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We always thought an exam hall was clearly divided into two types of students: those who ask for a supplementary sheets and those who don’t. On digging deeper, we realised it was a little more complicated than that. If you are a student, take a quick sweep across the exam hall the next time you sit for your paper. You can (well, metaphorically) tag all your fellow exam givers into these categories:

The Bhakt:

If you are an atheist, this is the kind of guy who will make you question your entire life. Two mini idols of their favourite God, some sort of maala around their neck, and pens/pencils which have probably been kept at God’s feet in the mandir at some point in the last few days. You can already picture someone fitting the bill, can’t you?


The Nervous Wreck:

These are the honourable citizens of the ‘Republic Of Anxiety’. “Did I study all the chapters for the Math exam?”, “Did I revise those theorems I wasn’t too sure about?”, “Oh god, what if it is the Hindi paper and not Math like I saw in my dream last night?” Yes, these are the kinds of people whose dreams should never come true.


The Cheat-Master:

These are the future CIA agents, the RAW spies and the MI6 representatives who have their eyes everywhere. If you know an answer, they know you know an answer. They will find you and they will hunt you down. Beware of the cheat-masters!


The Lazybone:

The pages turn sedately, the watch ticks slowly and the world spins gently in Lazybone land. If you are a lazybone, you wouldn’t be bothered by little things like unexpected questions in the exam or a paper that is too lengthy. You write what you know of a particular subject, whatever comes in extra is not exactly your fault. Oh and God forbid, if the lazybone is sitting next to the nervous wreck, the anxiety levels in the exam halls would be at an all-time high!


The Thesis Writer:

“Supplement!” The 10 character word you never disliked so much until it came out of the Thesis Writer’s mouth. This guy/gal is the exact opposite of the ‘Lazybone’ and the perfect target for our resident spy, a.k.a. the ‘Cheat-Master’.


The Headache Giver:

The examination hall is their personal playground and the time before the exam (when you are sweating from every pore) is their playtime. These humans are a force of nature that no one can stop. Sometimes they are also the people who are ‘thesis writers’, once the exam begins. According to us, that is the deadliest combination.


The Moral Police:

God made ‘Cheat-Masters’ and then He moved on to make ‘The Moral Police’. If Cheat-Master’s got those sly moves up their sleeves, they know how to stop them. If the Moral Police is too Imaandar for their own good, it’s not a good day for all the cheaters in the exam hall!


Can you think of any more kinds of people who you find in an exam hall? Drop them in the comment box below!

Hope you are doing well in your preparations. To read more interesting stuff click here.

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