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One thing every single student is good at doing is procrastinating. It’s an art in itself. We have the ability to sit with a book for hours together, without turning a single page. Even if you aren’t a procrastinator yourself, you might have found yourself surrounded by them at one time or another. It’s like a month to a flame, as every mummy says, ‘Ye tumhare friends ka hi asar hoga’.

For some odd reason, we almost always find ourselves surrounded by procrastinators when we need to cram for an exam. If you know what I mean, then you know that there are different types of procrastinators, it’s not just one general description.

Here are the different types of procrastinators you need run far, far away from, like over the hills and into the library.

1. The dreamers:

10am: “Aaj science padhna hai. Ooo science, like Dexter studied. One day I’ll have a huge science lab and a bat mobile. I’ll be the science boy who saves the world one experiement at a time and DeeDee can be my sidekick…”

5pm: “…I’ll become the president of Science Town and make everyday a sunday….”


2. ‘Kitna ho gaya’ One

10am: *Calls you* “Tere kitne chapters ho gaye? Aaj kya padega?”

5pm: *Still on call* “Arre bahut portion baki hai, kaise ho ga?”


3. The ‘Bas ek aur doubt’ One

10am: “Ye kaise solve katein hain?”

5am: “Haan, ab tune quadratic equation, linear equation aur geometry toh sikha diya hai, ab science bhi sikha de”


4. The doodler


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Image Source


5. The one with procrastination OCD

10am: *opens book* “Oh no, study table kitna ganda hai, saaf karke shuru karta hoon”

5pm: “Mummy colin doh mujhe kitchen ka window saaf karna hai”


6. ‘Bas ek aur episode’ One:

10am: “Ek episode dekh ke padna chalu karta hoon”

5pm: *3 seasons later* “Bas ek last episode”


7. The social media addict

10am: “Bas 15 mins Facebook pe browse karke, padhna chalu”.

5pm: *12 snapchat stories, 10 youtube playlists, 30 profile stalks later* “Aaj toh time hi nahi mila”.


8. The hog

10am: *Takes a packet of chips* “Padhne se pehle kuch kha leta hoon”

5pm: *10 packet of chips, 5 chocolates, 3 mangoes and 12 gulabjammuns later* “Itna kha liya, ab sona padega, aise padhai thodi ho sakti hai”.

If you’re caught in the chain of procrastinating, it’s time to break free. #BahutTimeNahiHai

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