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On 15th February 2017, Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) set a world record by launching 104 satellites in one go. With this, they beat the previous record set by Russia of launching 34 satellites in one go in 2014. This new laurel is no break from habit for ISRO as they have been on a winning streak since the successful launches of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan in 2008 and 2013 respectively. But this win is a class apart. It consolidates the position of ISRO as a commercial organisation silencing questions about why India spends money on space research when there is abject poverty in India. This launch of 104 satellites by ISRO is very important to us Indians in numerous ways. Political, Economical and Employment haven being the most important of those.

Political Importance of the launch of 104 satellites by ISRO

The Asian ” Space Race” between China and India is an open secret. With this feat India has shown that it is in for the long run and is no push-over. Top officials have labelled it as a “big deal and a display of sophistication of the India’s space research program”. India has certainly played a bold move correctly. With this launch, ISRO has also silenced the doubts of the well established agencies of USA and Europe. Many private space players like Elon Musk have also appreciated this feat of ISRO. It has also helped several nations which includes USA, Israel, Switzerland, UAE, Kazakhstan, Netherlands etc. by launching their satellites among the 104. Thus the gratitude of these nations is earned, earning points for India on the diplomatic front.

Economic Importance of the launch of 104 satellites by ISRO

Mind you, this launch of 104 satellites by ISRO was no work of charity. ISRO has earned a lot of money by launching these satellites. ANTRIX corp. the commercial arm of ISRO takes care of these monetary issues. The estimate of the earnings for launch is in millions. This successful venture has enabled ISRO to shed the tag of an “White Elephant” generally attributed to PSUs. It has proven to be a successful investment of the taxpayer’s money by earning rich dividends through this successful endeavours. ISRO is known for it’s efficient and low-cost missions and this attracts the attention world-wide. USA, Israel and other countries have begun to rely on ISRO to launch their satellites as it is the cheaper option.The money earned helps ISRO to generate money on it’s own and not rely heavily on central funds . Thus ISRO is making inroads in the multi-billion dollar space industry.

What’s in it for students?

Now let’s come to the most important impact: the impact on us students. With this marvellous feat ISRO has become a hot place to have a job at. ISRO has proved that if not better they are atleast at par with space agencies like NASA. It’s an excellent place to work for. To work along with some of the brightest minds in the country, security and perks of a central government job and the added feeling of patriotism you get from the work are some of the benefits of being employed at ISRO. With their ambitious plan of leading the space race ISRO will be definitely on the lookout for bright young minds from the country. So in the coming days ISRO will be a top tier organisation to be working for. This is a very good news for students aspiring to work in the aerospace and robotics industries.

So in closing, let’s take a moment to appreciate the work done by ISRO over all these years, and congratulate them on this latest feat!

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