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For many IIT aspiring students, getting admission into IIT means a dream come true. Students and parents both feel that by not getting an admission in IIT is as good as an end of one’s career. Parents consider their children to be incapable if they are unable to crack the entrance exam.

Students commit two years of their life in preparing for the JEE exam and give up everything for it, right from sports, extracurricular activities, friends and even social life. Also, parents sacrifice their time and money for enhancing the performance of their children in this tough entrance exam. The students and their parents are so obsessed with the IIT brand that some students unable to clear the exam, take the extreme step of committing suicide.

Both students and parents relate the future success and dream of a better life with getting admission in this college. But, what one does not understand is that it takes much more than just an IIT degree to achieve your dream. A mere one day exam or admission in IIT College cannot be a direct passport to one’s success. There are a number of smart and talented students who, for some reason are not able to get admission into IIT but have still managed to be successful in life.

No doubt IIT is an excellent college for engineering and in no way am I devaluing or taking away the achievements of IIT graduates. But in my opinion, IIT is not the only path to success. For a student who has not been able to get through in the JEE, does not mean it’s the end of his career. People have created a huge hype about IIT due to which many other equally reputed colleges and institutions like NIT’S, BITS Campuses, Delhi University, and AIIMS have been overshadowed.

Every aspect of IIT, right from its entrance exams, to career growth, to placements and salary packages offered, have always been hyped and blown out of proportion. The JEE exams are considered to be the toughest in the world, due to which many students shell out money on tuition’s and coaching. No doubt exams are difficult but, it is never that difficult as it has always been assumed or spoken by everyone. So the question is, what really makes IIT the most lucrative and the most difficult college to enter as compared to the others. Well, the answer to this is about 5 lakh students compete for the limited seats every year, but only a few thousand manage to get a seat. Unfortunately, the number of seats is limited as compared to the number of applicants, due to which not many make it to IIT’s.

Speaking of getting admission in IIT, it is not the only success mantra as thought by many. There are so many stalwarts from different industries like Mukesh Ambhani, Indira Nooyi Laxmi Mithal and many more who have achieved success without graduating from IIT. Also, there are many well known personalities who even though cleared the JEE exam opted not to join IIT. This itself proves that, it is not just the college that matters for an individual’s success.

When it comes to placements and salary packages, not all students graduation from IIT get placed in Google and Infosys and get a huge 7 digit salary. A lot has always been built up about the salary package that an IITian gets. IIT aspirants assume that every IITian manages to get a huge package. But the fact is, only a handful of engineers manage to bag such opportunities and not all. On the flip side, many IITian struggle to get a job of their choice. The rosy picture as it may seem to be is never the actual case. It has been unfortunate that these facts have never been highlighted and only positives have been marketed and presented to the people.

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