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JEE mock tests are a crucial part of IIT JEE studies. They help students prepare for the IIT entrance exam. Furthermore, JEE is one of the most challenging exams as it tests your time management skills, situational intelligence, analytical skills and exam-taking strategies. To check your preparation level, students can test their numerical-solving speed and theory knowledge by registering for our Toppr Scholarship Test for Aptitude and Reasoning

T-STAR is an all-India online aptitude assessment test that will evaluate your knowledge of the JEE syllabus and your skillset. Rankers stand a chance to win tablets, headphones and many other exciting goodies. 

Additionally, students use various means to study for physics, chemistry and mathematics in JEE mains. Some of the important ways to prepare for JEE is opting for time management, solving previous years’ papers and practicing mock tests. Out of all these practices, mock tests play a key role. They help students to crack JEE mains exams.

Why are Mock Tests Important?

Mock tests are important for all JEE aspirants. They are a replica or a trial test before you give your original JEE exam. They help you in creating smart strategies so that you can crack your competitive exams in one go. Moreover, they make you ready to deal with any sudden twists and turns that might come in exams.

JEE Mock Test

Essential reasons why students should take jee mains mock test free online

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of JEE mains mock tests and JEE advanced mock tests that will prove helpful to the students.

1) Creation of the Right Strategy

Students often make the mistake of assuming that learning concepts and formulas is enough. We agree it is very important, but not enough. You need to have the right strategy in place. Mock test for JEE mains helps you with the same. It helps you set a benchmark for your preparation techniques. You can easily understand your weaknesses and work on them accordingly to come with just the right strategy to propel your career in the right direction.

2) Developing New Problem-Solving Skills

The phrase, ‘Practice makes perfect’ resonates completely with developing new problem-solving skills. As and when you attempt mock tests, you will realise that you need to come up with a better way to apply your conceptual knowledge. Each mock test will provide you with an opportunity to learn and grow – eventually helping you score a higher percentile in JEE exams. 

3) Understanding time management

The importance of time management can’t be underestimated. So many students are not able to complete their exams on time. Many have to ramp up their speed drastically towards the end – increasing your chances to make more errors.

You need to learn the art of time management. The more mock tests you solve, the better you will get in managing your time. Keep a check on your watch and allocate an equal amount of time for every subject and then further calculate how much time you need to solve one question. This will help you prioritize your questions better and eventually score higher.

4) Analyzing your answers comprehensively

How do you gain confidence that your learned concepts are enough for JEE? By analyzing your answers during the mock tests. This practice will make you more confident with every right answer. You will know which topic is your strongest, and which needs a little more work. Moreover, you will be free from the overthinking aspect where most of the students wander around, “Is my answer right or wrong? Let me keep checking.

These are some of the important benefits that highlight the importance of attempting the JEE mock test.  

Online Process to Attempt JEE Mock Test with Toppr

Stepwise guide to attempt jee advanced mock test online

Step 1: Log in to your Toppr Account (Existing users)/ Register for your Toppr Account (New users)

JEE mock test

Step 2: Click on the Practice section on the left side

JEE mock test

Step 3: Scroll under the Practice section to Practice with Exam Prep and Click on ADD

JEE mock test

Step 4: Add the competitive exam (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, CBSE, & more) for which you want to attempt the mock test

JEE mock test

Step 5: Sign in on the given date and attempt your mock test under the same section to prepare better for your exams. Good luck!

JEE mock test

Some General JEE Preparation Tips for Students

  • Study from NCERT books first and then refer to other publications
  • Learn effective tips for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics syllabus in-depth
  • Practice different variations of a single concept instead of solving the same type of sums
  • Stay curious while studying and go into the crux of each derivation to understand all the concepts comprehensively
  •  Manage your time efficiently to boost your study preparation
  • Take timely breaks in the middle to avoid exhaustion
  • Solve previous years’ papers and practice mock tests
  • Prepare notes or flashcards wherever possible
  • Exercise daily to keep your mind concentrated
  • Eat healthy food especially during the last couple of days before the exams to avoid lethargy

FAQ’s on Mock Test 

1) How important are mock tests for JEE?

Mock tests are very crucial for students. These tests make students well-prepared with the expected paper pattern of the final exam.

2) Why should you choose Toppr for JEE preparation?

Toppr features an array of modules specifically curated for students. Our adaptive practices, video lectures, live classes, mock tests, previous years’ papers and 24×7 doubt resolution helps students ace their exams for a better future. We have been recognized as the best education platform for students time and again.

3) Is the JEE mock test available online?

Yes, you can take a mock either with Toppr or on the official NTA website 

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