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Hello everyone! You people are now into the last month preparations before JEE Advanced. This is the final stretch – that final period, where you can actually stake a strong claim to an IIT/NIT seat. The foundation was laid in the previous two years of your preparation. Now, it’s time to build on everything you did in that time. It’s the last lap; stop jogging and take a sprint. 🙂 This is actually one of the worst phases of your IIT preparation – you are actually done with it, but have to keep going through the same routine time and again, study the exact same things and appear for papers. It does sound like a bleak prospect, but then this is just another test en route! So here’s a post on how to get through this period without any hitches, and with maximum productivity.
The work you did in the previous two years ascertained your selection; The work you do in the next two months will determine where you stand in the final examination. There are simple things to be kept in mind while going through this period; simple practices you could follow without too much of an effort. Here are some insightful views that will help you in your last month preparations before JEE Advanced.

Last Month Preparations Before JEE Advanced:

1) Don’t let confidence get to your head, or crash you down: This, in my opinion, is the single most important thing to be taken care of. Your confidence will determine your efficiency; overconfidence or under-confidence will both reduce your efficiency. Make sure that does not happen. To put it concisely, Rule #1 of surviving this period – make sure your head is in the right place.

2) Don’t go for new theory books: Everyone has their own set of reference books during the two years of preparation, and you somehow get accustomed to a particular authors’ language, examples and style of narration. And it can be a tad stressful to open a completely new author with their altogether different narration and examples in the last month preparations before JEE advanced. Not to mention the goof-ups in books like those of Organic Chemistry. Also, if you have studied well in the past two years, then you’ve probably highlighted all the important stuff in your textbooks. If you pick up a new book, you’ll have to crawl through an entirely new database of information, which will be QUITE time-consuming. And you can always use that time in a bit of revision.

3) Solve as many test papers as you can: Test papers are the ultimate prep tool in the students’ arsenal. You get new questions from there, you build up your stamina, and you actually learn how to attempt papers. Join a good All India Level Test Series. You can visit us for practice papers as well as clearing your doubts. Let test papers become the source of new questions for you. It’s very important that you learn stress management before your exams, and this is the best period to do that. Solve as many tests as you can. They’ll help in pointing out where you go wrong, what topics need revising and where your weaknesses lie. Analyse yourself at the end of each test, however long or short. Also, make it a point to give tests in the JEE Advanced way – sitting down for 6 hours with a 2 hour break in between. It’s really hard to maintain your composure and speed till the end. Practice that, and practice hard. It makes a LOT of difference on the exam day – a potential 3 digit ranker can slip to 4 digits, all due to a lack of composure. So give a LOT of tests, and give them with full preparation and as if you are giving your final exam.

4) Go through synopsis of chapters, and if you haven’t prepared it, prepare one for each chapter, and go through it: Synopses are really helpful in quick go-throughs of chapters; the formulae, the concepts and everything in between. That will save time, and make revising very easy. Include some cracking examples, and you don’t really need a book for this period.

5) Keep revising Inorganic Chemistry THOROUGHLY: This is a part of chemistry which most toppers study VERY seriously. People generally think that JEE won’t have memory-based questions. They’re wrong. JEE DOES ask memory based questions, and they make up almost 20% of the paper. Be VERY thorough with Inorganic. Try and divide up the subject into four parts in a notebook – Information, structures, explanations and reactions. Make up something separate for salt-analysis, read it from a good book. This year’s JEE-Main contained about 40% Inorganic in chemistry. That should be enough warning for anyone doing last month preparations for JEE Advanced 2016.

6) Be very thorough with the scoring topics: JEE syllabus has a lot of easy-scoring topics scattered here and there. Make sure you capitalise on them. These are the questions you must ABSOLUTELY solve to have a crack a good rank. Topics like Modern Physics, Co-ordinate Geometry are just some areas where you can score highly, as they do not invoke any GENUINELY thought-provoking questions. And the examiners are generous enough to give a good weightage to these topics. So it’d be worth your while to spend some time on these topics during this period.

That’s about it, guys. I can totally understand the frustration that sometimes must get to you. But trust me, ride this out properly, and you will make up A LOT of ground with those ahead of you. As mentioned above, this period is also one where you can lose out on a lot of ground if you slack around. So be on your toes, stay sharp, and don’t let this get to you. Also, a more trivial thing: take good care of your health. Eat properly, don’t compromise on sleep and stay healthy. Fight it out this one last time, and there’ll be ample of time to enjoy life after this! 🙂

We hope you have your JEE advanced admit cards with you. Conquering the beast that is JEE advanced is tough but you must persist in these last days. If you want to read more about the last month preparations for JEE advanced, check out our article by Shubham which will guide you through some important tips.

Wish you all the very best of luck!

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