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What is an Independent Reading?

Independent reading is text reading by children. It includes books, newspaper, magazines, etc. Also, they choose the reading material by themselves. Besides, there is the least help from adults. Also, this reading can be done at school or anywhere else. They are purely self-chosen reading.

According to research, they help to develop reading ease. Also, it helps to learn vocabulary, knowledge, and spellings.

Example of independent reading

Meaning of Independent Reading

Independent reading is a term related to education. In it, the students choose the study material for reading. Also, it is for enjoyment and self-governing use. Besides, it takes place along with the course of study.

Teaching Strategies to Facilitate Independent Reading

Aims of Independent Reading

Independent reading motivates students to read willingly and more frequently. Also, it awakes their interest in printed words and writings. Furthermore, helps them to write in a meaningful way. Learning literature can improve their lives. Above all, it helps score well in tests.

Suggestions for Developing Independent Reading

1. Enjoyable Books

Assist students to find a suitable book for reading. Also, keep in mind that the book should be interesting and enjoyable. Even more, use valuable sources like school and public libraries.

2. Choose Easy Books

The books should be easy. Also, the students should be able to read 95% of the book text. Besides, if the book is difficult but interests them, then read it for them.

3. Encouragement

Support students to choose different types of books. Also, help them explore different genres.

4. Search for Educational Publishers

This will help low achiever to read more independently. Also, students respond to those books which they can read successfully.

Engagement and participation of the Teacher

The teacher should be fully engaged during independent reading. Also, it includes guiding and communicating with readers. Be a positive reading role model for students. Besides, it builds fluency and interpretation skills. Most noteworthy is that positive role model gives advantages to learning disabled students.

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Teachers need spending a lot of time to structure an independent reading program. Also, it outlines the roles and responsibilities of classroom members to support plans and goals. And for students with weak memory repeat, so they can retrieve it.

Copy Predictable Behaviors

Students don’t start reading independently on their own. Motivate students for independent reading by role-playing and copying the behaviors in the text. This will provide students chances to see expected behaviors.

Teachers can share their self-select reading with students. Also, make a selection on the basis of different criteria. Criteria’s can be right to read, easy read, and challenging read.

Ways to include Independent Reading in Routine

Teachers can assign time to students to read the book for a particular amount of time. Also, set a minimum limit of pages that everyone has to read. Above all, ask students to make a report of reading and explain it.

Stamina Building

Reading helps build stamina. Also, it helps to focus and read for a longer duration. In addition, they do not get easily distracted.

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