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The name “IIT-JEE” itself inspires annual legends about a hoard of nerds, solving the toughest college entrance examination on planet earth. Graduates from IITs can be found perched at the top tier of a corporate world, like Sundar Pichai or spearheading research elsewhere, like Vijay Kumar.
Wouldn’t you want to what could ensure them a place in IIT? Of course, you would! Here’s how solving JEE sample papers will help you a lot.

You might know that Intelligence is not a sufficient condition to secure a seat in an elite institute such as an IIT. It’s just a necessary condition. There’s another even more necessary a condition to crack JEE. It’s practice! A Joint Entrance Examination sheet might seem like chaos to an untrained mind, but a trained mind sees the method behind its madness. JEE is notoriously famous for sticking to the basics. If the question takes too many steps to solve, you’re probably doing it wrong.

“But how do I do it right?”, One may ask. Here’s how!

JEE is less than 3 months from now. So, most of you must be in your revision mode now. One of the best ways to cover the topics efficiently & exhaustively is by solving question papers. Practicing questions from HC Verma at 1 AM on a December night is good. But the examination takes place on an April (or hopefully May) daylight. And the questions are in a variety of formats – & not exactly as HC Verma (or DPPs/Irodov/Arihant/NCERT). So, with lesser time left for the exam, JEE Sample Papers offer variety.

Attempting a sample paper under examination conditions has the best results. Sample papers put you in the right state of mind – very similar to the one inside an examination hall. Sure, the questions might be similar to the ones you’ve met before. But solving sample papers in a time bound manner helps you to come up with ways of dividing your time between questions. So, JEE sample papers offer you better ‘Exam-simulation’.

Problem-solving, which these tests seek from a JEE aspirant, is an ability which is honed with time. Sample papers are a very important tool to understand the division of marks, type of questions asked and develop a familiarity with the examination patterns.

A huge number of sample papers can be found, for both the online and offline versions of JEE. Many are sold as books, and there is no dearth of such question papers online. Of course, some sample papers in the market (or free, online) are better than others. It is crucial to identify the ones that are consistent with the actual JEE pattern. Solving question papers from previous years also gives you a vital boost. After all, what better example of a JEE question paper exists than the question paper itself!

Now comes the second part of your quest for perfection – analysis of the sample paper results. Take your time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in concept, or question pattern. The feedback you receive here is your most effective asset for success in JEE. An extremely effective method to simulate exam conditions is to participate in a test series. A number of excellent test series attract IIT-JEE candidates to find out more about the status of their preparation. The ranks also help you weigh up against your actual competitors on D-Day. But the most important aspect of a good test series is a thorough feedback provided by experts. This keeps your self-awareness at a peak and helps you improve consistently.

Periodically, sample question papers have helped students overcome the fear of the unknown. It improves their performance manifold before the big day arrives. After all, if they don’t get better of themselves, someone else will.

Hope you understood the importance of solving JEE sample papers. All the best for your preparations! You will do Great!

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