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Kyrascope Toy Reviews is a popular YouTube channel which was started by a young seven-year-old girl named Kyra.

She is a cute kid who loves to share her toy collection with the world. While being quite popular among kids, she also bags the title of one of the youngest YouTube content creators in India with such a high viewership.

Her channel contains reviews of toys, along with short stories, motivational pieces and some fun family moments. Her most watched video has more than 2M views.

And the awesome part is most of the toys Kyra reviews goes to Kids charity.

Kyra’s journey started back in January 2016 and it’s been 4 years of handwork, fun times and crazy moments so far.

Kyra has a reputable fan base with more than Eleven thousand subscribers. She is quite regular when it comes to creating content and there are more than 150 uploads till now.

They say that inspiration can come from anything and that’s exactly what happened with Kyra.

She made an impromptu vlog on a trip to Thailand back in the day, which got a lot of appreciation from family and friends.

The appreciation and praise lead her to create her very own content. And she, along with her family’s help, started Kyrascope Toy reviews. Her father Manish Kanojia is the backbone of the channel. From shooting to editing, he does it all.

The seven-year-old is inspiring everyone with her work and is a live example of the fact that it’s never too early or too late when it comes to building your dream life.

There are thousands of kids who want to be like her. And not only kids but adults are also awestruck by her and want their children to start early in life.

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