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Run Walk Rain

For some of us, rain is a beautiful shower from the heavens and for the rest of us, rain is a menace. For the ones who enjoy rains, there are a number of unique ways to enjoy, but for the ones who do not like rain one bit and are caught unarmed on a rainy day under the shower, the entire story will shrink down to one question, ‘Whether to walk or run in the rain in order to shield oneself better?’

This debate has been meandering since ages with no particular well substantiated answer. With this article we bring you a perspective that running is what keeps you drier.

On the face of it, the most logical support for the theory of running in the rain is that since you spend less time in the rain you get less wet. Even though the answer remains the same, it is not as direct as it sounds and there is an intricate science involved. First of all, let us take into account the mathematical formula calculating total wetness.

Total wetness = (wetness per second * time spent in the rain) + (wetness per meter* time spent in the rain)

Now let us suppose you have to move from point A to B and you are speculating whether to walk or run. As you move out of the way of one rain drop you get in the way of another. Since the speed and intensity of raindrops remain the same no matter whether you walk or run, the amount of rain hitting the top of you is constant regardless of how fast you are moving. Going by the same logic, the amount of rain hitting you from the sides will also remain the same.

As we put these findings into the formula, we realize that the wetness per second and the wetness per meter does not differ at all be it the case of walking or running. All that makes the difference here is the time spent in the rain. It does not take rocket science to infer that running in the rain is better as in that case the time spent in the rain is the least.

So the next time you are being attacked by the rain drops and you are unarmed, on your marks, get set go! However, we would still love to recommend that you stand still, open your arms and soak in the beauty of rains (only in case no exams are approaching.)

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