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Job Positions in Bank:

Are you thinking about applying for a job in a bank? Well, then the first thing that you will need to figure out is in which post do you want to apply for. There are various posts that one can apply for when it comes to working in a bank and you everything is not about finances and balance sheets. There are a few other aspects of banking also and hence students from almost every stream can apply for a job at a bank. So when you start the application process to a bank you need to first have a clear idea about the various Job Positions In Bank so that you can apply to them accordingly.

Bank job positions that one can aim for

There are quite a few job positions which are offered in banks. Well if you are thinking about applying then here are the positions that you should be aiming for:

Position Responsibilities
The internal bank auditor The job of an auditor is to make sure that all the accounts and checks balance and match. It is a rather fundamental task and in case of most organisations or institutions, external auditors are sent to check whether or not all the paperwork for that organisation is in order. Every organisation thus needs to have an internal auditor as well who will manage all the affairs and this is the task of an internal bank auditor. It is one of the most prestigious Job Positions In Bank that one can hope to get and the pay scale is also very good.
The Branch Manager One bank will have many branches; sometimes more than 2-3 branches in a city. When it comes to a bank like the SBI or the HDFC bank, which are widely accessed, then there are plenty of branches in a single town or city. Each branch has its own operational mechanism which needs to be supervised and maintained by someone. This managerial post is that of the branch manager and it is quite a senior level post. One will have to work through promotions to achieve this post.
The Marketing Representative of the Bank Every bank wants to increase its customer base. More the number of customers with accounts more is the credibility enjoyed by the bank. This is what this position of all the Job Positions In Bank entails. Well, various schemes and investment plans like SIPS and mutual funds are always in place to attract more and more customers and it is the job of the marketing representative to make these schemes saleable. They need to explain to a potential customer why it is important to go for an investment plan or open an account and how it will benefit them.
The Bank Teller When you go to a bank, who do you first go to? You will always approach the bank teller first. It is the job of a bank teller to reach out to the customers and a lot rides on the behaviour of the tellers when it comes to creating an image of the bank. It is very important that the tellers are friendly and can patiently hear out all the queries that a customer might be having. Of the many key duties of this post amongst all the other Job Positions In Bank is to take care of the accounts of the account holders, deposit cash in accounts they are meant for, give cash after verifying the details of the account holder, creating challans and demand drafts and taking care of the basic customer requirements. It is the job of a teller to take care of the customers of a bank.
The DPO or the Data Processing Officer It is the job of the DPO to make sure that all the systems of the bank are updated and in order at the end of the day. It is also their job to look after the technical side of data entering, updating the internet banking system etc. There may be one or many DPOs working under a particular person with a structured plan in hand.
Loan officers This is another really important one of all the Job Positions In Bank. Many account holders often request for different kinds of loans to a bank, for personal reasons, for housing, for cars etc. It is the job of the loan officer to either sanction or rejects these loan applications. The loan officers have to run a background check on the applicant and go through their accounts to understand whether or not the applicant will be able to pay their loan in time based on which they will allow the loans. Loans are important sources of money generation for a bank because of the interest rate that is paid along with the loan.


How to apply for the various Job Positions In Bank?

One can enter any public sector undertaking bank, only if they clear the entrance examination. There are many three Job Positions In Bank for which entrance examinations are held-

  1. Probationary Officer: Entrance examinations are held by the SBI for their own recruitment and the IBPS when there is enough number of vacancies. Candidates will have to have passed their undergraduate programme from a recognised university in order to be able to apply for this post. They also need to be from 21-30 years old.
  2. Specialist Officer: The eligibility criteria is the same as that of the PO, only that the process of selection consists of a lesser number of stages. While in case of a PO, a candidate will have to sit for the prelims and the mains, which are both written examinations and then appear for a group interview and then a final interview, in case of SO, an online test and a PI will suffice.
  3. Clerical posts: Candidates need to be 10+2 qualified and within the age bracket of 18-30 to be able to apply for this post through a process of selection through written examination and interview.

There are various Job Positions In Bank that one can apply for. So figure out which one is more suited to you and apply for it.

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