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We live in a multi linguistic world that is becoming increasingly globalized. Hence, it is very important to know a foreign language. English may be spoken all over the world, but it may not be the most popular language known. Learning a new language may not be an easy task, but there are many benefits of knowing multiple languages. Learning a new language can be very beneficial in terms of career prospects, college education, travel, and understanding of new art and culture. Today, in this article, we will highlight the benefits of knowing multiple languages.

Benefits of knowing  multiple languages:

• Benefits in terms of Business and Career

Knowing a foreign language is always a plus point. A foreign language helps in attracting international clients to your company. More over, in case of traveling abroad for business purpose, knowing a foreign language will help you in communicating with people there. It is very essential to know multiple foreign languages for building networks internationally or for any international collaboration. This will attract international business for your company and in turn will help you expand your business globally. Also one could save a lot of money by cutting off the middle man or translator.

Speaking to international clients in their own language makes things easier between the companies and also tends to build a better bond. Employers would always prefer an employee knowing multiple languages. Even in case an employee needs to relocate abroad for business purpose, you have higher chances of being selected for it, as knowing a foreign language is a plus point for the company. Another benefit of knowing a foreign language is that you can apply for jobs internationally as well.

• Personal Benefits

Personally, one would feel more confident and capable if they know a foreign language. By being able to speak a language with native speakers, one can better understand their culture, background and traditions. Knowing the local language helps you navigate easily and makes the locals trust you easily. Knowing a foreign language will help improve one’s reading skills & also improve one’s memory. One can read books in their native languages and watch movies without having to rely on any subtitles which lose the essence of originality. Learning a different language can bring in new opportunities to one’s life.

• Academic and educational benefits

Knowing a foreign language will benefit an individual if they have plans of studying abroad. It not only increases one’s potential of getting admission in a foreign institute but could also help in getting scholarships. Research has proved that knowing a foreign language improves one’s learning ability and skills too. Also, this makes an individual think more flexible and improves their grasping skills. Another benefit is that the student can easily interact with other students and will also find it easy to relate to what the teachers teach.

• Benefits travelers

People who constantly travel abroad will find it easy to communicate with others. It will enrich one’s travel experience since they would be in a better position to understand the locals, their food and their culture. Knowing a foreign language helps explore new places and people much better. This will help one know about the place, the food and help communicate with locals at the time of shopping or while going to a restaurant for ordering food. One can enjoy the sounds, foreign music and appreciate art in native culture if the language is understood.

Apart from all these, knowing multiple languages makes you a better person. It gives you insight into a plethora of opportunities. And you never know when it might turn out to be useful.

We hope this article helped you understand languages better.

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