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 The day that you have been anticipating is finally here. You can sense the day along with your nervousness. It all comes down to this single day – the exam day. The D Day! All these days you have worked hard in order to be able to ace the exam but do you have an exam strategy for the D Day? Perhaps not. This is where many students go wrong. Along with strategizing your studies you should strategize the exam so that you don’t fall prey to your nerves while writing the exam. What if you run out of time? What if you forget your stationery? Why we are worried, we tend to make the stupidest mistakes. That is why having an exam strategy will help you calm your senses and be confident because you will have everything in place. Listed below are tips for the exam day: Pre-Exam Preparation There are many things that you should carry to the exam hall: stationery and hall ticket, mainly. Make a list of all the stationery material you will need including pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, and at least 2 pens that have refills to the brim and are working smoothly. Depending on the type of examination you may need additional accessories. List them out and pack them a night before. Take a few photocopies of your hall ticket and carry one with you along with the original. Be very careful with the original hall ticket. Reach the exam center well in advance so that you avoid the panic that traffic gives you. Also, steer clear of last minute preparation and discussion with your friends. It will confuse you and scare you unnecessarily minutes before the exam. Many students forget almost everything they have learnt when such confusion befalls them. During The Exam It is needless to say but going through the instructions before putting pen on paper is extremely important, especially if this is a competitive exam. Rules and regulations vary per exam and taking them for granted can land you in trouble. Fill out all the required details with complete focus. Don’t be hasty and make silly mistakes, causing trouble. Once you are done with the formalities, go through the question paper and take it all in. Create a short schedule in your head for all the questions and leave at least 15 minutes in the end to check the entire answer book before submission. If there are questions you are not really familiar with, apply the priority strategy and finish off the ones you are confident about. Now, start writing your exam and don’t give into distractions around you. Ideally, the exam center will take care of you and ensure there are no diversions but even so, there is no need to look up when someone walks in and there is no need to check what your friends are doing. One of the biggest challenges you will face is to continue the momentum till the last minute. It may be difficult particularly when you get stuck with an answer. You may lose your focus and start getting nervous. Simply relax and try for 2 minutes. If you don’t get it, continue with the next answer. You can get back to these answers later. Sometimes, you have an epiphany, a sudden understanding while writing with focus. Thus, the crucial point is to never be worried even if you are stuck. If you have prepared well, you will do the exam well. What To Do When You Start Panicking STOP right there. Yes, if you see yourself panicking and probably even trembling (happens to many students) just put your pen down and start taking a few deep breaths. Talk to yourself in whispers or in your head to relax. Don’t worry about losing a couple of minutes here. If you continue in this state of mind, you will mess the entire answer paper up. Thus, forgoing a few minutes is not a major issue at all. In fact, it will help you refocus and start writing faster. At The End If all going according to your strategy you will have finished writing 15 minutes before time. Once you finish, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to submit the paper and run out of the hall. You should utilize these 15 minutes to check whether you wrote every answer. Skim through them to be sure that they are reasonable and relevant. If calculations are involved, it is crucial to check whether they are correct. Quickly make edits wherever required. Tip: Highlighting important points in essay answers will do you a lot of good. Many students skip this bit thinking they did everything right or answered all questions only to realize later that they missed out a question or made a silly mistake somewhere that could be rectified during revision. Save yourself the misery after the exam when you cannot do anything! All the best!

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