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“The road to success is never smooth but once you reach there and look back, all the hard work will prove to be worth it.”

The New Year is a time of celebration for most of the people round the globe, but for JEE Main aspirants, it is the time to start the winding-up of their exam preparations. With only 3 months left for the D-day, completing the syllabus might seem an impossible task but hold on to that thought..impossible is just a word. Mark my words. In these last few months, many new contenders will be born and many will lose their chances of nailing JEE. It all depends on your attitude, how you manage time well and how you make things work for you, by hook or by crook.

Sometimes, even the most intelligent students goof up during the final months due to their overconfidence. And many so-called average students sometimes keep working hard and actively participate in the process of revision. Result? They score better than the other bright students despite being average throughout the year. So, it’s all about the cruciality of time and how well you manage your boards along with the JEE preparations. Revision is always the deciding factor for any exam.

JEE Main 2018 Preparation Plan: Next 3 Months

Toppr brings you a proper month-wise 90-day JEE Main 2018 preparation plan in order to guide you through the process of revision.

JEE Main 2018 Preparation Plan for JANUARY

Rotational Dynamics, Heat and Thermodynamics.  Mole Concepts and Stoichiometry.  Theory of Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem
Work, Energy, Power and Gravitation Chemical Energetics, Solid State, Nuclear & Surface Chemistry


Quadratic equations and expressions, Sequence and series


Units and Dimensions Electrochemistry, Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium Complex numbers
Modern Physics s and p block elements, Principles of Qualitative Analysis TrigonometricFunctions, Inverse trig. Functions, Trig.Equations, Properties of Triangle


Electrostatics and current electricity Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding Circles and Conic Section

JEE Main 2018 Preparation Plan for FEBRUARY

Motion in 1D, projectile and circular motion, Laws of Motion


Solutions & Coordination Compounds, Transition Elements & Metallurgy Straight Lines and pair of lines, Functions and graphs


Magnetic effects and Magnetism, Electro Magnetic Induction General Organic Chemistry, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes Matrices & Determinants
Optics States of Matter Differential calculus

JEE Main 2018 Preparation Plan for MARCH

Alternating current Alkyl Halides, Halo Arenes and Alcohols, Amines, Amino acids and Peptides Integral Calculus


Oscillation of waves Practical Organic Chemistry Differential Equations
Properties of Matter Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Vector Algebra & 3 D Geometry


Remember that the month of March will essentially be dedicated to the Board exams and hence, you may not find ample time for last-minute revisions for JEE Mains.

There are approximately 24 broad topics in Maths: 12 topics from Class 11 and 12 topics from Class 12. And the same goes for Physics. While for Chemistry, there are approximately 29 broad topics: 14 from Class 11 and 15 from Class 12. So, the 3 months, i.e., 90 days must be carefully divided among them.

Try and allocate roughly 3 days for each topic. On the first day, study the lesson thoroughly. Practice the past year questions of JEE Mains on the second day. You may also try solving the past years’ questions of JEE Advanced to improve your knowledge and understanding. It will also help improve your future preparations. On the third day, take mock tests and strive to work on your accuracy and speed. After that, revise the lessons by going through your short notes.

Remember: The aim while following the above plan should be to study for 12 hours. Yeah, I know it’s not possible to study with 100% efficiency for 12 hours, but try for at least 70% efficiency. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, stick to the following schedule as late nights might create havoc with your preparations.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind

  • CBSE has revised the JEE Main 2018 Eligibility Criteria and as per the new norms, students have to secure a minimum aggregate of 75% or be in the top 20 percentile for being eligible for JEE Advanced 2018. Therefore, aspirants who are appearing for boards must prepare for the exam efficiently. Read about how to manage boards while preparing for competitive exams here.
  • Technically, preparing for class XII will have half the job done as it will be required for JEE Main as well.
  • If you have opted for the online mode of examination, practice accordingly so that you may adapt yourself to that particular mode.
  • If you will not take these last 3 months seriously, your dedication throughout the year will go down the drain. Better to work hard now than to regret later.
  • Don’t panic about giving the board exams along with JEE Main. Keep motivating yourself. Your efforts are important and they never go in vain.

I hope this plan will be of use to you. Do make the required changes to suit your needs. These mantras, if followed properly, can surely guarantee success. Remember, opportunity knocks at your door only once. So, make the best use of these crucial 3 months.

To aid your preparations further, we bring you 5 must-have apps for JEE-Main preparation.

Wishing you all good luck!

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