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Hi there! The New Year has set in full swing and it’s a year to look forward to. This year, you’ll realise and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Your future is nearing a bright beginning.  Before you go ahead with the article, tell yourself – ‘During last months of my JEE 2018 preparation, I’m not going to back down. I’ll give my best. I will stop at nothing to see my dreams come true .”

There you go. Now take a deep breath and relax.

With this attitude and determination, plan your four months to JEE Mains and Advanced. For the better part of your student life, you’ve been preparing for this particular moment. Only you know of the endless hours of hard work, doubt and anxiety you’ve been experienced. While reading advice might annoy you a bit, do pay heed to it. You may find some new approach to your preparations.

General Tip

Now is the time when you should’ve completed studying all topics of importance. However, If there are some major topics yet to be covered, create a study plan and finish studying the left out concepts, chapter by chapter.

For instance: If you’re yet to study Gravitation in detail- split the chapter in 3 days and complete understanding the concepts, thoroughly. Take an extra day to practice if you’re not confident, but don’t procrastinate on studying heavy concepts after mid-February.  Also, study your revision notes, it will save time. So, from now onwards make it a point to take good notes.

For exam details and syllabus, refer here.

How to go by, in the next 4 months of your JEE 2018 preparation?


Towards the mid of this month make sure you’ve completed studying your boards’ portion, at least once. This, I’m quite certain most of you would’ve completed due to the tests and preparation at school. This month start revising your 11th portions. Let’s start with Physics for JEE 2018.

Mid January to End of February

All you need to do is remember the concepts involved and solve the problems. Focus on Mechanics and gradually proceed to Waves, and finally Heat. To speed up your revision attempt mock tests on these topics. This way, you can gauge where you’re lagging behind and buck up. Devote this month to your JEE 2018 preparations as much as possible.

With the boards a month away, this month complete revising your Mathematics 11th syllabus. The topics you should definitely cover are- Permutations and combinations, Coordinate Geometry, Complex numbers, Progressions and Quadratic equations. These are bulky topics and sum up to maximum scores in your portions for maths. Once you feel confident about your preparation here, take a light step towards preparing for Chemistry. The concepts you should give attention to are- Equilibrium, Periodic Table, Energy, Gaseous state and Atomic Structure.

This is just one way to it. The major aim should be to get over with your Class 11th syllabus. Order of subjects is completely up to you. To make your preparation more accommodating, study concepts appearing in your boards.


Do your board exams well. Give your best here, because your Boards score too have begun to count in many entrance rankings. However, don’t completely ignore your JEE 2018 preparation. During your long study gaps, keep trying advanced problems. Also, time yourself every time you feel you’re approaching a challenging problem. This will help you for your JEE 2018 and Boards preparation as well.


This is the ultimate test to your effort and goals. You’re done with your boards and it’s time to look at the future. Avoid starting any new topic during this time.

With a few weeks to go for JEE 2107 Mains and less than 50 days to go for JEE 2018 Advanced, it’s time to analyse your JEE 2018 preparation. This month is when you practice and practice. Solve previous years’ question papers. Ideally, it would to boost your confidence and understand your strengths and shortcomings.Try to complete 10 to 12 exam papers in this time, minimum.

Also, it will expose you to new techniques and simple methods of solving concepts. Another important thing to be kept in mind, time yourself. It has so happened in the past that students knew how to solve everything but couldn’t manage time. So, here’s what you should do, create a table consisting of the total time you spend on all the papers you practice, how much time you spend on which topic etc.

Paper duration
Topic/ Question I spent most time on
Topic/ Question I spent moderate time on
Topic/ Question I spent least time on

This way you enter your exam hall with a game plan, it’s totally possible to have a hassle free paper.
Time Table for April can look like this:

Interval Activity
6 to 6.30 AM Wake up and freshen up
6.30 to 7 AM Exercise, go for a walk , calm your mind
7.15 to 8 AM Revise from your revision notes for a practice paper
8.15 to 8.45 Breakfast
9 AM to 12PM Practice paper
12.30 PM to 1 PM Lunch
1.30 PM to 3 PM Paper Analysis
3.15 PM to 4.30 PM Snacks’ Break
4.45 PM to 6 PM One hour practice of P/C/M paper
6.15 PM to 7.15 PM Paper Analysis
7.30 PM to 8.30 PM Dinner
8.45 PM to 9.30 PM Concepts’ Revision
10 PM to 6.00 AM Sleep

You’ll get 8 hours of rested sleep and some two Sundays, when you need a break you can watch a movie, read a book, follow the news, go out with family or friends, and basically take a break from your schedule in the 1.30 PM to 6PM gap. Don’t forget to relax.


This way, you’re bound to do well in your JEE exams. Keep in touch with the site to get daily updates on study plans and tips for cracking the JEE 2018 exam. The pivotal aspect of your preparation -practice papers and test series can be found on internet for the prestigious JEE exam.

Keep practicing, give best in your JEE 2018 preparation and never ever step down. Because, if you can’t do it – someone else will.

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