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Sixteen or so years of school and here we are. Two more years till what’ll possibly be one of the most influential days of your life. So you’re bored out of your mind listening to people talk about generic study tips? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s skip all the reasons why you need to take JEE MAIN 2018 seriously and cut to the chase. How do you crack JEE Main 2018?

The mind set and structure of your prep for JEE Main 2018 will be fundamentally different than the one you follow for your boards. Although boards are important, boards rely on a subjective approach and are notorious for being a breeze compared to the JEE. While boards rely on just concepts, you’ll have to look way beyond that and look at every single application of those concepts. Let’s face it, the people behind the questions are looking for engineers, not scientists. I’ll reiterate what every other article tells you – do every type of problem under every topic from a lot of books. Also, don’t underestimate subjects. Chemistry may be the easiest. Everyone knows that. What distinguishes toppers from the rejects is attention to detail. Don’t neglect chapters like semi conductors which don’t seem important.

JEE concepts are largely based on CBSE stuff, so don’t bother studying it twice. Channel all your time and effort into problem solving.

Stay organised. Don’t factor your love for calculus or your hatred towards inorganic into your time table. All concepts are important. The people who set the paper don’t discriminate. Trust me, I learnt the hard way. Do whatever concepts are covered in school/coaching class the day or week it’s taught. This is by far the most important thing you need to do. Piling up chapters till the end of the exam puts you on the highway to hell.

After getting your preparation right, you’ll have to get your priorities straight. While preparing, study the chapters and concepts you find boring or difficult at times when your mind is fresh. I know it’s hard, but you’ll have to. But while taking the test, try to attempt the subjects you find easiest first. For example, the general trend is Chemistry is easiest, followed by physics and then math. So attempt it in that order. Keep in mind this is the general trend and the order changes from person to person and with the mood of the examiners.

Now that you’ve got your time table on point, there’s another thing you’ll have to focus on. Something that’s seldom discussed in articles. This is the psychological aspect of attempting exams. JEE is a stressful part of your life. The important thing is to not crack under pressure. Make informed decisions about text books and the like. Don’t let bad practice test marks discourage you and never ever use rank predictors because they mess up your psyche completely. Have faith in your preparation and have faith that with enough preparation, you could be that annoying guy in your class with all the answers.

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