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All of you preparing for JEE Main 2018 still have about 4 months before the day arrives. It is not rocket science to understand that an examination of this magnitude requires the most diligent and honest effort from your end. If you envisage yourself as a successful Engineer in prospect then initiate by engineering a flawless strategy and study plan for cracking JEE Main 2018.

Strategy for IIT JEE Main 2018:

Instead of a direction-less slog for hours together, engineer an intelligent strategy for JEE Main 2018. One of the most crucial things that students tend to overlook is their performance at boards’ examination. Sure the HRD might approve of CSAB’s recommendation of not taking 12th scores into account but we don’t know anything for sure yet. So as of now, 12th board marks still hold the 40% chunk that it used to before. Since the induction of new normalization procedure, it becomes imperative for JEE Main 2018 aspirants to perform exceptionally well at their boards. A percentage of 95% and above will surely help in fetching a good rank in JEE Main 2018. Boards’ preparation not only contributes to your JEE Main preparation but also ensures a rank. So, study hard for your boards as well. If at all the recommendation of eliminating boards’ marks weightage comes to implementation, you have nothing to lose; the studies will help you anyway.

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Plan for IIT JEE Main 2018:

For your rank at the objective type JEE Main 2018, you need to:

1. Join a coaching class, if possible, as they provide competitive training and practice that is essential for your preparation. If you think studying at home works better for you and you are self-disciplined enough to follow a schedule, very well. Statistics show that almost half of the candidates whether appearing for JEE for the first or second time do that too. While you study at home, you might as well have an external exposure to the competition out there. Solve a large number of questions whilst monitoring time, measure your strengths and weaknesses effectively and appear for enough number of test series to see where you stand in the competition. Toppr is an exhaustive platform to provide you all of this right at your home. They have free question banks as well as test series built by elite IITians themselves. The level of difficulty is exactly what is required in JEE. What is best is the assessment system in Toppr. You get instant reports of how well you did, the time you took, your weak areas, etc. Try using this for your JEE Mains prep and we are sure, you will be benefitted.

2. Study way above the CBSE level: include additional study material once you are through with the concepts. Following are some highly recommended JEE books that may help a lot:

  • Physics: HC Verma, Dc Pandey, Resnich Halliday (Volume I & II), O.P Tondon
  • Maths: RD Sharma, Arihant Books. Cengage, Trignometry, Coordinate Geometry – SL Loney, Algebra – Hall and Knight, Calculus – Thomas and Finney
  • Chemistry: NCERTs for Inorganic chemistry, Paula Bruice for Organic, Numerical Chemistry-P Bahadur

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3. Divide the entire syllabus into a monthly/ weekly time table. Assort the subject you want to study each day on the basis of your liking or difficulty.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice! Assign ample time for revisions and practise solving as many questions and mocks as you can. Reserve the last couple of months for only revision and test series.

5. Design some flash cards or concept-wise notes for each topic as they really help during revision. Especially, topics that have formulae in them.

6. Take help from your mentors and seniors for concepts or stress related issues as they can be your best guide. Toppr, here, has a brilliant solution for this. We have IITians who can mentor you and be your guide in anything and everything you need help in. All you need to do is book a slot with a click and talk to one of the IITians.

7. Never ever compare your preparation with that of your peers. It will demoralize you or make you complacent. Stick to your study regime and keep practicing. If you are putting hard work and smart work together, you are on the right track.

8. Even if you have not realized it yet, social sites are a big waste of time. Stop indulging in them too much as you need to save your energy for better things.

9. Be clear of the all the exam related information about JEE Main application forms, dates, eligibility and keep it pasted on your walls so that you don’t miss out.

Above all, have faith in yourself to crack IIT. It works! All the very best!

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