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Normalization is a method used to evaluate students in a manner that is fair and based upon the student’s representative performance. An exam as tough as JEE that is conducted in a window of several days needs a fair grading practice. That is where Normalization comes into the picture of JEE. We simplify the process of JEE Mains Rank Calculation for you.

JEE Mains rank calculation:

JEE Mains Rank: Percentile and normalization of marks of class 12th/qualification examination

1. The percentage of marks and percentile are totally different entities hence the candidates should not confuse with both the terms.

2. Percentage is a number out of 100.

3. Percentile Score of a candidate in a Board or JEE (Main) will reflect how many candidates have scored below that candidate in his/her Board or JEE (Main) Examination. A Percentile score is the value below which a certain percent of observations fall.

For example, the 40th Percentile is the value or score below which 40 Percent of the observations may be found. The Percentile of a Candidate will be calculated as 100 X Number of candidates in the ‘group’ with aggregate marks less than the candidate Total number of the candidates in the ’group’.

Example: Suppose in a particular Board: No. of Candidates Registered =13918 and No of Candidates Appeared = 13711

a. A Candidate who has scored 50% marks in the Board and 2218 candidates have scored below him; his Percentile score will be calculated as follows: Percentile score for 50% marks in the Board = (2218 x 100)/13711 = 16.18.

b. A Candidate who has scored 60% marks in the Board and 6865 candidates have scored below him; his Percentile score will be calculated as follows: Percentile score for 60% marks in the Board = (6865 x 100)/13711 = 50.07.

c. A Candidate who has scored 90% marks in the Board and 13615 candidates have scored below him; his Percentile score will be calculated as follows: Percentile score for 90% marks in the Board = (13615 x 100)/13711 = 99.30.

With these examples, it is clear that percentage of marks obtained by a candidate (50%, 60% or 90%) is different from the percentile score (16.18, 50.07 or 99.30)

4. The normalized Qualifying examination marks will be based on the position of the candidate in the Board (i.e. his/her percentile score). The percentile score a candidate gets in his/her board will mainly contribute to his/her normalized marks and so the JEE Main rank.

5. The candidates, willing to appear in the improvement examination to improve the qualifying examination marks, will have to appear in all the five subjects for improvement.

6. In the percentile system, the total marks (of all five subjects) obtained/shown on the mark-sheet of a particular year are required in JEE (Main) and also in JEE (Advanced). The marks from two different years (i.e. marks for 3 subjects from year 2014 and marks for other 2 subjects from 2015) mark-sheets cannot be considered for percentile calculation or to give a JEE Main rank. 6865 x 100 13711 = 50.07 13615 x 100 13711 = 99.30 2218 x 100 13711 = 16.18

7. For JEE (Advanced) 2016: Please visit JEE (Advanced) website for JEE (Advanced) 2016 criteria.

8. The weightage of normalized qualifying examination marks is only for deciding your JEE Main rank which will be used for admission to all Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs)/ NITs/IIITs but excluding IITs.

9. The candidates who are appearing in the improvement examination to improve their qualifying examination marks will get only one chance to inform JEE (Main) Unit as to which year qualifying examination marks to be considered for the purpose of declaration of final merit. The candidates are advised to regularly visit JEE (Main) website and newspapers for the notification regarding above.

10. The five subjects will be taken into account for calculation of percentile and normalization of qualifying examination marks for paper 1(B.E./B. Tech.) and paper 2 (B. Arch./B. Planning)of JEE (Main) which are:

1- Language,
2- Physics,
3- Mathematics,
4- Any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subject),
5- Any other subject.

Note: If a candidate has appeared in six subjects in the qualifying examination, the subject (fifth or sixth) with better marks will be considered.

11. In order to calculate normalized qualifying examination marks, following data is considered. Marks of all the students in that Board whose subject combinations meet the eligibility criteria of JEE-Main.

Normalization Adopted in JEE(Main)-2015 for Admission to NITs/IIITs/CFTIs on the Basis of Class 12th Qualifying examination marks:

The details for normalization of Qualifying examination marks is as follows:-

i. Note down the aggregate marks (A0) obtained by each student in JEE- Main.

ii. Compute the percentile (P) of each student on the basis of aggregate marks in his/her own board (B0) computed from the list of five subjects specified (each marked out of 100). The percentile is to be computed among all students of the board whose subject combinations meet the eligibility criteria of JEE-Main. The variable B0 is only a base for calculating percentile (P), which is further used to get corresponding JEE (Main) marks. This is used in computing JEE Main rank.

iii. Determine the JEE- Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) at the All-India level. Regard this as B1.

iv. Also, determine the JEE-Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) among the set of aggregate scores obtained in the JEE-Main by the students of that board. Regard this as B2.

The normalized board score of the candidate was computed as:

Bfinal = 0.5 * (B1 + B2)

For the purpose of admission to CFTIs where it has been decided to use the JEE Main performance and the Normalized Board performance in the 60:40 ratio, the composite score for drawing the merit list was computed as:

C = 0.6 * AO + 0.4 *Bfinal

Five subjects to be used for normalization:-

1. Physics
2. Mathematics
3. Any one of the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Technical Vocational subject
4. One language
5. Any subject other than the above four subjects.

In respect of 3, 4 and 5, the best mark in a given category will be chosen.

(source: JEE Main brochure, 2015)

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