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KCET 2019 Answer Key!

The Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is conducted by the Government of Karnataka. Success in the KCET examination is your gateway for admissions to professional courses such as Medical, Dental, Engineering/Technology, the Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy, Architecture, B. Pharm., Pharm. D. courses, and Farm Science. The Karnataka Government has made it mandatory for candidates to qualify the KCET in order to get admission to any professional course through the Karnataka Education Authority (KEA). The KCET 2019 examination is likely to be conducted in the first week of May 2019 and the KCET answer key will be uploaded on the official website in the first week of May 2019. The KCET 2019 Answer Key comes in handy for candidates to calculate their score and predict their ranks in the KCET examination. The KCET 2019 answer are published separately for each subject like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and also for the 16 different version codes. All objections to the KCET 2019 answer key are to be addressed to the conduction body within the stipulated time period.

In this article, we’re sharing important information about the KCET 2019 answer key like important dates, steps to download the answer key, challenging the answer key, and much more.

So, read on!

KCET 2019 Answer Key

The KCET 2019 Answer Key will be published for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The KCET 2019 answer key will be declared in two phases; first, the provisional answer key will be declared and then the final answer key. The candidates or their parents/professors can raise objections to the provisional answer key and the final answer key is declared after correcting all objections to the provisional answer key. The final answer key cannot be challenged and is binding on all.

KCET 2019 Answer Key Released for All Subjects

Physics Download
Chemistry Download
Maths Download
Biology Download

Steps to Download KCET 2019 Answer Key

The KCET 2019 answer key will be published on the official website. You can download the KCET 2019 Answer Key by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the KCET Official Website.
  • Click on the ‘KCET 2019 Answer Key’ tab.
  • Log in using your Application Number and Password.
  • Now, you’ll be able to check the KCET 2019 Answer Key and compare your answers from the questions of KCET 2019.
  • In case you observe any incorrect answers in the Answer Key then you can challenge the KCET Provisional Answer Key.

How to Challenge KCET 2019 Answer Key

Many a time, when the provisional answer keys are released, the students/professors find objections to some of the answers given in the answer keys. In case you have any objections to the KCET 2019 Answer Key then you can challenge the answer key by raising queries. Given below are the steps to follow for challenging the KCET 2019 Answer Key:

  • You can address your objections to the “Executive Director, Karnataka Examinations Authority, Bangalore” within the stipulated time-period. You can raise objections either in person, via Speed Post or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].
  • Remember that you need to attach supporting documents and justifications while submitting your objections to the KCET 2019 answer key.
  • All the objections received will be reviewed by an Expert Committee for corrections.
  • The final decision for the correct answer keys will be taken by the Expert Committee and the decision will be binding on everyone.
  • The final answer key approved by the Expert Committee will be used for the evaluation of scores and determination of the KCET 2019 merit list.

Important Dates for KCET 2019 Answer Key

The KCET final dates for the release of the answer keys will be declared on the website in due course of time. For your benefit, we’ve put together the tentative important dates for the KCET Answer Keys 2019.

Events Important Dates
Date of KCET 2019 Examination 1st week of May 2019
Publication of KCET Provisional Answer Key 1st week of May 2019
Last Date for Challenging the Answer Key 2nd week of May 2019
KCET 2019 Result Declaration Last week of May 2019 or first week of June 2019

Rank Predictor based on KCET 2019 Answer Key

Once the final answer keys are published, you can check your marks and predict your rank in the KCET 2019 examination. There is no negative marking in the KCET examination and hence, your score will be equal to the number of correct responses given by you in the examination. Each correct answer gives you one mark so your marks obtained are the number of correct answers multiplied by 1.

Previous Year Cutoff for Participating Colleges in KCET 2019

The cut-off marks for KCET are the minimum marks that you need to score to get admission to the various Undergraduate Engineering courses in Karnataka. The KCET cut off marks are determined by the KEA to allot seats to eligible candidates who have obtained marks equal to above the KCET cut-off marks. The cut-off marks are represented by the closing ranks for each participating institute and vary as per the college, course name, and category. The cutoff of KCET is published separately for General and Hyderabad- Karnataka candidates. A number of factors are taken into account by the admission committee to determine the KCET cut-off marks.

Factors considered for determining the KCET Cut-Off Marks

  • The difficulty level of the KCET question paper.
  • The number of applications appearing in the KCET examination.
  • The number of seats available.
  • The performance of the candidates in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in both the qualifying examination and the common entrance test.
  • The average marks secured by the candidates in the entrance test.
  • The seats reserved for candidates belonging to different categories
  • The previous year cut-off marks.

The KCET 2019 scores will be accepted by around 220 state as well as private engineering colleges for admission to the B. Tech. /B.E. /B. Arch. seats under their control. The KCET participating colleges include State Government Colleges, University Colleges, Private Unaided Colleges, and Government-Aided Private Colleges. The shortlisted candidates will be called for the counselling procedure to choose their seats for admission to the KCET Participating Institutes. The admission to participating institutes of KCET will be done strictly on the basis of the candidates’ rank in the merit list and their preference for engineering colleges and programs. Over 45,000 seats of KCET participating institutes 2019 will be filled by candidates who will clear the KCET 2019 examination.

In the table given below, we’re providing the closing ranks of the top three government engineering colleges for the academic year 2016. You can peruse the previous year’s cut-off and use them as reference points.

KCET Cut-Off for Top 3 Government Colleges

College Name Program Name Category Closing Rank
University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore Civil Engineering 1G 19343
1H 20979
1K 20483
2AG 18664
2AH 19524
2AR 22905
2BG 15844
2BK 33923
2BR 19260
3AG 14587
3AR 16120
3BG 15548
3BH 17329
3BR 16008
GM 13476
GMH 15196
GMK 15447
GMKH 16115
GMR 15798
GMRH 15979
SCG 24197
SCH 26294
SCR 38300
STG 18082
STR 20772
Computer Science & Engineering 1G 5652
1R 8482
2AG 5641
2AK 6011
2AR 9010
2ARH 19743
2BG 7725
3AG 4091
3AH 6192
3BG 5864
GM 3104
GMH 5274
GMK 3872
GMR 5482
SCG 19407
SCK 34091
SCR 36452
STG 6431
STH 13008
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 1G 11101
2AG 13019
2AH 14950
2AK 18875
2AR 19578
2BG 18186
3AG 12112
3BG 10522
3BR 14213
GM 9193
GMH 12264
GMK 11228
GMR 14006
SCG 29424
SCH 31311
SCK 49471
SCR 45108
SCRH 46264
STG 15381
Electronics & Communication Engineering 1G 6119
1R 11811
2AG 6688
2AR 8617
2BG 7618
2BH 8974
3AG 4400
3AK 6690
3BG 5658
GM 4047
GMH 6596
GMK 4554
GMR 6474
GMRH 7835
SCG 20692
SCH 24137
SCR 23851
STG 7986
STR 20245
Mechanical Engineering 1G 14991
1R 15301
2AG 11975
2AH 12680
2AK 13643
2AR 22386
2BG 12294
3AG 10782
3BG 10013
3BH 13634
3BK 12900
3BR 15106
3BRH 19043
GM 7465
GMH 9277
GMK 8385
GMR 12720
SCG 27380
SCH 29760
SCKH 41601
SCR 41828
STG 19501
UBDT College of Engineering, Davangere Civil Engineering 1G 27873
2AG 30330
2AK 31840
2AR 35478
2BG 23953
3AG 23555
3BG 24234
GM 23431
GMH 26133
GMK 24262
GMR 27008
GMRH 32917
SCG 41081
SCK 45398
SCR 44272
STG 29625
STH 34948
STR 29942
Computer Science & Engineering 1G 30504
2AG 25868
2AR 32236
2BG 35102
2BH 84320
3AG 26537
3AH 50155
3AK 61441
3BG 22218
GM 19639
GMH 28308
GMK 20798
GMR 23267
SCG 49785
SCKH 63064
SCR 68187
STG 28399
STR 34169
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 1G 34162
2AG 31425
2AH 41411
2AR 31624
2ARH 48648
2BG 30666
2BK 40380
2BR 36902
3AG 36518
3AR 38301
3BG 32725
GM 25754
GMH 31101
GMK 26517
GMR 31279
SCG 46037
SCH 47619
SCR 48060
STG 33231
Electronics & Communication Engineering 1G 27646
1H 49324
2AG 25283
2AK 28315
2AR 38009
2BG 33093
3AG 23998
3BG 23539
3BH 30372
3BR 24823
GM 17569
GMH 20018
GMK 18421
GMKH 27763
GMR 22579
SCG 48414
SCK 51709
SCR 72880
STG 32210
Mechanical Engineering 1G 37606
1R 40846
2AG 34191
2AH 35691
2AR 40706
2BG 37085
3AG 36269
3BG 29796
3BK 30354
3BR 30725
GM 27687
GMH 32687
GMK 28799
GMR 29755
GMRH 33320
SCG 59522
SCH 60725
SCR 63764
STG 35567
Government Engineering College, Bellary Civil Engineering 1G 64396
1H 126963
1K 71457
1KH 99693
2AG 87638
2AH 125613
2AR 92996
2BH 118466
3AG 77029
3AH 119943
3AR 81548
3ARH 119943
3BH 95885
GM 62186
GMH 89832
GMKH 94149
GMR 66899
GMRH 96931
SCG 86065
SCH 106010
SCR 105529
SCRH 118282
STG 74084
STH 98001
STRH 111461
Computer Science & Engineering 1G 114023
1H 105282
2AG 109333
2AH 109840
2AK 116353
2AR 120036
2ARH 116061
2BG 117783
2BH 107769
2BR 93648
2BRH 112870
3AG 95398
3AH 93350
3AR 107687
3BG 93691
3BH 101778
3BK 95617
3BKH 113933
GM 80562
GMH 127469
GMK 82791
GMKH 105282
GMR 94410
GMRH 122266
SCG 123912
SCH 123094
SCR 104247
STG 90877
STH 84714
Electronics & Communication Engineering 1G 99911
1H 101747
1R 109817
1RH 106788
2AG 126997
2AH 113955
2AK 93911
2AKH 125829
2AR 115111
2ARH 119173
2BG 119034
2BH 105917
3AG 100212
3AH 119297
3BG 101459
3BH 104349
GM 91040
GMH 124808
GMK 94960
GMKH 98791
GMR 102823
GMRH 108084
SCG 123368
SCH 126549
SCK 112896
SCR 124961
STG 93821
STH 106572
STR 107497
Mechanical Engineering 1G 84046
1H 106369
2AG 104386
2AH 119591
2AR 112661
2ARH 110873
2BG 122408
2BH 103831
3AG 76492
3AH 100890
3BG 90881
3BH 124668
3BR 93024
3BRH 103006
GM 70635
GMH 116593
GMK 76350
GMKH 117889
GMR 86914
GMRH 125690
SCG 127245
SCH 107413
SCKH 114265
SCRH 118282
STG 96067
STH 111461


You can check the detailed KCET Engineering General Cut-off ranks and Hyderabad-Karnataka Cut-off ranks.

KCET Top 10 Participating Institutes

Some popular participating institutes of KCET are listed in the table given below.

Sr. No. Name of Institutes
1 National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
2 P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore
3 Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
4 RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore
5 JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore
6 Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore
7 BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli
8 B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore
9 Shri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore
10 MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

KCET 2019 Examination Centers

The KCET exam centers are the venues decided by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) where the KCET 2019 examination would be conducted. A total of 53 cities are identified as exam centers for the KCET 2019 examination. The candidates need to give their choice of exam center at the time of submitting the KCET online application form. The exam center cannot be changed after the form submitted. The table given below has all the information regarding the KCET 2019 examination centers.

Sr. No. Exam Centre Sr. No. Exam Centre Sr. No. Exam Centre
1 Bagalkot 19 Chitradurga 37 Mangalore
2 Jamakhandi 20 Davangere 38 Moodabidre
3 Bangalore 21 Dharwad 39 Puttur
4 Doddaballapur 22 Hubli 40 Ujire
5 Belgaum 23 Gadag 41 Mysore
6 Athani 24 Gulbarga 42 Raichur
7 Chickodi 25 Hassan 43 Ramanagara
8 Gokak 26 Haveridte 44 Channapatna
9 Bellary 27 Karwar 45 Shimoga
10 Hospet 28 Dandeli 46 Bhadravathi
11 Bidar 29 Kumta 47 Sagar
12 Basavakalyan 30 Sirsi 48 Tumkur
13 Bhalki 31 Kolar 49 Tiptur
14 Bijapur 32 KGF 50 Udupi 1
15 Chamarajanagar 33 Koppal 51 Karkala
16 Kollegal 34 Madikeri 52 Kundapura
17 Chickaballapur 35 Mandya 53 Yadgir
18 Chickamagalur 36 Krishnarajapet

KCET Seat Allotment

The shortlisted candidates are invited to fill the seats through the seat allotment process based on their ranking in the merit list, selection of college and course during the KCET counselling procedure. The shortlisted candidates need to report at the allotted college along with the necessary documents/certificates for the purpose of verification. The KCET seat allotment is done in two or more rounds depending on the candidates.

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How to Challenge Answer Key

If candidates/parents/lecturers will find any objections in the provisional answer key, then he/she can submit their objections in the following way:

  1. The candidate can file the objections addressed to the “Executive Director, Karnataka Examinations Authority, Bangalore” on or before the scheduled date either in person or by Speed Post/email: [email protected]
  2. The candidates will have to submit the objections along with all the supporting documents/ Justifications.
  3. The objections will be placed in front of the Expert Committee for corrections.
  4. The final decision will be taken by the Expert Committee and that decision will be final for determination of the right answer key.
  5. The right answer key approved by the Expert Committee will be applied during the evaluation for determination of merit list.

KCET 2017 Final Answer Key

Official Final Answer keys of KCET 2017 is published for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Official Final Answer keys of KCET 2017
KCET 2019 Biology Final Answer Key               Click here
KCET 2019 Mathematics Final Answer Key               Click here
KCET 2019 Physics Final Answer Key               Click here
KCET 2019 Chemistry Final Answer Key               Click here

For more information on KCET 2019 click here!

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