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IITs Open Doors To Foreign Nationals

If we evaluate engineering colleges in our country, the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) are bound to be on top of the list. While IITs have a global reputation for quality, they are nowhere on the international map. In order to increase our ranking around the world, drastic steps are being taken by the government. One of them is to allow direct admission of foreign students to these institutes. The toughest exam to crack, JEE Advanced, will now be open to students outside India as well. Earlier, JEE Mains was conducted outside India, especially in West Asian countries like UAE, where there are many CBSE schools. For JEE Advanced, applicants had to come to India. Most importantly, only Indian-origin students were allowed to give this exam. Currently, there are Student Exchange Programs (SEP) in IITs, which allow foreign students to study and do research in these institutes. It is reported that, from next year, IITs open doors to foreign nationals.

From next year, IITs will be welcoming foreign students as well. The ‘JEE Advanced’ exams are scheduled to be held in 10 different countries apart from India. The list includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, UAE, Ethiopia and Singapore. The Director of IIT Bombay has been requested to prepare the action plan for these exams, which would include details such as the tests, courses and FAQs. A web portal may also be created to make it easier for students. While the test is to be held in 2017, the outreach program would begin from August this year. There was a proposal of conducting a simpler paper than JEE Advanced for the foreign students. However, this proposal was straightaway rejected. There’s still no official confirmation about the fees to be paid by the foreign students, but there’s a prediction that they would be more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year. Check out what makes the IITs worth the two years of preparation.

Let us look at some important advantages of the IITs welcoming international students.
1. The MHRD has proposed to increase the total seats by 10,000 in the 18 IITs. About 10% seats will be reserved for international applicants. These students will also be getting a visa for the entire duration of their course and do not have to go through the hassle of renewing it after every year. The increase in seats will also make sure there is no injustice to the Indian students.

2. The move will also attract excellent foreign professors in these institutes, which will be helpful in boosting the number of international faculties. The proportion of international students and faculty is a very important parameter in the International Rankings of Engineering Institutes.

3. International companies will also show interest in these colleges, which will automatically aid the process of internal placements.

4. If, as proposed, the IITs open doors to foreign nationals, the overall quality of research will improve due to the new scheme.

The government is quite keen on having many foreign students at IITs as it will instantly boost the country’s international academic rankings. India is certainly a much more affordable country for studies in comparison to western countries, so this decision will also help foreign students who cannot afford the huge education fees abroad.

There are also a lot of foreign universities which consider IIT-JEE scores as their admission criteria. Read about them here.

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