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The moment you start browsing the internet, you realise that websites are flooded with articles on How to prepare for JEE, Tips to improve your JEE rank, How to prepare for JEE without coaching and so on. The claims are all true; there can be numerous ways to solve a problem and hence numerous ways to crack JEE. We all know the basic procedure to carry on preparation i.e. more of self-study, a good coaching institute and dedication. But is it sufficient enough to excel and get the golden ticket to the IITs? There lies a big difference between knowing and performing.

Chris Bradford, an award-winning author, quotes, “Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice.” This holds absolutely true to all JEE aspirants, who appear for the most sought-after engineering entrance exam every year.

Just like it is impossible for a surgeon to carry out a serious surgical operation without practicing for years and for a soldier to fight his enemies without undergoing severe mock drills, it is tough to perform well in JEE without solving JEE sample papers.

Solving previous year’s question paper or mock papers can be helpful in multiple ways. Check below the top five benefits of practicing JEE sample papers that will ensure your ticket to the glorious IITs.

Benefit 1: Improves Time Management Skills

Practicing JEE sample papers helps in familiarizing the students with the pattern of the exam. It let the students take time-bound tests that help them to determine how much time they spent on an average in solving a question. JEE sample papers also help avoid situations where students might be stuck for many minutes pondering over a single low-scoring question and thereby neglecting other high-scoring questions. By calculating their actual speed, students can improve their time management skills and perform well on the D-day. Sample test series help in building a winning exam temperament.

Benefit 2: Checks Level of Preparation

Once you have completed the syllabi of Class XII, you can start your practice from last years’ papers. By practicing mock papers, you can check your level of preparation for the JEE exam. Also, it helps you get a strong grip over the subject, speed in writing the exam and knowing strong and weak areas. Regular practice leads to the periodic monitoring of your performance. Sample papers and test series are now easily available on Smartphone-based assessment apps that students can access on-the-go.

Benefit 3: Builds Speed & Accuracy

Kushal Babel, JEE toppr of 2014, who secured 345 marks out of 360, also believes in solving as many as possible sample papers in order to gain a good speed. He shares, “I set a deadline for solving questions so as to learn and practice time management. I used to solve nearly 50-60 mathematical questions per day, and with progressing days, I gained speed in solving questions”.

Speed and accuracy are important aspects to ace the exam cleverly, and they come from the extensive practice of similar questions. Regular practice of solving previous years’ question papers increases your speed, and you take comparatively lesser time in solving the complete paper. Coaching experts also advise that students must practice a good number of MCQs to build up speed and accuracy.

Benefit 4: Aids to Get Rid of the Exam Fear

Yes, this is the main purpose that the sample test papers serve. Students are often so scared of facing the entrance exam that they end up getting even the easier questions wrong. When you solve sample test papers regularly, your fear of exam goes away. The D-Day exam paper might also appear to be like just another test series mock exam where you can apply all your strategies and score the highest marks.

Benefit 5: Boosts Confidence

According to the coaching experts, solving previous years’ papers gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament. Solving more and more questions in a stipulated time frame is a must to get the real examination temperament and a sense of self-assurance. The more papers you solve, the better are your chances of finishing the paper on time.

Competitive exams such as JEE require more than simply memorizing the concepts and practizing the questions. It is because the questions are rarely straightforward in nature. In such a scenario, it always helps to opt for sample papers to score good marks and get started with your dream journey to the IITs.

You can find JEE sample papers and previous year papers at links given below:

All the best to all JEE aspirants!

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