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What to know in biology for KVPY?

Kishore Vaigyanik Prothsahan Yojana or KVPY is one of the prestigious scholarship exams conducted by the Department of Science and Technology every year to encourage students who wish to pursue research in the areas of engineering, medical and basic sciences. An internationally recognized examination, it awards students with a sum of Rs 64,000 for their career. The exam tries to test the basics of students in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Here we bring to you the important topics you need to know in Biology in order to come out with flying colors in KVPY.
Biology is one of the easy to crack sections in the question paper provided your foundations in it are strong. Every year, students find the section on Biology relatively easier to answer. Maybe because it involves only a good memory of biological terms and processes. In addition, the section is the least time-consuming of all the sections. In order to be able to perform well in this section, you need to make sure that your basics are right. You need to be thorough with everything from the process of photosynthesis to the theory of evolution. The examination is more of a test of your basics and logic than your ability to know more than what is required of your age. So be sure to get your basics clear because that’s what is going to fetch you marks in the examination. If you are giving the exam in your 11th standard, be thorough with everything your Biology teacher(s) taught you till 10th standard. A bit of 11th standard portions will come in handy if you are attempting in your final year at school.
Observations from the previous years question papers suggest that Immunity, Heredity and Evolution are important topics. Every year, a considerable number of questions are asked from these areas. At times the questions can be as simple as “How many chromosomes are found in the human body?”. So this is where your basics come in handy. Mendel and Darwin can be your life savers as the examiners find it easier to have at least 3-4 questions from their theories and works. Genetics is another important area that you shouldn’t forget to cover.
CBSE being one of the popular boards in the country. Thus, NCERT textbooks should be sufficient study material for your preparation. Other materials include Complete AIPMT Guide by MTG. How can information and resources be deficient in the age of internet? There are numerous online resources available for the aspiring candidates. All you have to do is pick the correct resources from the plethora of them available. The internet also blesses you with numerous blogs and online forums where candidates who successfully cleared the examination in the past freely give out tips and advice to their juniors. Moreover, you could always stay tuned with us here for preparing well for your examinations.

Read on here to find out how to study for KVPY chemistry.

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