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It is amazing to see what children can learn from Internet if they are guided well. Suffice to say, in absence of adequate direction, net can be a totally obstinate and dissident place. It therefore becomes clear that kids needs to be taught the right use of Internet. Let’s read about some ways in which we can make learning from Internet easy and convenient for kids.

Learning From Internet

For our kids, Internet is a giant black hole that sucks up their attention. They just seem to be on Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use this addiction of Internet and turn into a way of education.  If we teach them well, kids can do a lot of learning from Internet. Here are a few steps we can take:

  • It is true that Internet challenges our consciousness. Kids can learn to play online games that will improve their reflexes. Playing real time games is an excellent way to throw challenges at opponents and vie for top scores. It teaches child to be competitive and trains him to accept challenges. In this way, games educate children to take dares head on.
  • If children use Internet on large and visible platforms then learning experience is enhanced manifolds. Same is happening today in Smart Classrooms where teachers are using Internet as a medium to educate kids. It is not possible for a child to grasp complex phenomenon just by reading text books. Learning from Internet, a child can visualise the whole process happening vividly in front of their eyes. The concepts taught in this way remain fresh in child’s memory forever.
  • Internet exposes kids to social platforms like YouTube that is an excellent learning place. It provides live streams for various rejuvenating and informative activities like Yoga, sports, craftwork, cooking and so on. It is an exciting medium to teach children novel and innovative techniques from across the world. From help in their science projects to making beautiful armlets, there is so much to learn from internet. My cousin’s daughter learned to stack clothes from YouTube and now her wardrobe remains sorted all the time.
  • I hope everybody has heard of how Justin Bieber became a rock sensation. It happened because his mother recorded and uploaded his music video on internet. The more the people saw it, the more they fell in love with his drumming and singing antics. Yes! Internet made Justin a sensation that he is today. So if your kid has an incredible talent, you can too encourage him or her to polish their art and let them take a shot at fame. No wonder internet is so famous today, it has bridged boundaries and today talent is more accessible and acceptable.
  • Internet has become indispensible for children because practically every field you look around today runs on networked computers. Thanks to the communication ease due to internet, children are now better connected to the rest of the world. This has made them more confident and social individuals who know how to express their feelings and are more sensitive to public causes. Internet equips kids to form groups and raise their voice against injustice. It is a kind of power that only internet can provide and has made it possible for students all over the world to come forward and join hands to combat issues and calamities.

You can shrug internet off as full of trash but on the contrary it offers you what you choose to learn. Abstaining children from using internet is not the solution, instead it instigates them to pursue it secretly and that is where the problem originates. If we allow kids to use internet constructively and more openly then internet ceases to be a dreaded zone and rather becomes a learning place for kids. There is no limit to what inquisitive minds learn from internet provided adults are there to supervise and assist them. is one such example. With our course materials, video lectures and sample papers, learning from Intenet is easy and convenient.

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