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JEE Main Result 2019

JEE Main result 2019 for April session has been released by NTA – National Testing Agency for Paper 1.  The expected release date of JEE Main Paper 1 is 30th April 2019 but JEE Main Paper 2 result declaration date is 15th May 2019. Candidate can check the result on the official website of JEE Main – To check your IIT JEE Main result online you will need login details and credentials like application number, roll number, name or date of birth in DD/MM/YYY format. NTA is going to declare the result of JEE Main with AIR – All India Ranking, normalized scores of all subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and total marks.

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Latest: JEE Main Result 2019 Paper 1 Results are released. 24 Candidates got 100 NTA Scores. Keep checking this page for more updates.

If the candidate has given this entrance exam in both the sessions i.e. January and April session, then they will be able to see the score of both the session in JEE Main result. The candidate will be also able to see their status of qualification for JEE Advanced in JEE Main 2019 result. JEE Main 2019 marks will decide your eligibility for JEE Advanced 2019. After JEE Main results are declared, candidates can get admission for B.Tech courses in various top institutes like NITs, IIITs, etc. but to get into IITs candidates should also clear JEE Advanced entrance exam. You can predict your rank using our JEE main Rank predictor here.

Till now, NTA has released JEE Main answer keys for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of all dates of April session. Also, you can check the JEE Main Cut off here for 2018.  The results of the exams held in January session were declared a week earlier, so we should expect the same again in the April session. In this article, we will see how to check JEE Main result, JEE Main result important dates and some latest update of JEE Main result 2019.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 here.

Important Dates of JEE Main Result 2019

JEE Main 2019 Important Dates – JEE Main April 2019 session exam was held on April 7,8,9,10, and 12th April 2019. JEE Main Paper 1 was held on April 7 and JEE Main Paper 2 was held on rest of the dates. The Answer keys were released after the exams on 14th April 2019. Result date of JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 is on or before 30th April 2019 and result declaration date for JEE Main Paper 2 is 15th May 2019. Date and time of JEE Main result 2019 is as given below –

JEE Main 2019 Events Dates of JEE Main Result 2019
Exam Dates 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, and 12th April 2019
Answer key and OMR Sheets release date 13th April 2019
JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 Result Date On or before 30th April 2019
JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 Result Date 15th May 2019

How to Check JEE Main Result 2019 online?

Following is the step-by-step procedure to check and how to get JEE Main Result 2019 online:

  1. Open a new tab and enter the JEE Main official site URL – to check the result of JEE Main 2019 online
  2. You will see the JEE main Result 2019 link. Click on that link.
  3. This link will redirect you to the Login page for candidates.
  4. On this page, you have to enter your Application number or roll number and date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  5. After filling the details and login credentials click the submit button.
  6. If you will fill the correct details, you will be successfully logged in.
  7. Now your display you will be able to see your JEE Main 2019 result, scorecard/rank card, it will also show you if you are qualified for JEE Advanced 2019 or not.
  8. You should download and save this JEE Main 2019 result for future use.

How to check JEE Main result 2019

How to Check JEE Main Result by Name?

If you forgot the application number of your JEE Main result, then you can go to this link and check the JEE Main result name wise. Enter Your name, Mothers name, Fathers name, Date of birth, state of eligibility, security pin and submit it to get your application number.

how to check jee main result by name

How to Check JEE Main Result without Roll Number?

  1. If you forgot your roll number then you can check your admit card. Roll number will be mentioned in the JEE Main admit card.
  2. If you have lost your admit card then you can download it again from the website of JEE Main by using application number and password.
  3. If you have forgotten your application number then you can follow the above procedure of how to check the JEE Main result by name or you can also search in your Email received by National Testing Agency.

What are the details mentioned in the JEE Main Result 2019?

Following are the details mentioned in the JEE Main Result 2019 –

  1. Candidates Roll Number
  2. Candidates Name
  3. Name of Mother
  4. Name of Father
  5. Nationality of Candidate
  6. Category and sub-category of Candidate
  7. State code of eligibility
  8. Score achieved in JEE Main 2019 Paper 1, score will be mentioned subject-wise i.e. PCM and also total marks will be displayed
  9. You will also see your All India Rank and Category rank in the result
  10. It will also show the JEE Advanced 2019 cut off score and if you are eligible for JEE Advanced or not.
  11. Important details and instructions mentioned will be mentioned in the result. Read them carefully.

Compilation of JEE Main result for the Candidates who appeared in both the session – January and April session

For the candidates who appeared in both the sessions i.e. January and April session, the score of January will be merged with the score of April and the best score from the two NTA score will be considered for further process. It will be declared on 30th April 2019 with the JEE Main 2019 rank list.

Candidates will see a total of four NTA scores, Total score and the score of Physics, Chemistry, Maths individually.

JEE Main 2019 Rank Card or Score Card

Here is how JEE Main 2019 Rank Card or Score Card looks like –

JEE Main rank card or scorecard

JEE Main 2019 Rank Predictor

Candidates can know the expected JEE Main 2019 Rank predicted before the actual results through a tool called the JEE Main Rank Predictor. Every year, based on the different statistics from previous years and considering the difficulty levels of this year, JEE Main’s Rank in 2019 can be predicted.

The predicted rank from the JEE Main 2019 Rank Predictor is a means for the student to plan or expect the kind of courses they might have an option of choosing for under graduation. One should not completely depend on the JEE Main 2019 Rank Predictor and only view it as a means of knowledge of the type of courses available to pursue in the future.

Watch JEE Main 2018 PBT Video Solution

JEE Main 2019 Toppers of January Session – All India

Sr. No Application Number Name State Code of Eligibility
1 190310086378 Dhruv Arora Madhya Pradesh
2 190310096437 Raj Aryan Agrawal Maharashtra
3 190310126508 Adelly Sai Kiran Telangana
4 190310131614 Bojja Chetan Reddy Andhra Pradesh
5 190310139257 Sambit Behera Rajasthan
6 190310150035 Naman Gupta Uttar Pradesh
7 190310166518 Yindukuri Jayanth Phani Sai Telangana
8 190310167837 Vishwanth K Telangana
9 190310204122 Himanshu Gaurav Singh Uttar Pradesh
10 190310208678 Kevin Martin Karnataka
11 190310240908 Shubhankar Gambhir Rajasthan
12 190310244684 Battepati Karthikeya Telangana
13 190310324762 Ankit Kumar Misra Maharashtra
14 190310378068 Jayesh Singla Punjab
15 190310597090 Gupta Kartikey Chandresh Maharashtra

JEE Main 2019 Topper – January Session – State Wise

Sr. No State Code of Eligibility Name of the Candidate NTA Score
1 Andaman And Nicobar Island Shubhanshu Prasad 98.7250736
2 Andhra Pradesh Bojja Chetan Reddy 100.0000000
3 Arunachal Pradesh Prince Kumar Gupta 98.8802243
4 Assam Pradipta Parag Bora 99.9963677
5 Bihar Abhishek Kumar 99.9771914
6 Chandigarh Dishank Jindal 99.9972510
7 Chhattisgarh Rishabh Bhatnagar 99.9727580
8 Dadra And Nagar Haveli Vishwajeet Deshmukh 98.8751498
9 Daman & Diu Ashmit Singh 99.3978968
10 Delhi Navneet Jindal 99.9990830
11 Foreign/Oci/Pio/Nepal/Bhutan Ananya Amancherla 99.8928714
12 Goa Jaiprakash Suresh Gurav 99.9872898
13 Gujarat Raghav Somani 99.9907511
14 Haryana Ashutosh Singla 99.9981753
15 Himachal Pradesh Sarthak Gupta 99.8950807
16 Jammu And Kashmir Aman Yadav 99.9789101
17 Jharkhand Ankit Kumar Jain 99.9899608
18 Karnataka Kevin Martin 100.0000000
19 Kerala Vishnu Vinod 99.9990801
20 Lakshadweep Abdul Javad Pa 88.3358227
21 Madhya Pradesh Dhruv Arora 100.0000000
22 Maharashtra Ankit Kumar Misra 100.0000000
23 Maharashtra Gupta Kartikey Chandresh 100.0000000
24 Maharashtra Raj Aryan Agrawal 100.0000000
25 Manipur Laishram Prince Singh 97.5009989
26 Meghalaya Gourav Kumar 99.8872894
27 Mizoram Akash Jyoti Sahoo 94.5211630
28 Nagaland Kartikeya Chandra 96.7983937
29 Odisha Sibasis Nayak 99.9844902
30 Puducherry Chirantandip Mahanta 99.7827873
31 Punjab Jayesh Singla 100.0000000
32 Rajasthan Shubhankar Gambhir 100.0000000
33 Rajasthan Sambit Behera 100.0000000
35 Sikkim Rahul Gupta 99.1418764
36 Tamil Nadu Gaurav P 99.9935610
37 Telangana Adelly Sai Kiran 100.0000000
38 Telangana Yindukuri Jayanth Phani Sai 100.0000000
39 Telangana Battepati Karthikeya 100.0000000
40 Telangana Vishwanth K 100.0000000
41 Tripura Shayandeep Bhaumik 99.7457412
42 Uttar Pradesh Himanshu Gaurav Singh 100.0000000
43 Uttar Pradesh Naman Gupta 100.0000000
44 Uttarakhand Pallav Semwal 99.9556053
45 West Bengal Shaswata Dutta 99.9972491

How is JEE Main Rank Calcluated?

The formula for calculating JEE Main Rank is given below:

JEE Main rank is calculated by combining two different scores. The first score is your JEE Main score, and another score is normalized class 12 marks. Normalized Class 12 marks are nothing but the average of the two JEE Main score, one is decided by considering All boards across India and another is calculated by just considering only your board. So, JEE Main Rank Merit list is made by combining these two scores. And then these scores are arranged accordingly based on merit and your rank is then calculated.

For calculating the JEE Main Rank we need the following two numbers:

  1. Your JEE Main Marks – Which we will assume is 80.
  2. Normalized Class 12 marks.

Now this normalized Class 12 marks is nothing but the average of two different JEE Main score (B1 and B2). These are only two numbers which make the scoring process complicated. But we will explain it step by step.

Step 1 for calculating JEE Main Rank –

The first step is to calculate your Class 12 percentile. What is percentile? (Number of students scored lesser than you)*100 / Number of students eligible for JEE Main.

Now, we will assume you score 75 percent. The number of students scores lesser than you are 9000, and a number of students eligible for JEE Main is 15000.

So your percentile is = (9000*100)/15000 = 900/15 = 60 Percentile

Step 2 for calculating JEE Main Rank –

Step 2 is to calculate B1. While calculating the B1, we consider all the students appearing for JEE Main across India.

Here is the formula to calculate B1:

For every score, there is some number of students scoring lesser than that score. For example, For JEE Main score 53, 929326 students scored less than 53.

Now we will assume that the number of students appearing for JEE Main across India is 1548726.

Now we will Divide 929326 by 1548726 and multiply it by 100. We will get = 100 x (929326/1548726) = 60.00 percentile.

In this way, we assign a score (53) to every percentile (60.00) and that score is B1.

So, here B1 is 53.

Step 3 for calculating JEE Main Rank –

Now we have to figure out B2.

We calculate the B2 in the same way as we calculate B1, but here we only consider the students from your board.

So, suppose students appearing from your board is 100000. And the number of students scored lesser than 42 is 60000.

So, we will now divide 60000 by 100000 and multiply by 100. We will get = 100 x (60000/100000) = 60.00 percentile.

So, here B2 is 42.

Now we will get that normalised Class 12 marks:

(B1+B2)/2 = (53+42)/2 = 47.5

Now we will put all these data into the below formula:

[(JEE Main Marks)*60 + (Normalised Score of Class 12)*40] / 100

Here we will assume your JEE Main Score is 80.

[(80*60) + (47.5*40)] / 100 = 67.

Now that we have got your JEE Main final score, it will be arranged in the merit order and then your rank will be determined accordingly.

JEE Main Answer Key 2019 April Session

JEE Main Answer Key 2019 has been released by National Testing Agency – NTA. The NTA conducted the JEE Main April exams in on following dates – April 7, April 8, April 9, April 10, April 12. You can download all the JEE Main Answer Keys of April 2019 and January 2019 here.

If you have passed JEE main and have been selected for JEE advanced, the last month preparation is of utmost importance. Also, make sure you have your JEE advanced admit card with you before the exam.

Best of Luck 🙂

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