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KVPY or Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a national level fellowship program in Basic Sciences conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. Most engineering and medical aspirants attempt this paper, either to win the scholarship or gain some exposure to competitive level exams. While this exam is requisite for students wishing to enrol in bachelor programs in the Sciences, Engineering and medical students should take this exam seriously too; at least by solving the sample papers. This article hopes to explain why it’s important to practice KVPY sample papers. And write the KVPY exam as well.

Students often require practice to crack competitive exams. An exam of the standards and significance as KVPY, definitely demands a certain amount of dedication and hard work. In this article, we will explore the options of solving a KVPY paper with the help of sample papers.

Before going into those details, here is a brief explanation of the exam pattern:

KVPY 2017 Exam-Pattern

  • Mode of Exam: The entrance exam will be organized in online or offline mode.
  • Duration: The duration of the exam will be three hours.
  • Language: The medium of the question paper will be English & Hindi language.
  • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Papers: The question paper is divided into two parts: PART I & PART II. There will be four sections in Part 1 & Part 2.
  • Marks: The question papers of Stream SA & Stream SB/SX will be of 100 marks.
  • Marking Scheme: In PART I of both the Streams, one mark will be awarded for correct response & 0.25 marks will be deducted for an incorrect response. In PART II of Stream SA & Stream SB/SX, for each correct response, two marks will be given to the candidates & 0.5 marks will be deducted for an incorrect answer.
  • All the questions are compulsory to attend in the SA stream. There is an option to attempt any three sections in PART I & any two sections in PART II in Stream SB/SX.
Subjects No. of Questions Total Marks
  Part 1 Part 2
  Stream SA
Mathematics 15 5 25
Physics 15 5 25
Chemistry 15 5 25
Biology 15 5 25
  Stream SB/SX
Physics 20 10
Mathematics 20 10 40
Chemistry 20 10 40
Biology 20 10 40

For more details about the portions and dates of KVPY 2017 refer to this Toppr article.

KVPY Mock Test : How to take the test?

Candidates can take the KVPY sample tests by following the procedure below.

    1. Access the official KVPY website.
KVPY Sample Official
KVPY Sample Official
    1. Click on the ‘Mock Test of KVPY Aptitude test’
    2. Enter the Userid & Password as KVPY & KVPY as shown in the figure below. check the confirm button & hit the ‘Sign in’ button.
KVPY Sample Paper Login
KVPY Sample Paper Login
    1. Confirm your details, Select a language an proceed for the test.
KVPY Sample Paper - Details
KVPY Sample Paper – Details
    1. General instructions will be displayed on the screen as shown below. Confirm & click on start test.
KVPY Mock Test - General Instructions
KVPY Mock Test – General Instructions
    1. Your test will start.
    2. A clock is dispayed to the right top. Under the resources, you can find a calculator, instructions & Mock test summary. There are buttons to toggle to the next/previous question. All this is visible in the figure below.
KVPY Mock Test - Test Window
KVPY Mock Test – Test Window

The Importance of solving KVPY sample papers

Complexity of Questions

It is no secret that KVPY asks questions with complexity levels similar to that in JEE and AIIMs. In some instances, questions similar to those that have appeared in JEE papers have been asked. Since this institute focuses on questions based on pure sciences. Thus, the questions will definitely test your understanding of the subject. This is very helpful for the PCM category where the complexity of questions keeps evolving with years.


For an engineering aspirant, the preparation in math may not be up to the mark since one needs to concentrate on the other sciences. Practising KVPY papers can improve one’s understanding of math. Similarly, for medical aspirants it can help build their knowledge in physics, say. Sometimes the questions can be very simple and all you need to do is to apply your sense. This exam checks your overall knowledge in all fields of basic science and has no set pattern and set syllabus. Hence, attempting a fair number of papers will test your grey cells and help you increase the variety of questions you practice from.


Questions in pure sciences are very tricky yet simple. The only way through this is practice. While practicing 10 JEE/NEET/AIIMS… papers it doesn’t hurt to solve one or two KVPY sample papers. While talking to many candidates, it’s come to notice that brilliant students can make glaring blunders in their main KVPY exam.

The solution to a problem could be x=y=z=2 and this might be the correct option in MCQs. However, another option might be x=y, z=2. This option too is a fitting response to the solution. Hence, you need to mark both the answers. Simple yet tricky, wasn’t it?

Use these KVPY sample papers to make your worst mistakes so that you can perform better in the other exams you want to crack. Practice maketh man better.

Improves your aptitude and confidence

Imagine solving these tough questions and cracking them. Gives you the feeling that your hard work is paying off, right? Gives you the confidence that you are smart enough to think and understand. Else, you know the amount of hard work that needs to be put in, your area of weakness, etc. The KVPY sample papers are your punch bags. Take to them, solve them and understand how the toughest minds in our country think. KVPY papers are challenging yet simple. They test your aptitude. Practising these papers will only strengthen your basics – the most important aspect of your education.

Pattern of sample papers on Toppr

Toppr has an extensive collection of sample papers that can be practised online. In this article, we will elaborate on the format of the paper and how to go about the papers online.on your top right corner, the clock can be found along with Since the exam is divided into two parts, there are two tabs: Part A and Part B.

On your top right corner, the clock can be found along with the language preference, resources, and font size. Since the exam is divided into two parts, there are two tabs: Part A and Part B. Both the tabs contain questions for the four subjects, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. Based on your stream, you can attempt the required sections.

A legend is provided on the left bottom corner and is used to indicate which questions haven’t been answered, have been answered, have been marked for revision, and have been answered but marked. Moreover, the online calculator is also available for performing calculations.

The admission form for KVPY 2017 has been released and further details can be found here.

KVPY is probably the first national level competitive exam in the field of basic sciences one will face. So it’s a brilliant opportunity to overcome the exam fear and gain a decent insight into exam pressure and pattern. Give it a try, if you clear the exams and the interview, you’re enrolled into one of the best institutes that the country has to offer. Otherwise, you learned some things new. What’s there to lose?

Hope this article was reason enough for you to practice KVPY sample papers. To learn more about the processes involved in clearing KVPY 2017, read this article.

What to Expect in the KVPY Exam and Interview

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