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There are many types of exam-givers in the world.  From the relaxed ones resorting to clichés like ‘it’s just an exam’ and ‘you can’t fatten a pig by weighing it’ to those spiritual souls who have a waft of scented candles coming from their clothes and book onto yoga classes four times a week to pass exams with flying colors. Then there are students who do whatever is in their power, weep after the papers, pray for good results and are almost always dissatisfied by what they get.

Despite the hours spent in college going over positive revision techniques, students seem to have weird and wonderful ideas to crack tough papers. The out-of-the-world fundas may not be pretty or logical, but if it works for them, you just have to leave them to it! However, some of the students do become true legends by making a bold decision based on a hunch and filling up all responses as any one option in a MCQ type paper! We went a little berserk and analyzed what would happen if you marked all the responses in JEE Main Offline Paper as ‘D’.

Can you really blame these kids, though? Look at the situation at hand: the exam halls are packed, the stress levels have risen and getting the right answers becomes a matter of life and death. Before you get shocked, let us tell you that these things happen and with more frequency than you can imagine. This kind of crazy idiosyncrasy can have some perks. But the pitfalls are scary enough to shatter your engineering dreams forever.

Let’s explore the repercussions of such a decision.

Marking JEE Main Offline Paper with option ‘D’

Say, a guy attempted the JEE Main Offline Paper of April 3, 2016, by marking all options ‘D’. Let’s look at the answer keys. The answer key says that there were 28 questions with option ‘d’ as the correct answer in the JEE Main Offline Paper. Include the case of 3 bonus questions. So, where does that land him?

Let’s quickly go through this simple calculation.

31 questions attempted correctly -> 31*4= 124 marks.

Alas, the remaining ones, which he attempted INCORRECTLY, will deduct one mark each from his total.

59 questions attempted incorrectly -> 124-59*1= 65 marks.

Wait, what is this? He got 65 marks for absolutely nothing? With zero studies, no preparation and no conviction? Sadly, that is how things sometimes work.

This student probably wouldn’t qualify for JEE-Advanced. Now, let’s assume that he studied really hard for his boards, and managed to secure 96%. This is hypothetical, and probably the best-case scenario I can envisage for this sort of a person. Taking a simple look at a rank predictor, his rank will lie somewhere between 20,000-35,000. Finding out where exactly is quite tough. And worthless, too.

This guy may not get an admission to any of the NITs. He might have to settle for a state-level engineering college, which, while not bad, is certainly not a CFTI (Centrally Funded Technical Institute). He will probably be content with the fact that he got into a state level engineering college without much effort. But before attempting something like this, you need to ask yourself: would you be happy with it? Would your conscience allow you a have a peaceful night’s sleep? A shortcut never takes you to any place worth going. This sentence holds true for this hypothetical, yet equally probable case.

So, what do we conclude? Even you have the “I don’t give a s%&t” attitude, and hand in a blank answer sheet to the invigilator, you need not worry about admissions. You’d certainly get admitted to some engineering college. However, you need to decide whether you want to give destiny a chance to throw any random institute your way and leave you with no choice or gear up, fight it out to excel and blaze your own trail to success!

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