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Accept it! You have all got a set of preconceived notions about this exam. I did, for that matter. Even I would hear teachers muttering those three letters J-E-E with almost obsequious deference and society committee members giving advice about how one should crack the exam. Many people try to become the uncertified counsellors of the JEE Advanced exam.

The romanticizing of the IITs and every aspect attached to them is the favorite tea-time chatter for Indian folks. As much as we despise the incessant prattle of the neighborhood aunties whose sons are IITians, we end up believing hearsay things.

Clearly, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is that it is very tough to crack the exam. In my opinion, the perfect word that describes JEE is ‘different.’ If you really want to know what a difficult exam is, check out the selection rate of the CA finals. Or maybe try your hand at the Ecole Normale Superieure, an intensive course of French language and cultural activities.

Though the picture that is painted is nothing less than grim and downright incorrect, I can’t help but agree with one aspect of it. You will have to put in a lot of effort to bring your JEE dream to fruition.

Here’s the truth! The only tough part about JEE is the competition among the lakhs of serious candidates who prepare for this exam from 10th or 12th onwards. 90% of the total registered candidates are all well-prepared, and many students are even toppers of their respective schools. Let’s assume that the paper is easy. Then, the more intelligent ones will score more, and it will lead to higher cut-offs. Students have to make sure that they attempt every question without hurry and score minimum negative marks. A single question can make a big difference in the rank and selection process.

I’ve compiled a list of a few JEE notions that students need to stay away from. It’s time to bust the myths and get a real view of the draconian exam inside out.

IITJEE is Too Hard to Crack

Every student, whether it be you, your friend, people who cracked JEE in past or anyone else, have the same 24 hours in a day and it all comes down to how efficiently you managed and utilized your time. There are many aspirants who give up even before starting because they think that JEE preparation is too hard and not their cup of tea. They feel dizzy with the thought of clearing the exam and ultimately quit. Many students think that only scholarship students and rankers can pass this exam. But do you know that it is completely a myth? Anyone who tries hard to understand the concepts without mugging up can easily pass JEE. An average student can also pass JEE, provided that he puts in the hard work.

JEE Advanced Has Lengthy and Complex Questions

A lot of students have this belief that the questions asked in JEE are very long and run across the page. Gone are those days when JEE used to be subjective and completely solving two questions out of five was considered good. Questions in JEE now are focused on testing your conceptual knowledge, analytical skills and thorough understanding of the topic along with numerical abilities. You will have to answer a set of questions that are more than 3-4 steps and need strong analytical and conceptual application. So, your focus should be to strengthen the conceptual knowledge & practice, practice, and practice.

It’s Mandatory to Join Coaching Classes

Many students are misled by the fancy advertisements in newspapers, pamphlets, and on television that brag about the success and number of selections from their institute. JEE can be cracked without coaching as well! Children spend thousands of rupees to enrol in one of the top coaching classes. In reality, this is nothing more than a simple misconception. A JEE aspirant cannot get 100 percent success unless he works seriously. The magic lies in you; you are the magician. One should give his best and prepare well to pass tough competitive exams.

I Will Buy the Best Books for JEE and Rock the Exam!

Books are and have always been an essential requirement for any examination. In addition to NCERT, there are some very good reference books available for JEE Advanced preparation. Learning from books is a type of passive learning. Yes, you need to try to understand topics and practice questions from the book, but this kind of approach is one-dimensional.

Can books really take care of your preparation? Do they tell you your weak areas? Do they give you additional tips and tricks to solve a particular type of question? Unfortunately, the answer to all these questions is NO.

Life Will Be Smooth After Cracking JEE Advanced

After 4 years of IIT, your JEE rank, whether Rank 1 or Rank 2000 would hardly matter. Don’t live in the dilemma that clearing IIT- JEE means life will have all that you need after it and no more efforts will bee needed.

Yes, IIT gives you an edge over others but to a certain limit. Not all IITians do the best, and not all who do the best are IITians. The tag of IIT will give you an advantage in terms of better learning opportunities, better laboratories, better peer group, good faculty and a reputation in the external world. But it all will add value only when you put your efforts during graduation as well. There is no substitute for hard work. But, yeah. For the moment, the target it to Crack JEE!

At the end of the day, JEE surely isn’t about cloistering yourself in one corner of the room and attacking sums with unquenching bloodlust. Rather, it expects its aspirants to do smart work, not mindless hard work.

I will try to summarize the entire comparison between the outside and the inside view of JEE. The external view of the exam is that of a cruel examination that sucks the blood out of its examinees, who are nothing but socially-awkward aliens. However, the real side presents a very different picture. It is more of an examination that tests the application skills and the alacrity of the examinees, who are not walking zombies but smart, disciplined individuals.

Stay tuned for latest updates on JEE Advanced Main and JEE Advanced Exam.

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