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So, you have studied for months together and you can smell the big day. It is right round the corner. Like it or not, these final few days are the most crucial ones and a small hiccup now can cost you your seat! That is why it is recommended that you be very careful and not let your hard work go to waste because of a small mistake.

1. Starting A New Topic

The last month is NOT the time for you to start a new topic. If you have left something, leave it be. This is not when you should start checking out unfamiliar topics. You will panic for no reason and forget or mix up the other topics you studied thoroughly.

2. Falling ill

Due to tension and pressure, students usually neglect their health. They focus only on studying. This leads to bad eating habits, bad sleeping habits, and overall unhealthy measures. All these bad habits take a toll in the last minute. If you fall sick a couple of weeks before your exam, you will not be able to revise the concepts you studied. Also, the physical weakness will affect you mentally, making you forget what you studied.

Illness is a sword with two edges. It can cause a lot of damage. Thus, you should ensure you pay attention to your health throughout.

3. Concentrating Only On (or More On) Theory

Experts advise that you give more time to problems than to theory especially during the revision phase. It is easier to remember theory but you can only perfect problems with repeated practice. A common mistake among students is that they spend more time studying theory, giving problems a mix. Balance the revision time properly and devote more time to problems.

4. Not Revising (Enough)

This is probably the biggest reason why students who really had a great chance end up missing out. The last month is for you to revise and revise some more. Experts have always said that you will not be able to do well in your exam without revising everything that you studied. You may have gone through every single topic and you may be confident but if you don’t revise, you will not be able to remember anything that you studied. That is why you should revise what you already studied multiple times. The last month must be dedicated to revision.

5. Panicking and Stressing Out

It is usual to get stressed and nervous but letting the pressure get to you is bad. Many students who studied religiously end up doing badly in the exam due to nerves. Make sure you do not make the same mistake by studying well and taking measures to stay calm. Healthy eating, sleeping well, and exercising will help you accomplish this. Meditation has been known to help – just 10 minutes per day would be more than enough. Meditation also helps you recharge, improve concentration, and boost memory. Hence, experts recommend starting the day with meditation not only in the last month but also from the beginning itself.

IIT JEE is a landmark exam and it is important for you to do well. However, IIT JEE preparation goes beyond just studying. It includes taking care of your health, revising many times, focusing on problems, and taking measures to cub stress. If you neglect any of these points you will face hiccups such as the above that can destroy your chances of cracking the IIT JEE.

We advise you to start preparing early and taking measures to ensure that the final days of preparation are smooth. All the very best!

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