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On December 13th of last year, the Central Board of Secondary Education released the JEE Main mock test for 2018.  Students can now prepare for the JEE Main Test (2018) using these resources. Through this preparatory exam, you will receive hands-on experience with computer-based testing and questions with similar levels of difficulty. This test is specifically designed to cater to students intending to sit for the JEE Main Exam so that they have an idea of the testing patterns, the environment for testing, and the feel of the kind of questions that will be asked.

The Joint Entrance Examination or the JEE Main test is a pivotal test for students trying to seek higher educational opportunities at esteemed colleges and universities. Hence, it is of utmost importance to be fully prepared for such an exam.

How to access the JEE Main Mock Test?

The JEE Main Mock Test will be available online on the main Central Board of Education Website, linked here. Students will need to log in to access the examination information and mock test. Once logged in, students will be taken to an information page that contains useful facts regarding the upcoming examination as well as exam logistics.

The JEE Main mock test includes a set of timed examinations that ought to be taken in one sitting. There is a running timer at the top of the examination page, which indicates the amount of time spent and left so that students can budget their time accordingly. There is an option to choose from a menu of questions, in the event that students want to skip a question and move to a different question. To finish the examination, students can opt for a “Quiz Summary” and to “Finish Quiz”.

Once the JEE Main Mock Test (2018) has been completed, students will receive detailed feedback, analyzing how they performed in the mock test. This will allow candidates to see their points of weakness and to rectify any mistakes before upcoming exams. Furthermore, the JEE Main Mock Test (2018) offers information on the actual upcoming tests on April 15 and 16, 2018, which will be online, and on April 8, 2018, which will be offline.

Why is the JEE Main Mock Test Important?

There are a few reasons why the JEE Main mock test is a must-try for aspiring higher education students. For one, this entrance exam is the gateway to admissions at any engineering course at a top-notch institution. The JEE Main Test is a national exam, and scoring well on this exam will shape the future of the student, with other opportunities, indications for subject choices the student should make, and the kind of college the student gets admitted to.

Since admissions at engineering colleges is very competitive, getting a good score on the JEE Main exam may be very important for admissions. Mock exams like the JEE Main mock test offer a good method to study for such a standardized exam by providing sample questions, simulating the examination environment by allowing electronic practicing opportunities, the same setup as the JEE Main Exam, and by providing an inbuilt timer system that will help students learn how to manage their time better during the actual test.

Another excellent reason for using the JEE Main mock test to prepare for the JEE Main examination is that it can be used as a diagnostic tool for skillsets. Students can ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, so they can prioritize the sections and subject areas that will require the maximum amount of their time and preparation.

Some Features of the JEE Main Mock Test

  • All tests are timed with 180 minutes. The timer is set at the top of the page so that students can refer to the timer as they answer questions.
  • Students will not need to end the exam, once the timer comes to a close. The test ends itself automatically then.
  • The examination is broken into subject-specific questions and sections, based on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Students have the option to select “Marked for review” on questions that they intend to return to, in order to review. During the actual test, if any answer is selected and “marked for review” is also selected, the answers will be accepted as final if they are not changed upon submission.

In addition to the official JEE Main mock test released by the Central Board, there are a plethora of other online resources that offer free tests with the same features. It is highly recommended that students use these online resources to try multiple versions of the online tests. This way, students will receive the greatest amount of variety and practice and will be able to practice and perform better, therefore.

To all students sitting for the JEE Main Examination, good luck!

For more information on the JEE Main exam follow us here.

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