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Learning Mechanics: Practicality Is The Key

A practical approach is the key to learning mechanics, When I had my first class for NLM (Newtons laws of motion) I freaked out, like most of you. The equations seemed known as they were taught back in 9th but the application kept on giving me sleepless nights. The days piled on and I kept running from mechanics. I ignored the instructor, as he had a peculiar way of putting the concepts of mechanics in our heads, “Agar tum Mechanics se bhagoge, Mechanics tumhe bhagayega” he would say and the class laughed.

One such sleepless night was spent staring at the ceiling fan in my room, the chapter being taught was dynamics so the torque equation crept into my head from the class. I sprung from my bed and stated fiddling with the regulator, alas I had understood two applications of what I learnt in the novel and simple ceiling fan! The resistance in the fan regulator was related to the velocity of the blades. This made me feel smart, trust me the feeling is awesome.I opened my loyal friend the NCERT textbook for physics and started glancing upon familiar concepts, and soon my fear turned into interest. Learning mechanics had never been as much fun!

Since that day I never stopped visualizing, imagining, drawing, segmenting and analyzing a question thrown at me part by part. Whenever I saw a cat climb a rope,or a vehicle tipped over at a turn, I would feel eager to know the factors involved. The friction acted upon, the body’s velocity and acceleration, it’s weight and even the direction of wind at times, I used to feel compelled to know the critical velocity!

Mechanics is not what people think it is, it’s a novel application of calculus and fundamental laws given by Newton and many more. With a sound knowledge of these laws, and a decent visualizing skill one can easily solve any given problem. We all aren’t lucky like Newton to have an apple fall on our head, we must jump and pluck it. The jump is all it takes.

Mechanics forms a major portion of JEE exam, both in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can check out our experts’ tips for handling JEE Mechanics here.

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