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Many a times you might have heard that human beings are fast using up the natural resources of this planet and there is strong evidence in support of this fact. Oil running out, atmosphere reaching its limits and the decreasing ability of land to support greater population are statements proving the fact that natural resources are limited. We human beings are at the risk of exhausting the natural resources like land, air, oil and metals through our regular and excessive consumption. The World Wide Fund for Nature International has come up with a survey stating the fact that human beings are utilizing 50% more natural resources than the amount sustainably produced by the Earth.

Natural Resources under Extreme Pressure of Exhaustion

There are around 7 billion people living on this planet and this is a threat to the fast decreasing natural resources being used by human beings on a regular basis. There are no stern measures being taken in reducing the use and the exploitation of natural resources. This is automatically taking a toll of the availability of natural resources considered necessary for survival. The natural resources which are already under pressure due to the present consumption rates are as follows:


The total volume of water present in the world is 35 million km3 out of which 2.5% is fresh water. Out of this 2.5%, 70% water is available as snow cover and ice. Thus, human beings have access to only 200,000 km3 of freshwater. With the demand and the excessive use of water increasing day by day, there can be no denying the fact that the water would be absolutely scarce in the near future.


According to a survey carried out by the Statistical Review of World Energy, total global oil measured is 188.8 million tones. This quantity of oil would be enough for the next 46.2 years provided global production remains at the present rate. These calculations are almost haunting the entire oil industry.

Natural Gas

Natural gas also has a similar picture like that of oil. The reserves of natural gas available at present would not last for more than 56.8 years.


Coal is the largest reserve left in comparison to the other natural resources. However, with the increasing appetite of coal found in developing countries like China, the demand is likely to overpower supply. There are various other natural resources which are fast and continuously being exploited and used. This would take the civilization to a point where there would be acute shortage of natural resources important for everyday activities.

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