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College life provides everyone a wide array of opportunities, be it in the field of education or extra-curricular activities. Moreover, almost every college has numerous clubs or societies that students can join depending on their interests. These clubs range from debating societies, robotics societies, music and business clubs to sports clubs and management clubs. In this article, we list some reasons you should join a hobby club in college.

Why You Should Join A Hobby Club In College

  1.  It helps discover your interests: Joining an activity club or pursuing a hobby helps you determine what you are interested in or what your strengths are. Most students in India have never pursued their interests before they reach college or may even have no idea what they might be good at. Different clubs in college help you unlock your potential and allow you to discover what you like and what you don’t.
  2. It helps improve your skills: Societies do wonders in getting over your Achilles’ heel. If you tend to get stuck-up while speaking, join a debating club, and you will be speaking fluently. Do you have a stage fear?—you can try out dramatics to get rid of it; want to improve your skills in a particular sport?—join the many sporting clubs available. You will have plenty of time and numerous clubs to hone your skills.
  3. It helps take a break from your strenuous life: College life can be boring and difficult due to the constant weekly assignments and tests. You will often crave to get away from it. In such situations, being a part of clubs or pursuing hobbies really helps. They provide the fun and enjoyment needed to turn your monotonous life into a fun-filled one.
  4. It helps widen your friend circle: Getting involved in an activity club will help you make more friends, who have similar interests, away from home. Moreover, if you are managing the technical or cultural fests of your college, you get to meet different people from various walks of life, which definitely will help in the long run. You will also come across personalities from other countries and cultures. It not only allows you to gain valuable insights about their life and culture but also helps you gain internships or job opportunities later on.
  5. It adds to your curriculum vitae: Societies and clubs help you build your resume. Many companies who come to recruit graduates look for additional skills apart from the education you receive at the college. Being an active member of a club conveys to them that you can work as a team, fulfill deadlines, manage complex issues and be a leader, when necessary. You would have an edge over others in the process of being recruited.

These positive aspects should provide enough motivation for you to join a hobby club in college. Even if you don’t want to join one initially, you can always try out different clubs and hobbies till you find the right one for you.

Along with learning some new activities, there are some things you should do in your college days! Find your grad school bucket list here.

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