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Difficult Topics From JEE Syllabus:

JEE Advanced has remained as one of the most competitive exams in India for a healthy 3 decades. JEE is like no other exam, in multifarious aspects – difficulty, competition and of course, the enormous, bountiful rewards which only the gifted, hard-working, resilient few can cherish.

JEE syllabus encompasses a wide range of topics sprawled across Maths, Physics and Chemistry. It is no secret that every student (even the high scorers) hit a few snags – indeed, no triumph is complete without getting past these stumbling blocks. Be it the vagueness surrounding the topic or concepts that seem a little too far-fetched, we can safely assume that these topics are not the most favourite amongst JEE aspirants.

This article brings to you the most notorious topics, the most difficult topics from JEE syllabus which even the toppers dread. These trip up the best of the best, so tread carefully.


  1. Rotational Motion – Can occasionally daze you with a nice little whirl – and hence does justice to its name. Problems about angular momentum conservation are among the toughest in mechanics.
  2. Sound Waves  The most effective way to deliver this topic would be with the assistance of virtual aids.
  3. Wave Optics – Most people invest too much attention into Ray optics, and skip huge chunks from wave optics. Any topper would heavily advice against this – A cardinal rule of ‘Omit nothing’ is to be followed through and through.
  4. Fluids and Surface Tension – An occasional hiccup that can be avoided only by grasping concepts thoroughly.
  5. Modern Physics – Consists of theory questions with options cleverly shaped to deceive.


Physical Chemistry:

  1. Ionic Equilibrium – Too many assumptions to be taken care of from this topic. Often, students are left flummoxed with what values to substitute, what all to assume, and what all to neglect (if any).
  2. Electrochemistry – Those head-spinning calculations clubbed with conductometric titration curves pose a perennial worry for JEE aspirants.
  3. Equivalent Concept – Possibly the biggest iceberg when it comes to physical chemistry. Question is, are you steering right into it?

Organic Chemistry:

No specific topic, everything is interconnected. Strong fundamentals are imperative for grasping concepts.

Inorganic Chemistry:

Inorganic chemistry is the achilles’ heel for students who don’t have a knack for mugging up.


  1. Complex Numbers – Easy to master, lot of lateral thinking involved.
  2. Permutation and combinationsLot of cases to remember, and subsequent application also requires sharp, spontaneous thinking.
  3. Probability Part of it is a direct extension of Permutation and Combination. Probability often seems like the easiest chapter that one can ace, but one should constantly be on the lookout for trick questions.

These were the some of the most difficult topics from JEE syllabus. However, sometimes, the most difficult ones are also the ones to focus upon. Check out how to prioritize topics for JEE in this article.


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