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JEE Main Test Series: What’s The Need?

JEE is one of the toughest college-level entrance examinations in the country. The pattern of the question paper has changed a lot over time, with the differentiation of JEE Main and JEE Advanced being the latest;  but practice and patience have always been crucial to preparation. In an exam where you are racing against time to prove your mettle, it is very important to have the right temperament.

During the early days, the preparation for the exam was strongly dominated by self-study methods. However, the advent of the coaching industry improved the accessibility to study material and lead to fiercer competition. It is imperative to keep yourself at par with the rest of the students preparing for the exam, but how can you ensure doing so without joining a coaching center? One of the best ways is to enroll yourself into a test series for JEE.

Taking mock tests and solving timed-practice papers can greatly assist in developing the right time management and course management skills. It will also keep you toe to toe with the unknown competitors nationwide.

Coming to the point of this article, one may feel that JEE Main & JEE Advanced are only a little different that one another. It is true only to an extent since there are many undeclared differences between the two. These differences lie from their execution point of view and are essentially the reasons why JEE Main test series is as important as that for JEE advanced.

Following are the advantages that a JEE Main Test series has to offer:

1. Rigorous Assessment

One of the most important justifications for any test series is the basis of assessment it offers. Assessments can be topic-based, problem-based, time-based and relative to other test takers. Today, a really good test series offers a rigorous analysis of one’s performance from the perspectives mentioned above. These can be much helpful tools to improve upon yourself. After all, If you don’t get the better of yourself, someone else sure will!.

2. Syllabi-Specific Advantage

There are topics (such as semiconductors), which are almost never asked in JEE advanced. Someone not enrolled with JEE Main may tend to ignore these since there aren’t enough encounters. Simply JEE test series rarely ask questions from these topics. However, registering oneself with JEE Main test series will definitely help one cross the most challenging problems of these topics and build an aptitude and attitude towards them.

3. Pattern-Based Advantage

AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) was always less about surprises and more about the speed. The same thing holds true for JEE Main. JEE Main follows a fixed pattern & fixed ‘Maximum Marks’ (360 marks). They ask ‘Single Correct Type Questions’ only. One must have precision while attempting these questions. They should know which ones they are sure about and which ones they should abstain from since there is a +4, -1 scheme followed in JEE Main. In AIEEE, the questions asked weren’t very difficult. This has changed in JEE Main so they may ask a very difficult question from a rare topic.

4. JEE Main Online & Offline

JEE Main offers two different versions of test mediums. First being the offline version i.e. Pen & Paper based method while the other being online that is computer-based. One of the many reasons for why students refrain from taking the test online despite the many advantages it offers is that they fear change. An online JEE Main test series will expand your comfort zone, and you can smoothly take JEE Main online.

5. Frame of Mind

As an aspirant enrolled with a JEE Main Test series, you are likely to take many tests, which will eventually develop a different frame of mind for JEE Main and JEE advantage. That’s the whole point; one has to proceed differently towards problems of JEE Main & JEE Advanced, and specific test series help you in the process. As Shiv Khera, an Indian author of self-help books, rightly said: “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

Toppr provides you just the Test Series you need. With a vast multitude of questions covering all different categories and providing a comprehensive assessment of your national standing, you can check it out here!

Hope this article lives up to its title. All the best & remember,”The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” – Norman Schwarzkopf.

Not only mocks from test series, you must also make sure to solve all previous year tests and as many sample papers as you can get. Read here as to why!

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