JEE Advanced Cut Off, and their technicalities

JEE Advanced Cut Off

Everything about JEE starts getting cool and required when we are on the path. For students in the renowned hubs, IIT is like a dream and the preparation, a necessary ordeal to reach there. In this melancholic melodramatic phase of life, we start worrying about the branches, ranks, cut-offs, preparation modalities and what not. So, this section today shall deal with one of the major worries – the JEE Advanced cut off, and their many technicalities. Before getting into the technicalities let’s have a look at previous year’s opening & closing ranks for IITs.

Opening & Closing Ranks

College Opening Rank Closing Rank
IIT Madras 62 5319
IIT Bombay 1 4880
IIT Patna 1541 7891
IIT Indore 933 7732
IIT (BHU) Varanasi 500 9805
IIT Kharagpur 138 6312
ISM Dhanbad 1655 9530
IIT Delhi 24 5431
IIT Roorkee 294 7531
IIT Gandhinagar 493 6869
IIT Hyderabad 418 6844
IIT Kanpur 113 7469
IIT Guwahati 406 8000
IIT Jammu 4743 6219
IIT Jodhpur 699 6006
IIT Dharwad 2914 8478
IIT Palakkad 2818 8648
IIT Tirupati 2524 8536
IIT Bhubaneswar 1497 8482
IIT Ropar 898 7372
IIT Mandi 1701 7124
IIT Goa 3003 7571
IIT Bhilai 3146 8379

JEE Advanced Rank Lists

As per the JEE Advanced cut off system, Section 21 of Information Brochure states that 10% of marks are required in all the three subjects individually, along with 35% of the total marks for a position in Common Rank List. The OBC-NCL students require 9% of marks for each subject, and overall 31.5%; while, the rest categories require 5% and 17.5% respectively. Though, this is the scheme of distribution of marks, the regular procedure of deciding the cut-offs are done on the basis of the performance of the students in the respective year, and the reduction in the cut-offs for the subjects is usually done to about 50-60% of what they are designated as, with the cut-offs in Mathematics coming down to single digits every other year. Moreover, the aggregate is usually reduced to 25-30% to accommodate for the complexity and the difficulty level of the question paper. In no case, the cut-offs are increased. This ensures a balance for the students at all levels and helps the system in creating an optimised state for the rank lists.

Rank List Minimum % in each subject Minimum % of aggreagate
Common rank list (CRL) 10.0 35.0
OBC-NCL rank list 9.0 31.5
SC rank list 5.0 17.5
ST rank list 5.0 17.5
Common-PwD rank list (CRL-PwD) 5.0 17.5
OBC-NCL-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
SC-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
ST-PwD rank list 5.0 17.5
Preparatory course rank list 2.5 8.75

In case of ties, the student with higher marks in Mathematics is awarded a higher rank. In case of a further tie, Physics is taken into consideration. If in the final case, both the marks in Mathematics and Physics are equal, both students are awarded the same rank.

With a large number of other colleges joining the JEE Advanced Counselling System for their counselling sessions as well, the extended Rank List beyond the total number of seats available at IITs further includes a larger number of students. Hence, the cut off is only a technical formality that most serious aspirants can clear easily. Hope this article kept the promise it made. Keep reading bytes for more updates.

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