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JEE Main is one of the most difficult national level entrance exams in India. Securing success in this certainly requires the help of JEE Mains tips. Similarly, JEE Main 2020 has preparation tips of its own. Student can learn more about JEE Main 2020 preparation tips here.

jee main preparation tips

What is JEE Main?

JEE Main refers to Joint Entrance Examination-Main. The National Testing Agency (NTA) in India organises these examinations. Furthermore, this examination was first introduced in the year 2002. Moreover, it was formerly known as the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). However, it was renamed in 2017 to its current name.

Since the inception of these examinations, various JEE Mains tips have been formulated. These preparation tips have always come to the rescue of the students. Most noteworthy, with proper implementation of these tips, students can get good marks in this examination.

Subject wise Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2020

There are JEE Mains tips designed specifically for each subject. Below are these subjects specific JEE Mains tips:

Physics- Students must refer to the book Concepts of physics by HC Verma. Furthermore, students must refer to NCERT physics books. This would certainly help the students in deeply understanding the concepts.

Students must understand the basic concepts in detail. This is because Physics is a conceptual subject. Most noteworthy, when studying a specific topic, the students must try to solve the related problem on the very same day. This would certainly make the concepts much clearer.

Chemistry- Chemistry is a subject which contains a combination of concepts, theory, problems, and chemical equations. Students must read some good books on chemistry for a better understanding of the subject. Moreover, students must mark important points when studying a topic. This way, students can certainly refer to them for future revision purpose.

Students must regularly solve chemistry problems. Most noteworthy, students must consistently practice chemical equations to memorize them very efficiently.

Mathematics- This is certainly the most important topic in JEE Main examinations. Students must continuously practice maths problems in order to be thorough in Mathematics. Furthermore, with regular practice of problems, students will be able to create shortcuts to solve problems. Also, students will be able to relate to different topics. Consequently, a lot of time of students will be saved during the JEE Main 2020 exam preparation.

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JEE Main 2020 Tips For Scoring Well

JEE Mains tips certainly help students in scoring well. Below are the JEE Main 2020 tips for scoring well in JEE Main 2020 exams:

Time management- Students must have a good time management strategy. This will have to create a balance in the preparation of JEE Main 2020, class 12 boards exams, and routine activities. Time management certainly plays a crucial role in the student’s performance in JEE Main exam.

Confidence- Students must not get nervous due to difficult and complex topics. The focus and concentration of students should be on learning and solving problems. Most noteworthy, students must not waste time on worrying and taking tension.

Revision- Revision is a very important part of learning to solidify what one has learned. Students must try to revise all the topics thoroughly. Furthermore, candidates must make a plan for last-minute quick revision.

Mock tests/Sample papers- Students must efficiently utilize mock tests and sample papers. This gives students an idea of the trends in previous year question papers. Above all, the students can get the first-hand experience from these mock tests and sample papers.

Smart Preparation Plan- Students must create cheat sheets and flashcards. These help in revising formulae. Moreover, students must practice solving a complex equation. Following a smart preparation would enable students to learn shortcuts for long calculations. Use of innovative ways must be made by the students so as to keep the preparation process productive and interesting.

FAQ on JEE Main 2020

Q1 Which of the following is not a tip for scoring well in JEE Main 2020 exam?

A. Avoiding playing
B. Time management
C. Revision
D. Smart Preparation Plan

A1 The correct answer is certainly option A., which is avoiding playing. Avoiding playing is certainly not a tip for scoring well in JEE Mains 2020 exam. Furthermore, avoiding playing all together may be quite harmful to the candidate preparing for this exam.

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