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Individual diversity is one of the most important concept of organizational behavior. Although it is proving to be of paramount significance in a company, it is also critical in an educational institution. Further, you can witness and experience diversity in individuals all across various platforms. Moreover, this diversity among individuals can either be a huge boon or a grave issue. Therefore, let’s get into the depths of individual diversity in order to understand the intricacies of the situation.

Meaning of Individual Diversity

As junior school and middle school students, we always study how diverse our nation is. We study how culturally, traditionally and religiously diverse we are. The same, however, applies to individuals in an organization (company) or institutions (educational or otherwise).

Diversity refers to differences in features, characteristics, background and various other demographic factors. Since here they focus on the diversity of individuals on various basis. In other words, you can define and categorize people on the basis of various categories which can be either or both inherent or acquired.

Some of those basis are as follows:

  1. Inherent categories – age, race, gender, ethnicity and physical capability.
  2. Acquired categories – geographic location, income, marital status, education, seniority and work content/field.

Basis of Diversity in Individual

There are a set of 4 broad categorization and classification of the basis of individual diversity in an organization/institute. However, they are as follows:

  1. Values and Attitudes

    what do you think determines a person’s values and attitude? Values are broadly based on some of the background culture that a family, peer group or close social group inculcates within a person. These values form a major basis of segregating sets of people apart from the others. Moreover, in simple words, values and attitudes is one of the strongest distinguishing factor to establish individual diversity.

  2. Skills and Abilities

    everybody is different when it comes to their skills and abilities. Some students are afraid of public speaking and often fall victim to stag fright. However, some other students are great when it comes to extempore talks and addressing a crowd. On another note, extempore talking refers to talking to a crowd without any preparation. Students may either acquire these abilities or learn these skills. Therefore, these are also one of the best factor of measuring individual diversity.

  3. Personality Traits

    a person’a humility, kindness, helping nature, calm and collect vibe refer to their personality traits. Often people tend to associate themselves with their personality traits. This is so because everyone has a special trait that they can personally refer to for themselves.

  4. Demographic Factors

    like age gender, cast, creed, nationality, marital status, income, qualification, occupation, etc are a critical basis of individual diversity.

Importance and Significance of Individual Diversity (in Organizations and Institutions)

Individual diversity comes with a prominent and justifiable set of importance and significance. Having a wide range of diversity of individuals in any organization or educational institutions is beneficial in the following aspects.

  • A diverse crowd could ensure a higher growth curve
  • People in the organization or the institution can learn a lot about the others and inculcate the same within them
  • Diversity in individuals can help cut through the monotony of a job or task
  • Individual diversity ensures a variety of people in the crowd

Solved Questions for You

What are the Disadvantages of Individual Diversity?

Along with the benefits, individual diversity comes along with a set of demerits that can cause a tough time as well. They are as follows.

  • Lack of uniformity
  • Challenging when it comes to establishing ground rules common for everyone
  • Poor coordination due to differences in opinions and perspectives
  • All of the above factors could lead to a compromise in the quality of results

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