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Exam time is tension time. It is the time when we lose all focus except one – the exam. The IIT JEE exam is the biggest step towards realizing your dream, which is why it is very importance. The fact that it is so crucial puts students under so much pressure that they forget their eating habits, sleeping habits, social life, and just about everything else. While studying hard for your exam is highly recommended, you should never compromise on your healthy eating habits.

We are all too familiar with students falling sick a couple of days before the exam or fainting during the exam or coming down with terrible dehydration. All these incidents happen when you neglect your health. Remember that only when you are healthy can you study well and write well. Do not take your health for granted during this time (or anytime for that matter). Keeping that in mind, we have 7 healthy eating tips for IIT JEE 2015 aspirants:

Include Lots of Fruits In Your Diet
JEE Main 2015 - Healthy Eating Habits
Fruits are refreshing and revitalizing. They come packed with numerous nutrients that can help you in a variety of ways. Fiber, complex carbohydrates, and antioxidants that are present in foods can boost your concentration, curb laziness, and help you retain what you studied better. Experts say that apples, bananas, and avocados are among the best fruits that you should consume during exam preparation.

Follow A Strict Diet Chart
Did you know that many students tend to gain weight during exam preparation? The additional weight comes with a number of scowls and questions such as, “I was too stressed and I studied very hard. I don’t know how I put on so much weight” and, “I spent all my time studying without going out. That is probably why I have gained weight.” While not getting enough exercise is a huge reason behind weight gain, overeating and not eating healthy foods is the biggest reason. As long as you follow a strict, healthy diet chart, you won’t need to worry about anything during your exam preparation. (not even about the exam.)

Avoid Unhealthy Foods
No Junk Food While Preparing for Exams
Fried foods, sodas, and other such unhealthy foods must not be a part of your diet. They will make you lazy and probably even sick, not to mention cater to weight gain. Keep them away, thus. They are not your friends!

Stay Hydrated
Always Stay Hydrated During Exam Preparation
Drinking enough water is crucial. Make sure you drink at least 8 large glasses of water everyday. Always keep a bottle of water next to you so that you keep sipping it while studying. Not drinking enough water can cause dizziness and dehydration. Your body needs to stay hydrated.

Eat 5 Small Meals A Day Instead of 3 Large Meals
When you eat large meals, your body gets lazy and demands rest. You ultimately end up sleeping much more than you should. If you fight the urge to sleep when you are full, you won’t be able to concentrate. You will be less productive. Hence, to stay active you are advised to eat 5 small meals a day. These meals will curb your hunger but will not force you to take rest.

Eat Chocolates But Not Too Many!
Chocolates are not just delightful and tasty but also very helpful. They contain antioxidants that can help you beat stress. Milk chocolates and dark chocolates, both have been found to be beneficial. Always keep a bar of chocolate handy, thus!

P.S. Too much is too bad.

Substitute Junk Food for Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits
Many students love snacking while studying and these snacks are usually fried foods, which are very unhealthy. You can substitute these with dry fruits, especially almonds and walnuts. They are very healthy, delicious, and filling.

Stay Healthy, Stay Active, Stay Efficient! All The Best!

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