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The AIPMT exam trumpet has been blown twice this year and the candidates have gone through quite an anxious turbulence, courtesy AIPMT exam leak  and the saga that followed (To read more about it click here). But amidst all the adversities, look closely and you will see an opportunity. Just as they say, “everything bad comes with something good.” With the re-test of AIPMT there is a scope to read and strengthen the topics more, to correct the mistakes done last time, to learn time management having written the test once and to score better than the last time.

We have enlisted the following few last minute tips for AIPMT re-test:

1. Revise: Now is the time to smartly divide the subjects and topics allotting time slots. It would be better if you do not pick up a completely new topic if you didn’t see it having a substantially decent weightage or linkage with other topics in your last attempt. If not, revise the already learnt topics and strengthen your concepts here.

2. Enlist the formulae: Remembering formulae can be challenging at times. A week before the exam, keep revising these everyday so as to keep them fresh in your mind on the D-day.

3. Solve at least one Mock test or Practice Question paper of AIPMT: During this time span, it is quite possible that casualness can subdue your go-getter spirit. Practising more questions everyday will keep your drive renewed while helping you build on your knowledge pool. This will also help in exam-simulation.

4. Time Management: As you already know by now, time management during the exam is one of the most essential part of your performance in the exam. Now, is the time you can further figure out ways to make the optimum use of the time. Solve mock tests and monitor the time you allot to each question; keep from over involving yourself to one question. Sometimes we feel we can answer a given question and get so deeply involved in it that we lose the track of time while getting nowhere with the answer as well. Know when to let go. In any circumstance, we have to see the larger picture and delegate time and effort very smartly. (Struggling with time-management in competitive exams? We have a solution listed for you)

5. Be positive: Everything we do is put on our path for a purpose. As Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” The world is all yours to conquer! Go ahead and make your own way! All the very best!

In case you need a thorough mock test before the AIPMT re-test, we have a very structured one for you here on Toppr website. Go ahead and check where you stand.

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