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JEE Advanced 2017 Answer key by IITian’s PACE

The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2017 [JEE (Advanced) 2017] will be conducted by the seven zonal IITs under the guidance of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) 2017. The organising institute is Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The performance of a candidate in this examination will form the basis for admission to the Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Dual Degree programs (entry at the 10+2 level) in all the IITs. JEE Advanced answer keys will be available soon after the exam. In this article, you can find the JEE Advanced Answer Key by IITian’s Pace.

JEE Advanced 2017 answer key by IITian’s PACE

The probable scores of the candidates can be calculated by using the JEE Advanced 2017 answer key by IITian’s PACE. JEE Advanced Answer Key for paper-I has been declared.

Code 1: Paper 1

Question number Answer Question number Answer Question number Answer
Q2 BC Q20 BD Q38 C
Q4 AC Q22 CD Q40 AB
Q5 BD Q23 BCD Q41 BD
Q6 BC Q24 AB Q42 AB
Q7 ACD Q25 BD Q43 AB
Q8 6 Q26 2 Q44 2
Q9 5 Q27 6 Q45 2
Q10 8 Q28 6 Q46 1
Q11 6 Q29 6 Q47 5
Q12 5 Q30 5 Q48 6
Q13 D Q31 C Q49 B
Q14 A Q32 A Q50 C
Q15 B Q33 C Q51 B
Q16 D Q34 A Q52 B
Q17 B Q35 C Q53 B
Q18 D Q36 D Q54 C

Paper 2, Code 1

Question number Answer Question number Answer Question number Answer
Q1 A Q19 C Q37 C
Q2 B Q20 B Q38 D
Q3 D Q21 A Q39 A
Q4 A Q22 C Q40 D
Q5 A Q23 C Q41 B
Q6 B Q24 C Q42 D
Q7 B Q25 C Q43 B
Q9 BD Q27 BD Q45 AC
Q10 AD Q28 AB Q46 AC
Q11 BC Q29 ABC Q47 AD
Q12 ABC Q30 ABD Q48 BC
Q13 ACD Q31 AD Q49 BC
Q14 AC Q32 AB Q50 BD
Q15 A Q33 C Q51 A
Q16 C Q34 B Q52 B
Q17 A Q35 A Q53 B
Q18 A Q36 C Q54 D

The answer key for Code 1 for both Paper 1 & Paper 2. You will have to follow the official marking scheme of JEE Advanced 2017 as set by the official authorities. It is to be remembered that the obtained probable scores may not be 100% accurate.

Exam Pattern and Schedule:

The examination consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, each of three hours duration and will be held as per the following schedule:

Paper Day Date Time
Paper-1 Sunday 21-May-2017 09:00 to 12:00 IST
Paper-2 Sunday 21-May-2017 14:00 to 17:00 IST

Both the papers are compulsory.

Important Dates after the Exam:

JEE (Advanced) 2017
Paper – 1
Paper – 2
SUN, 21-05-2017
09:00 – 12:00 IST
14:00 – 17:00 IST,
(a) Online display of ORS and scanned responses
(b) Request from candidates for review of scanned responses
WED, 31-05-2017, 10:00 IST to
SAT, 03-06-2017, 17:00 IST
Online display of answer keys SUN, 04-06-2017, 10:00 IST
Feedback and comments on answer keys from the candidates SUN, 04-06-2017, 10:00 IST to
TUE, 06-06-2017, 17:00 IST
Online declaration of results SUN, 11-06-2017, 10:00 IST
Seat Allotment (Tentative) MON, 19-06-2017 to
TUE, 18-07-2017

Online display of ORS and scanned responses


The candidates can view their ORS and scanned responses online. You need to follow the announcements on the JEE Advanced Official Website to know about upcoming releases. If any mistake has crept in the scanned responses then candidates can request for review. For further information on this, follow us here!

Online display of answer keys

The official JEE Advanced answers keys by the JAB will be released on 4th June 2017. The candidates can see the correct responses to questions on both the papers. You can calculate your score by comparing your responses with the answer keys and verify whether you qualify the two cut-offs – Qualifying Cut-off & Seat Allocation Cut-off. Official answer keys released can be challenged by paying the required fees. For further information on challenging the answer key, you can go through this article.

Online declaration of results

The results will be declared on 11th June 2017. The ranks of only the qualified candidates would be released. The qualifying score depends on the category of the candidate. Based on your rank, you can predict the available courses in different IITs by looking at the opening & closing ranks of the previous year’s allocations. They are not accurate but gives a fair Idea of the available streams to you. Read more about the JEE Advanced 2017 results here!

JEE Advanced 2017 Counselling

After the ranks are released on the official website, counselling process will start. The JoSAA would release the Seat-allocation cut-off which is different for different categories based on which candidates sit for the counselling. The Counselling will start from 19th June 2017 until 18th July 2017. There are multiple rounds which are conducted in the counselling process for seat allocation. The candidates will fill their choices of various courses offered by different IITs in a preferential manner. The seats are allotted based on the rank and the available seats in different IITs. Read about the counselling procedure in this article.

After Results

You will get ample time after your JEE Advanced exam and you must first relax after the hard work of 2 or more years. Cut yourself some slack. Go for a vacation. Give yourself a treat for dedicatedly working hard for years. Get engaged in recreational activities. Work on your hobbies and keep that learning & fighting attitude alive. Look at some ways to chill after JEE!

You gave your best, that’s all matters. The results really do not define you. Whatever the results are, be prepared for all the alternatives. Talk to people from various fields and learn about the professional world. Find out your interest and the field that excites you. You would be needing guidance for the counselling process.

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