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After completing class 12 level exams, students look for specialized job oriented career options. Nothing can fetch better opportunity than pursuing an engineering course. This is well accepted amongst the students these days and thus most of the meritorious students possess the dream for pursuing engineering courses. When it comes to pursuing engineering courses, students do not only need to complete their class 12 levels successfully but also need to crack the entrance exams. Several entrance exams are there for B.Tech and B.Arch aspirants. One of the commonest exams is JEE for B Arch.

JEE exams are held in two phases. One phase is for the mainstream engineering students and the other phase is for those, who want to pursue B. Arch degree. B. Arch is the bachelor degree in architecture, which has several benefits of offering a rewarding career to the students. You can chase your dream of becoming a successful architectural specialist by completing B. Arch degree successfully.

The entrance exam should be taken with utter seriousness, as with a successful grade on the entrance exam, students can clinch education opportunity at their desired colleges. Here is a guide to distinguish the between JEE for B. Tech and JEE for B Arch:

JEE for B Tech

Earlier known as AIEEE, Joint Entrance Exam or JEE has been conducted in two phases. Phase one or paper 1 is for the B.Tech students. It is needless to say that most of the students sit to clear this paper 1 examination, which is based on the aptitude of the students. Short questions will be there and students have to answer those questions properly. Entrance for B.Tech mostly consists of general questions related to class 11 and 12 standard syllabus. Science students have an obvious advantage in this examination, as the questions are picked mostly from science syllabus of CBSE 11th and 12th standard.

JEE for B Arch

JEE Main 2015 Paper 2 is for those who aspire to hold the degree of B. Arch. B. Arch is the bachelor degree in architectural science. If you have an interest in the architecture field, then this is the entry level exam for you to study in the best architecture colleges in India. Unlike B.Tech entrance exam or JEE paper 1, JEE paper 2 is more critical. Students are judged by observation skills, logical reasoning, drawing, aesthetic sense and ability to think critically. The exam vastly covers the topics of architecture and thus this exam is more critical than general paper 1 JEE.

Both examinations are held in the same time of the year and admission fee for both the exams is nothing but the same. However, students must have different kinds of preparations for these two examinations.

Let us have a detailed look at JEE for B Arch:

JEE Main 2015 for B.Arch has three important parts. Part 1 consists of mathematical questions. Basic class 12 level mathematical questions can be found in this part of the paper. Part 2 is basically aptitude test on general awareness topics. Analytical reasoning, logical skills and general ideas about architectural science have been tested through this part of the examination. Finally comes the part 3, which mainly consists of questions regarding drawing and sketching. General perception about 2D and 3D drawing has been tested through this phase of the JEE (B.Arch). On the section 1, section 2 and section 3, 120, 200 and 70 marks have been allocated, respectively.

Evaluation of Students In Case of Tie

In case more if two or more than two students have scored the same marks, JEE (B. Arch) has a special evaluation process to break the tie. This evaluation process is completely different from JEE for B.Tech. In case of tie in B.Arch examination, a candidate, who has the better score in general aptitude and drawing, is awarded higher ranking. Since architectural institutions are limited, around only 350 in India, such tie breaking evaluation process takes place.

The syllabus of paper 2 can be found here.

Here is a list of colleges you can get admission in through JEE for B Arch.

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