable). Three days of unlimited fun and frolic, the exhilarating concerts, and the awesome crowd. Well, just come and experience it.

At IIT, you will never have a dull moment. You will get to experience the ebullient reactions from your fellow passengers travelling back home via train, or you may even get a free upgrade to business class on a commercial airline (happened to me twice).

Keep working hard and following the right advice if you want to get into these premier institutions. You can then see for yourself how IITs are different from other colleges.

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