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The start of the month of March marks the start of another important phase in a student’s life, perhaps described as ‘Make-or-Break’ phase by many. For students appearing for the Boards, it’s the most important period in this academic year as it’s time for you to reflect the amount of hard work you’ve put during the past one year or perhaps two years. Since the day of exams has arrived, here I have mentioned a few points which can help each of you Optimise your scores.

Important Points While Writing Boards

Avoid Careless Time management

After having worked hard for more than a year, you don’t want to ruin that due to careless time management during the exams. Especially for the boards, you have to be clear about your tactics to manage time as mostly students tend to lose focus due to the pressure of time-constraint. Chalk down a plan & stick to it. It’s only for a month anyhow.

Order of Attempting the Questions

As soon as you receive the question paper, the first thing you should do is to go through all the questions once so that you get a fair idea of the difficulty level of the questions. I’ll recommend you to attempt the easy looking & high scoring questions first as these will save time, fetch more marks and boost your confidence. Sometimes students tend to do the mistake of leaving the easier questions for the end only to realise later that time is not sufficient to solve all of them and thus they lose easy marks. Please Avoid that!

DO NOT neglect Figures and Diagrams

In Boards, your answers need to be exhaustive meaning that, in order to fetch maximum marks from a question you need to write everything that’s expected. Although it’s not very clear what a perfect answer is, any relevant figure or diagram associated to the answer definitely carries some marks. So, during preparation, make sure you study all the relevant diagrams with labelling and if you do not have enough time to answer a question in detail, drawing a relevant diagram will definitely fetch you some important marks.

Don’t Include Irrelevant Points

Every answer should be precise, adding irrelevant points to an answer just to increase the length of the answer won’t do any good to your marks. In fact many a times, answering more than what was asked fetches lesser marks as it leads the moderator into doubting your ability to understand the question. So, Please avoid taking a detour from the original intent of the question.

Presentation matters a lot in the Boards

Try to keep your answers neat and without much scribbles as no moderator likes to put effort in trying to figure out what’s written. Maintain an appropriate pace and handwriting throughout the paper. A good presentation will certainly cast a good impression on the moderator. You may underline the bullet points you wish to make – this saves a lot of moderator’s time.

These are just few of the points that one should carefully address while writing Boards. Also, make sure you get enough sleep before each exam and don’t let yourself get too much stressed. You can always visit Toppr in case of any other doubts regarding the exams.

Remember, the ball is still in your court, it’s upto you to get the best out of it! Here‘s how you can best manage your entrance exams’ preparations during the boards. If you think there are other mistakes that can be avoided during the boards, do leave them in the comments’ section. Toppr wishes you All the very best for the Board Exams!

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