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“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr


Our home is one of those things that latches onto our soul and stays there for eternity. It is that place where you might curse your internet connection, yet your Wi-Fi will connect automatically. It is the place with many unreasonable curfews imposed on you, which might even make you argue about them; yet you cannot wait to return to that place again once you’re out for a while. But as they rightly say, there always comes a time when the bird must leave its aforementioned nest.

The Hostel Life: An Invaluable Experience

Usually most of us get into colleges that aren’t located next to the closest McDonald’s. And hence, the hostel life is one of the many irreplaceable things in life; and like the most irreplaceable things, it takes some getting used to.

The world indeed is a treacherous place, and the hostel life offers you a mere glimpse of what is yet to come. It is the first time you get to live all by yourself with no one looking over your shoulders. I won’t lie to you when I say this, that the first two or three months of your hostel life may very well be the most uncomfortable months of your entire life. It might happen that the hostel will probably reek of the stench of unwashed clothes, the mess food would aid your weight loss program and the people there might as well be Martians. Adjusting to a new environment and a new way of life is never easy and takes a lot of time. And such an explosion of new unforeseen things in the start of your hostel life will certainly catch you off guard.

The hostel is more than just a bunch of rooms, it is a consortium of different cultures from all over the country. No matter how smart or talented you think you are, you will always meet someone who can embarrass you. Living in the hostel forces you to fend for yourself in a world where there is no one who has the time to, or even has the patience to hold your index finger and guide you through all the mess.

Dealing With The Newly Found Challenges

So how do you prepare for this next chapter of your life, i.e., the newly found hostel life? After ascertaining where you are going to spend the next few years of your life, you might want to go online and read up about the institution. By this, I do not mean read about the placements and other boring stuff, but about the personal experiences of the alumni and the students of that institution. Websites like Quora and even simple Google searches should do the trick here for you. And don’t be shy to approach your seniors.

No place is perfect and hostels are definitely far from perfection. I would advise you to do a survey of the climate and other features of that place where your college or hostel is located, and shop accordingly. Also, your first month in the hostel will involve a lot of shopping too, so make sure not to over-splurge in your hometown for the same.

Developing The Right Mindset 

Materialistic considerations aside, in a completely new environment, what matters more than the right set of clothes is the right mind-set. A little nervousness is obvious and expected, and even welcomed, as it keeps you on your toes and helps you expect the unexpected. But don’t let fear and anxiety cloud your outlook on life. Without a positive attitude, you can’t expect yourself to adapt to the new environments. Millions of students before you in hundreds of previous batches have lived through the same hostel life, and have certainly enjoyed the experience. It is indeed one amazing experience to cherish upon if considered and lived in the right sense.

Welcome & Embrace The Change

A change in scene, or a break in the monotony is not always a bad thing. And in this case, it would probably be the best thing to ever happen to you in many ways. So give in to your urge to fly, spread your wings and bask in the light of your newly discovered freedom. It is a chance to experiment, a chance to explore, and more importantly, a chance to live and not merely exist.

Hostel life is enriched with a plethora of cultures. This is mainly because of the different kinds of people you meet in hostels. Read more about what sort of people you’ll interact with here.

Wish you all the very best for your hostel life!

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