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I remember those sleepless nights. Even my pen was tired of rolling over the pages of the maths notebook. A couple of heavy books were almost lying lifeless over the table, waiting for their turn to be picked up. My room was the only one with lights on.
I completed the last problem of the chapter. With a thud, I put the pen down over the table. I bent back on the chair, and stared the slow fan for a moment. Five hours of consistent study had drained my energy off my limits. Still, there were two chapters yet to be covered.
I stood up, picked up the water bottle, and went upstairs. The cool breeze of the night somewhat relaxed me up a bit. But still, I kept on asking myself, “Why all these? Why do I have to work so hard?”
It comes in the life of every student preparing for entrance exams, at least once. All of us had the same question some or the other day. Sometimes, we are the victims of high expectations. Parents, teachers, elders, and sometimes even we ourselves, do expect really good results from us. At times, we fail to accept our own demerits, and that blocks us up from going ahead. We might consider all these to be extremes of emotional and social blockades, but in fact, IT’S ALL SO NATURAL.
The whole thing, as I realise now, was a sort of learning process. Throughout of preparation time, a lot many factors pull us back. Externally, it could be a family get-together with disturbing relatives all around us to crunch up our brain, or internally, it could be the fear of upcoming school exams, that eat up our focus towards studies. Surrounded by so many virtually inevitable enemies, there is, but, a single invincible friend. That friend is your Inspiration. It is the motivation towards your hard work, the invisible energy always within you.
It’s not too difficult to trace our inspiration. Personally, I was inspired from my brother, who is a Mechanical Engineer. Your inspiration could be anything. A person, a moment, a thought, a dream, anything. You could wish for a better world, or a Ferrari to keep you moving fast. Keep thinking of what you want ahead, and understand, that big achievements need true dedications. That should keep you from getting exhausted soon.
You might think, not all of us have an inspiration to keep walking with. Sometimes we might just be forced to study for a better career, and that’s what I particularly want you to note. If you are one among them, be sure, you have the best of self-inspirations to walk the way. Maybe, you trust your elders who believe in you, or you are obedient enough to take their expectations up with respect. That’s really praise-worthy. As I said, all these imposters, are a part of a learning process. And someday, you might just be awarded more than you expect. All you need to do is go on.
The breeze up on the roof was cool, and I constantly remembered what I need to contribute to the society, as my brother has once suggested me. My best hope for it was being an IITian. I headed back to my room. Doors shut. Books open. Lights on for some more time. And my pen woke up from the slumber.

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